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BigJim - 6 Week Challenge 3rd June to 14th July


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Ready to rock!


Goals as follows




 1 - Eat pure paleo for 6 weeks ( NO DAIRY, NO GRAINS, NO SUGAR, Minimum 5 meals a day)

              EDIT: After much reflection Ive decided to add NO BOOZE to this list. Here goes nothing


 2 - 3 strength training sessions each week (Cross fit when I'm home, Dumbbell division away at work, Barbell when I can fit it in)


 3 - 2 Cardio sessions each week (Intervals, sprints, 5-10 kilometre run on a Rowing machine, Stationary bike)


 Life Level Up


Become a father again. Wife and I want a second. I'm very cool with making this happen.




 I love Crossfit. 3 days a week when I'm on my week at home is easy as I've been committed to it for the last three months now. Gym at work ( I work in mining on a fly in/ fly out roster) only has crap machines, some rowing machines and bikes, and a crap load of dumbbells. I've just picked up the rebel strength guide so I can work with this.


Cardio is where I've been seriously dragging my sorry arse. Need more running, especially if I'm going to fight my way through Tough Mudder in October.


Paleo is how I've been more or less eating at a 80/20 ratio the last 5 months. Time to commit and see how good I feel and look after 6 pure weeks. Should be an interesting experiment.



Current Stats

Weight         95 Kg

Height           195 cm

Waist            91 cm

Chest            108 cm

Right Bicep    35.7 cm

Right Thigh    57.7 cm

Lift big, eat big, sprint...repeat....

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I wish you luck with these great good, especially the life goal. I really want to try the Tough Mudder myself but next one near me isn't until February. Guess that's what I get for living in southern Arizona, as no one really wants to be outside during the summer. 

Level 3 - Ranger

 Current Challenge: At It Again!

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just smashed out a 3 hour cooking marathon. You see, working away at a mine camp for a week makes eating well a piece of cake out there in the bush. Loads of good quality, healthy food is put on for you to choose from.


At home it's another matter.

  My wife isn't all that impressed with my life changes so I've taken over cooking our dinner. Ive also just smashed together a weeks supply of stir fry chicken and veg, grilled chicken legs, and savoury beef mince. Reckon pairing that lot up with some frozen veg and a heap of sweet potato or salads will keep me eating well till I fly back up to site.


Chicken legs in the wok with salt reduced soy sauce, fish sauce, black pepper, ginger and coriander makes the house smell GOOD!!!


New sunday routine for me.


 Anyone got some of their own kick-arse recipes for batching at the start of the week?



Lift big, eat big, sprint...repeat....

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Straight up out of bed and smashed down a bucket load of bacon, onion, capsicum, cherry tomato and mushroom hash.

Chased my kid around before hitting the workout.


Deadlifts 4x5 reps

OHP's     4x5 reps

Lunges 4x10 reps 2x20Kg DB's

Pull up's 4x5 reps

Incline push up's 14/10/8/6

Planks 120s/90s


Plenty of good food through the day. Stuck tight to paleo grub.


Bring on day two!

Lift big, eat big, sprint...repeat....

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Third Day - Second Report


Crossfit this morning at 6am. Good hard workout.


Buy in - Deadlifts 3 reps max weight. Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes.


WOD  - 6 Rounds for time - 12 minute cut-off

           - 15 hand release Push Up's

           - 15 Box Jump's 30"


5Km run yesterday - 26min's 37 seconds


Still eating Paleo. No Dairy, No Grains, No Booze.


I and the daughter are going to make paleo dark choc chip cookies today. She loves them!

Lift big, eat big, sprint...repeat....

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Day Five - Third Report


Crossfit again this morning.


 WOD - 4 rounds for Reps

             1 min Powercleans 60Kg

             1 min Sit Up's

             1 min 15' Rope Climb

             1 min rest


My hands are killing me. Ice skating for 2 hours after all that. Now my calves are aching.




went for a run yesterday, little under 5 Km's


 Paleo choc chip cookies ROCK!!

Lift big, eat big, sprint...repeat....

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Day 8 - Fourth Report


Ok so on the food front all is well with a pure paleo diet.


However, Saturday night shift wrenched myself unbogging the secondary crusher and did a bad strain to the upper left arm. Cut to Sunday morning and the need to sift change back to day shift for a training course starting Monday morning. Im now utterly exhausted running on approximately 2 and a half hours sleep over the last 36 hours.

Been stood down by my ESO due to fatigue management laws and am now missing out on an essential course.


Despite injury to my upper arm I still managed a body weight workout on sunday as follows:


                    10 min warm up on the bike

                    Prisoner Squats 3x Max Reps

                    Lunges               4x Max Reps

                    Planks                140s/120s/120s

                    Decline Sit-up     4x Max Reps with 15KG weight plate

                    30 minutes on the bike


As for today (MONDAY) Im utterly stuffed. I cant work out on less than minimal sleep. I will eat well and use this day to rest I think

Lift big, eat big, sprint...repeat....

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Day 11 - Fifth Report


Right so I'm currently on a training course for my emergency response team. Were doing BA and Hazmat over 5 days. All good, done it before and need to get recertified. But man I am utterly stuffed!


 Lugging full breathing apparatus ad hazmat gear on to and off of the fire truck is doing my head in, not to mention leaving me aching at the end of every day. I haven't hit the gym since Sunday. But crikey I'm getting a workout just wearing the gear as we go through search and rescue scenarios as well as containment and clean up's. I thought I was fitter than this.


 I know, big fail of my GOAL 2 and 3. I am however walking out the door after this for a full dumbbell session. I reckon 45 minutes of lifting followed by 30 on the bike will help me maintain my goals. Bloody hell I'm sore though.


All good eating Paleo so GOAL 1 is still on track. Every time I walk past the dessert section I just say to myself "I DONT eat cake!"

Lift big, eat big, sprint...repeat....

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DAY 15 - Sixth Report


Still following Paleo goals diet wise.


Saturdays Strength workout was sort but sweet. Ran low on time.


 Deadlifts 5x5

                        Superset with Pull-Up's 5 x Max Reps (Max of 10)


 OHP 5x5

                        Superset with Planks 190s/140s/100s/80s


 Push Up's 4x Max

                         Superset wit Prisoner Squats  4x Max


Sunday was a 10KM run, with 100m sprints every Kilometer.


Monday Crossfit.


 Buy In - Back Squats 7 sets of 3 reps MAX weight

                                    1 minute rest between sets.


WOD - Helen - 3 rounds for time

                         400m run

                         21 KB swings 24Kg

                         12 Pull Ups


               Time   11:07


Today (Tuesday)

                                 Intervals Tabata 20/10


                                 15 minutes total

Lift big, eat big, sprint...repeat....

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Day 19 - Seventh Report


all good Paleo wise. Don't seem to be leaning up though despite the increase in cardio in addition to my Crossfit and strength training routi


Wednesday was Crossfit again

                       Buy in was: 2 Muscle ups every minute on the minute for 10 minutes   - FAIL I suck at muscle ups

                            WOD: 150 Double unders on the jump rope

                                        50 Thrusters - 30KG

 I cant do double unders for the life of me. Managed 13 before he called time @ 10minutes. Time to buy a jump rope.


Thursday was "OH MY GOD I HURT!" day so used it to rest up.


Friday was fly out to site day with dumbbell training in the evening.

                Workout consisted of Bench Press 5x5

                                                     superset with weighted lunges 5x8


                                                   Deadlifts 5x5

                                                      superset with OH Presses 5x5

                              Finished with Planks x2


Didn't sleep well at all last night so its an early dinner and early bed. Copped too much sun as well. Just very cooked and brain fried.

 Still managed to smash out a heap of pull-up's and chin-up's through the day all over the crushing circuit superstructure.

 Night all

Lift big, eat big, sprint...repeat....

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Day 23 - Eighth Report


Still all Paleo. Still not leaning up. Eating 5 meals a day. Gaining some size though.

DB Bench Presses went up 2.5kg and OH Press gone up 2.5kg as well this week...so win for me.


Saturday was early night and no workout as intended. Got loads of sleep and felt better for it.


Sunday was a strength training day


            Workout was: DB Bench Press 4x5reps ( Min 3)

                                             Superset with Incline Russian Twists with 15 Kg dumbbell 4x Max Reps(capped @ 24)


                                    Weighted Lunges 5x10 ( 5 each leg)

                                             Superset with Decline Push Up's  5x max Reps


                                    Bent Over Rows 4x5 @ 32.5Kg ( I still remember starting Steve's basic bodyweight workout @ 10Kg)

                                              Superset with Prisoner Squats 4x20reps


Felt good to walk out of there sore.


Monday was the bike for 10 Km's with 20 second sprint every kilometre.


Tuesday was a wash due to rain leaking through the gym roof ( see what I did there?), closing the gym.

   Body weight workout on the lawn.

                        3 rounds of  20 Prisoner Squats

                                            12 Decline Push Up's

                                            Walking Lunges (10 each leg)

                                            Pull Up's Max of 5 (off the roof of the undercover picnic area. Got told off by the mine camp manager...bitch)

                                            2 minute plank

                                            2 minute rest


finished up sweaty.


 Wednesday, Rest Day

Lift big, eat big, sprint...repeat....

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Ok, so I'm late with my reports, so sue me!


DAY 29 - Ninth Report


Lets go back first to:


 Thursday 27th June

                                   Strength Training


                            DB Bench Press 5x5

                                       Superset - Jack Knives 5x Max (Capped @ 24)


                             Pull Up's 5 x Max (Capped @ 8 - filled in fails with Neg's)

                                        Superset - Weighted Lunges 5 x 10 (22.5 Kg's DB's)


                            Planks x 3


                         10 minute's of 40s/20s sprint/rest intervals on the rowing machine.


Friday 28th June - Flew home again. Relaxed with the missus.


Saturday 29th June  - Strength Training - Barbell


                                       Deadlift 5x5

                                             superset - Pull Up's 5x5


                                        OHP  5x5

                                              superset - Squats 5x5


                                        Weighted Lunges 4x10 (25Kg DB's)

                                              superset - Decline Push Up's 4x Max (16/10/12/8)


                                        Barbell Bicep curl and Holds 4x8


Sunday 30th June

                                Play day with my daughter at the park. Also kids birthday party where I had to be a dinosaur for half an hour and be hunted (chased) by a pack of little savages. Needless to say my little girl got me nearly every time. Also needless to say sometimes I was a T-Rex and the kids got caught and eaten (raspberries).


Monday 1st of July



                          Buy in:  EMOM 10min's

                                        Deadlifts - 3 reps MAX weight (Set new 3 rep MAX PB)


                           WOD:  21-15-9 For Time

                                       Push Press 40Kg

                                       Toes to the Bar


                               also push up's 10/12/7/7/amrap


Tuesday 2nd July


                               Running 5 min warm up jog

                                             10 min 20/10 Tabata intervals

                                             5 minutes of slowly dying.... In a good way.


So there we go, all caught up. Ive been good with the paleo eating. Jumped on the scales for a looksee this morning. Lost 4 Kg's. Not sure how, I don't look or feel any different. Im lifting heavier though so all good there I guess.

Lift big, eat big, sprint...repeat....

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Day 34 - 10th Report


Paleo WAS good. I caved and ate a pie last night...SUCK!


 All right I'm over it now....back to Paleo!





               WOD - 5 rounds - 3 min's Each - AMRAP

                           5 Pull Up's

                           10 Box Jumps 24"

                           15 KB Swings


             also push up's 10/12/8/8/amrap




                   5 minute warm up

                   15 minute Tabata 20/10

                   5 minute cool down walk





          WOD - 5 rounds for time

                       400m run

                       20 sit ups

                       15 Ring Rows


             also push up's 11/15/9/9/amrap



                   Rest and recovery from night shift.




                    Strength Training later this arvo

Lift big, eat big, sprint...repeat....

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Final Day - Final Report


Paleo goals are all good.


Strength Trained on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Cardio on Monday and Wednesday, just pushing the pedals for 10 Km's. No Sprints this time.


Big lifting day on Saturday, Deadlifts(5x5), Pull Up's(5/5/3/2), OHP's(5x5) and Lunges(4x8)




Last day of the challenge today.

 Going to eat well and go for a run.


             Starting Stats                                                               Finishing Stats

Weight         95 Kg                                                                         93 Kg

Height           195 cm                                                                      195 cm

Waist            91 cm                                                                        88 cm

Chest            108 cm                                                                      110 cm

Right Bicep    35.7 cm                                                                    36.8 cm

Right Thigh    57.7 cm                                                                    60.1 cm


Strength Increases

  Bench Press    +6.25 Kg

  OHP                 + 7.5 K

  Deadlift             + 7.5 Kg

  Squat                + 7.5 Kg

  Lunge               + 2.5 Kg

 Pull Up's            5 in a Row (up from 3)

 Chin Up's           7 in a Row (up from 4)

 Push Up's          20 in a Row (up from 12)


I'm feeling and looking leaner. Wife likes it anyway.

Finally even talking about her joining in on my workouts and asking me for advice =EPIC WIN!

Toughest part of the challenge was giving up the beers. I don't drink on site as I'm also a site medic and am on call for emergency response. But I really enjoy coming home at the end of a weeks work to a few coldies. Paleo was otherwise awesome. No pasta or breads or corn or rice...was easy...aside from that one pie....moment of weakness...sorry...

 Dairy was tough too as I rely on milk a bit for after workout protein shakes and morning breakfast shakes.

Sugar can go burn in hell. I'm glad that craps out of my system.

Looking forward to the next 6 week challenge. Now for pizza and beer's...well maybe just one slice.... and I'm fanging for a pint....

Lift big, eat big, sprint...repeat....

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