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SuperToga: Be like a bonsai

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Constitution 5 points

 -Posture Posture Posture! I must bonsai my shoulders back into a reasonable position using the Mobility Wod techniques from The Supple Leopard. 

    -Measured by doing the exercises 15 minute every day!

    -Hopefully progress will also be visual in the form of back muscles and less of a hunch back. Bleeeeh.

    -Also, certainly more comfortable! 

    -Now that my collar bone knows its place, I will supplement my work with pull ups and rows, as usual. Concentrate on FORM!


Stamina 4 points

-Need to reach 2 miles of barefoot running without stopping. I am up to around 1.5 or so. I am at the final little bit.

  -I need to be able to do 3 miles by August at altitude.

  -Using tools like Zombies run.

  -I want to try to track at the school nearby. It is gravely and glass-free.


Wisdom 2 points

-I need to maintain my garden. That should be pretty simple now that I have a drip system. Just need to weed a few hours a week. 

 -Will plant some more crops as I have the money to buy them.

 -The tomato plants will need tied up or caged (lol killer tomatoes) before they get too big. 


Strength 4 points

-Sexy calves and thighs. I do squats nonstop at the gym, but I always neglect my calves. On the days that I do not run, I will add in toe raises and rubber band exercises to help strengthen my ankles and calves. Not only with this help with my running, but HELLOOO shorts season!
   -Can do ballet with room mate. 

   -Standing at work gives me the chance to work on it all day long, too. 

   -I wasn't sure of a good way to measure this. I've decided to measure my calf around at the beginning of each week to see if there's any hope of growing some bulk there.

BY THE WAY before I forget again, my calf circumference is 34.5cm. This is starting size. 

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Hey, I have not abandoned ship! I have been too busy to choose to dump time into yet another website! Let me do a run down of my scores this challenge and see how we've done.


Constitution 5 points: My shoulders are indeed doing better, but I still have the Widows Hump as they call it. Some days are better than others. Today, it is inflamed for no descernable reason. It is better and strong than it was. And I have been doing gentle physical therapy to strengthen it. I also started doing American tribal style belly dance which is all about putting the shoulder blades in the pockets and leaving them there for an hour and a half. Although I have improved, the visual part of the challenge has not much yet. I'll grade it as a C for effort? 2.5 points


Stamina 4 points: I stopped running almost completely. I was getting odd cramps in the tops of my feet. I think as my posture improves so will my running, but I've been focusing on Zumba classes than running. The warrior dash is this weekend! We'll see how I fare. I feel I have gotten stronger and healthier, but I'll only put one point for effort. 1 point


Wisdom 2 points: Garden is good to go. Everything is green and massive except for one tomato plant that is just having problems I don't understand. Whatever. New plants are in and its weeded. 2 points


Strength 4 points Hey, let's measure! *fetches tape*Both legs are right about 36.75cm! Woo hoo! Enbiggening happened! My thighs are starting to look a bit toned and my feet have some serious muscle bulk going on. 4 points for me! 


One thing I need to be cautious of is eating enough. I tracked my calories a couple of days in a row and it was a challenge to get enough in me! I'm eating everything in sight! And ugh, I tried protein shakes. Freakin' gross. I can't eat that stuff. 


Also, I"m selling my car and bought a bicycle to replace it. I'll need to eat even MORE! My wonderful round, cherry butt is shrinking. Srsly upsetting. 

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It's fine by me to take a break from a challenge. I have my own little I'm facing this month but am not keeping track on the internet.


I am focusing on eating enough not to lose anymore weight, getting ready to bicycle everywhere (ow my butt!), doing more heavy lifting at the gym, and continuing to do physical therapy on my stupid neck.


I"ve got the Warrior Dash this weekend. No time goals, just completion goals. My team is diverse and I'm not sure who I am running with. I will do it barefoot, though. Should be a complete blast! 


I"m working very hard to find my inner awesome person. I'm talking to strangers to practice. Selling my car has helped a lot. No buyers yet, though. I'm choosing to go to more random events instead of hiding in my room. Last weekend was camping where I sang around a camp fire and fed people delicious food made on the fire. I camped with strangers that had space for an extra tent. And I didn't even sleep in the tent because I wanted to watch the meteors. I kept a cool head when one of the party had a migraine and, delusional, disappeared into the woods. I found him, clothed him for fucks sake, got him back in bed after a stint of hurling in the ditch, and fed him pain killers. I'm practicing making stories out of the things that happen to me even if they're small. Then I have something to talk about. Charisma related goal to be sure. Maybe I should record it on here so I can bump that puny 2 point score I have. 


Anyway, thanks, Nerd Fitness.  I'm definitely living up life!

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