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Week One Summary!

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Hi Everyone!

Week one is over (counting it wed-wed, because thats when we squadded everyone :) )

Please post here with an update on how you did the past week, including specific accomplishments and how they relate to fighting zombies :)

I'll go first:

Unfortunately, I had to rest most of the week due to allergies/sickness, but after a late start:


New PR on Push Press. Last time 110 - this time 120. 9% increase. (getting heavy objects overhead = huge for all zombie related activities)

1 mile run: 8:49 to 8:34 2.84% decrease. because running quickly helps get away from zombies.

no other measurable progress, everything else was just practice/dealing while sick.

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K, I will go next.

Unfortunetly, this is subjective. But! the 5pd ankle weights moved from 'annoying' to 'not noticeable' during the day. Which is good, it means when I take them off I can either A) carry 10 pounds worth of guns and ammo and my body won't notice the difference or B) I can flee that much faster

I also started doing pull ups with them on. Roughly the same amount that I used to (pull up complex and man makers with burpees). So 10pds is roughly a 6% weight increase.

Also started running with them on. Had to go very slow because of the calf impact/my muscles not being used to it. Did inclined stuff on the treadmill as well as tried out the arc trainer. Fun fact: I can usually go about 45 minutes pushing hard on the arc trainer without them. I was *wiped* after 15 minutes with them on. My legs STILL hurt.

And doing Steve's RSG with them on has to be zombie related. It's all functional stuff right? I can just totally pound out a hand stand push and zombies will be all like 'whoa, skip that guy, he just did a handstand push up'.

I always keep my keys and everything needed in one spot in a bowl by my bedside. But having a survival kit? fail on my part. On the to-do list.

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It was a mixed week for me. I had a couple of issues with sleep, and therefore missed a couple of workouts. I did get personal bests in my deadlift (225 for 5 reps) and overhead press (85 for 5 reps), and I did complete 8 reps per arm in 13 minutes on my shield casts. I would say B- for the week.

By the way, I think the zombies have infiltrated my gym, but they all got stuck on the cardio machines, so it didn't interfere with my deadlifts.

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This past week was mostly occupied with a law enforcement conference I attended as a mentor with my group of kids. So it was filled with booze and terrible food. So fitness wise it was pretty much a step back but a nice well needed break. As far as preparing for a zombie apocalypse...I attended several seminars (edged weapons, stress and law enforcement, etc), participated in the Advisor pistol shoot competition and honed my shooting skills, and in general increased my skills at tactical searching by watching the kids I mentor fail horribly and thinking "that's definitely not how to clear a room". So it was a trade off for me this week.

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Changes in routine:

Went from not knowing where the hell everything was to having a spot for my everyday carry.

Went from no survival kit to now having one.

Improved performance:

Went from 300 kb swings a week to 1667. Increased by 455.66%!!! Granted, part of that is just my goals, but it's a big change for me. I've already noticed increase muscle mass, and better movement patterns.

Increased endurance:

My rest periods keep on getting less and less while doing swings. Down from 2-5 minutes to 1:10, now at 1:00 flat. Thinking I might finally be at a point where I can go 20sec work/20 sec break.

Also noticed that I can do stuff without being out of breath. Noticable after prepping everything for work, or going up three flights of stairs. Which I need, in case I ever need to run from the horde.

Zombie education: Learned about various types of zombies through my re-introduction to L4D2. Forgot how much I hate boomers!

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Week 1 Challenge:

Both complete! Everyday carry and survival kit win!

1. Work on C25K plan. Double plus bonus: Spend more time running outside!

Only did this once instead of 3 times. Whoops. Try again next week.

2. Rebel Strength Guide Workout

Been working on this. Kept it up. Win!

3. Increase water intake from 1 glass per day to 3+ (As a result, soda consumption should be 0!)

TOTALLY WIN. I've had at least 4 glasses per day and 0 sodas. WIN WIN WIN

4. No candy. None.

Partial win. Ate candy from my students once. Other than that none. Less than what I used to do. Working on 0 next week.

Life goal: Do Rosetta Stone at least twice a week. Gotta get my German on!

3 times. WIN!

Life goal # 2: Follow established Goob budget.

Bills not in yet. That will determine this one.

Life goal: Catch up on established wedding planning goals

WIN! On target, which I wasn't last week.

Bonus goal: Survive the last month of the first year of graduate school

Oh sweet zombie brains. I am so close to done with the year....

So far, I'm really happy!

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Week 1 was a big success :)

1. I did the RSG Road Warrior program 6 days out of 7 and made good progress on it. I've leveled up my squats to assisted pistols, my pushups to side-to-sides & jackknifes (on to handstands!), my planks to one-and-ones and managed to get in some chinups.

2. I impoved my 5k time by 2m14s down to 24:01 which is unbelievable to me

3. I had to punch a new belt hole due to weight loss - yay!

4. Completed the Week One Challenge

5. Completed the Movement Challenge

6. Updated my thread every day with a new piece of the zombocalypse story

I was out of town last week, so no progress on getting the passports, etc sorted, but I'll knock that off this week. I may drop this goal though as plans are changing and we'll likely not need these for another year.


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In the eating department I've done terribly, i've been eating like crap and if I don't get a handle on it then I'm gonna start gaining bad weight again. As far as my weight lifting goals go I'm doing pretty good there, I switched it up a bit again and got sore from a workout for the first time in months. So, not the best, I really have to work hard this coming week.

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Week One:

Eating - Excellent. Reintroduced meat into my diet with ease, almost 100% paleo. Had 1 half slice of wheat bread the whole week.

Working out - Good. Helped a friend move (moving heavy objects with efficiency is always good practice). Followed barbell battalion and body weight brigade. (2 days of each, with warmups and cooldowns). 3 days of high intensity basketball as well.

Zombie Training: Climbing. The pole I'm using for my 10 foot jump-and-roll is an easy climb, so got practice on it. I believe scampering up a tree would be a great backup mechanism =)

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