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So just joined (obviously) been having little looks at random stuff on NF for a month or so now and thought i might as well bite the proverbial bullet. I'm Tim live in the little backwater that is Scunthorpe in England, i'm about 5'11, and anything from 11 stone 6 pounds, to 11 stone 10 pounds, and this is all about me.

I've been training since a few months after I turned 16 (couple of months off 20 now) and started 'rebelling' so to speak for the last year and half to 2 years, i do all my own plans, read mens health, mens fitness, muscle and fitness and healthy for men (OCD i know, can't miss anything out though :D )

I eat pretty dam healthy, though its easter monday today and i just bought 2 easter eggs that were going cheap so i'm not one to ignore all my urges, and will yell to the rooftops about the immensity of Quinoa (if you know it, eat it, if you don't know it... eat it)

Currently doing a bit of a mixed training regime consisting of Body weight stuff and power lifting (any thoughts?) i'll post my workout on the 'Muscle Building Brigade' Forum for any useful insight.

Good to know that theres some like minded people about so i'll probably be sticking around

Timmy M

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Hey there nice to see a fellow fitness mag/site/journal OCD person on the site. If you have not already, check out T-Nation.com it's fanstastic. Also Steve's publications are awesome because its not just science but alot of motivation which many places lack.

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cheers for the welcome and i've already seen a few of you're posts 1fever so know a bit about T-nation and by eating healthy i mean omelettes, mackerel, tuna, turkey, chicken, dark chocolate (85% ftw), quinoa, decent amount of fruit and veggies, milk, oatcakes and the odd sweet potato and brown rice eating pretty much every 2 hours, with some brazil nuts and milk before bed and a whey shake as soon as i get up and after training

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Hey timmy, another northern lad on the forum lol

I'm from Barton lol, so I know scunny.

I too read loads, but I would warn against 'paralasis by analysis'.

You been training fro couple of years, what are you lifts like?

You tryin to get bigger, ripped, healthier, more athletic?

The only antidote,

is blood, sweat and hope

and a blueprint to save us from what we have become.

'we work in the dark to serve the light'

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oh yh i know what you mean by 'paralysis by analysis' some of the stuff i've read jsut seem bloody stupid and i've only twice in 3 years took a n exercise straight from a mag trying to get stronger without adding size and becoming an epic pullup/dip machine

I went high rep for a bit so lost a fair bit of strength but what i'm training on right now is

Deadlift (on a stepper to get full ROM) 75kg (can do 100kgish just on floor)

Squat: 65kg (did front squats for a bit but don't like em now)

Bench: 60kg (only doing press ups and dips now, really gone of benching)

Pullup: about 20

Power Clean: 65kg

Snatch: 45kg

these are what i train on so idk my 1RM's i know i used to be able to deadlift 150kg, bench 80kg and squat 110kg but not 1RMed for a while

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Based on your weight they are some decent numbers.

Check out my challenge thread to see mine and my workouts, tho at the moment they aren't as regular as I'd like.

There are a million programs out there, and if you design your own do what you prefer, but always make it hard.

Our bodies adapt by making them do what we don't like lol

I am going for strength and size, I like heavy weights, low reps, but to add more mass I do lots of sets to keep rep total high.

I aim for rep totals not set/rep scheme.

24 reps min at 85%1rm for big lift of day, usually in sets if 3

24-35 of secondary exercise at 70-85%

30-50 for any additional stuff, be it body weight or barbell (roughly 50-70%)

I followed this for 1 month and put roughly 5-15kg on all my big lifts, with others going up and getting better at my lung not falling out by the end.

The only antidote,

is blood, sweat and hope

and a blueprint to save us from what we have become.

'we work in the dark to serve the light'

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definitely i'm going for it with this new plan, with things being 5 x 5 me and my mate's rests will only be as long as it takes to do the others set and he's about half as strong as me (can still do the nearly the same amount of pullups though bizarrely) so we're not using the same dumbbell so we can do them at the same time as well so it's gonna be hard and fast only 30-60secs rest between each set... should be fun :D

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At the end of the day, the best plan is the one that works for you.

If the weights/reps/sets go up it works.

Then after atleast a month you can tweak as you deem necessary.

Above all keep it fun.

Glad you like the assassins creed quote, awesome games!

The only antidote,

is blood, sweat and hope

and a blueprint to save us from what we have become.

'we work in the dark to serve the light'

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