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serjr's first challenge


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I've been reading Nerd Fitness for a few weeks now and decided to take the challenge this time around.


Here are my challenges:


1) Eat one legit serving of vegetables each day. I say legit, to mean the lettuce on a hamburger doesn't count.


2) Do 20 pushups a day. every day. Each week do 5 more pushups.


3) I have been having knee problems, so a sort of challenge will be to figure out how to get better. I've already got a doctor appointment, with possible physical therapy after that. I know it's not the typical challenge, but if I want to keep "leveling up my life", I've got to get my knee better.


Those are the challenges for this go around!

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So far, I've been able to eat the veggies and do the pushups. Usually halfway through the day I remember about the veggies and have to get creative in how I get them. And last night I did pushups right before bed because I forgot. But I'll get there. Maybe I'll even plan for it one day!

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Ate veggies everyday so far.


I skipped pushups for two days. I noticed that I was really sore and thought I may need to give my body some rest for recovery and strength building. What does someone else think? Maybe EVERY day is too much?


I finally went to the doctor and got set up with a physical therapist for my knee. Should start this week with him.

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