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Xerla - 2nd Challenge!


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Hello everyone!


Wow it's my 2nd challenge XD

I did pretty well on my 1st challenge and this current challenge has similar goals with my previous challenge (fat loss and holiday trip purpose) :)


Current height & weight: 5'7", 170 lbs (77 kg) - down 17 lbs since last challenge

Clothes size: 10 - 12 UK - down 1-2 size since last challenge


General goals:

- Able to climb those Japan castles and subways while carrying luggage with less difficulty than last year

- Look good on those holiday photos, don't screw the beautiful sceneries just because I looked so out of shape!


Goal #1 Exercise 5x/week (STR +2 STA+ 3)

Since I'll be on my holiday trip before this challenge's over, I divided my workout schedule:

Week 1 - 4: Muay Thai class 2x/week, bodyweight 1x/week, cardio+ easy yoga for stretching 1-2x/week, rest 1-2x/week

Week 5 - 6: NF's 20-minutes Hotel Workouts 3x/week


A: as scheduled

C: less 1 exercise than scheduled

E: exercise 1x/week


Goal #2 Clothes size down to 8 - 10 UK (DEX +2 CHA +2)

That feeling when I can buy local-made, not plus-size models, with extremely cheap prices compared to imported clothes.... Ah. Such bliss.

A: size 8 - 10 UK fits comfortably

C: stuck at size 10 - 12 UK

E: size 10 - 12 UK feels tight


Goal #3 Logging my food and exercise daily (CON +2)

After my 1st challenge, I'm still having a hard time managing my "hunger signal". Sometimes I feel too full after few bites, and then got hungry again in just 2 hours, and so on. I need to review my food, my eating time and make some adjustment with meal plans. I also need to log my exercise workouts to see my improvements. I'm planning to use myfitnesspal and Fitocracy, or even pencil + paper.

A: 7x/week

B: 6x/week

C: 5x/week

D: 4x/week

E: 3x/week


Goal #4 Complete my Japanese textbooks (WIS +3 CHA+1)

A: finished before week 4.

E: finished after week 4.

This one is all or none, I must finish it before my holiday trip (week 4).


Mini rewards (based on weight (kg))

75: Enjoy that feeling of not being judged as "overweight" based on those common BMI measurements, just for fun.

<75: get a new haircut and buy new clothes only for holiday purpose, don't waste money because my fat loss is still in progress.


I must do better on this challenge! XD

Not a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-discipline - 2 Timothy 1:7
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Thank you! Hopefully we all succeed on this challenge :D




Finally I got the chance to write down my progress! Been busy with seniors' pre-theses exam...



Muay Thai

- It's my 3rd week of Muay Thai now! I trained 2x per week, and I'm having fun doing this!

- This exercise really unlocks all the fitness moves I thought I couldn't do. Doing around 100+ push ups and sit ups with variation like jackknife, dive bomber push up, overhead squat with medicine ball. Whoah. I need to upgrade my BBWW moves!

- The kicking drills really made me nauseous. Not dizzy, just nauseous because of the twists on the torso.

- My trainers told me that I'm actually left-handed hahaha... It runs in the blood, but still, quite surprising XD

- I tried to do pull up, and of course, a big fail XD So I just do some hanging hahha.. I hope I can do at least 1 pull up before end of this year.


- Since I trained for MT 2x per week and there are some bodyweight exercises included, I reduced my BBWW into 1x a week and upgraded the moves:

  • Overhead squat with 1 kg dumbbells 20 reps
  • Knee push ups 15 reps + dive bomber push ups 5 reps
  • Lunges with twist 20 reps
  • Jackknife 10 reps + sit ups 15 reps
  • Dumbbell rows 8 kg 20 reps
  • Plank 30"
  • Jumping Jacks 50 reps

Brrr.. The thought of doing this new BBWW already freaked me out :P But I should try and make some adjustments. I'll try it tomorrow!


- Jump rope training for 15 minutes 3x per week. Right now I can only do basic jumps for 1 minute non stop. I think I need to find a new rope, mine is easily tangled.

- Video game dancing 20 - 25 minutes after jump rope training. 5 songs with maximum intensity. I'm so happy with this, considering the first time I started my fitness was by doing video game dancing 4 months ago, and can barely manage to finish 2 songs of maximum intensity haha XD

- Still thinking about running.....



- I started tracking with MyFitnessPal, and I always eat around half of my calorie goal! I'm totally confused, because I think I already eat enough (not hungry, not dizzy, etc). Moreover, traditional Indonesian food is hard to track there, so it takes some time to input food and hopefully the calorie count is correct hahaha XD

- I still haven't figured out how to adjust my diets (what kind of food, the quantity, etc). It's really hard. Hopefully tracking and meal planning will help me.

- I'm thinking of starting a diet and fitness journal... Maybe I can write it on MFP? I'll look around.


- Clothes are getting lose :)

- Japanese language study... I feel tired reading all the kanji hahaha XD But I don't want to give up!

Not a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-discipline - 2 Timothy 1:7
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Xerla, your progress since last challenge is amazing!  I know you're going to kick ass with your new body weight routine!


Does MFP have an option to create "recipies" that are just yours?  I use MyPlate, which allows you to create meals or recipies with the ingredients you use, so you can track things more accurately (my version of beef-veggie stir fry could be a whole lot different than the one in their main list, for example).  This speeds things up, too, so you don't have to put in the ingredients individually every time.


How long have you been studying Japanese?  The kanji is really hard...I regret that I never got good at reading it.

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Yes I just found out that MFP have "My Recipes" section, so I figure I should enter those traditional food there. Hopefully this will make things easier :)

I've been studying it for around 9 months now.. Yeah kanji is hard haha. Have you studied Japanese language too?





Today is my first experiment with the new bodyweight routine (3 sets)! And it totally kicked my butt, just like when I did BBWW for the first time XD

So, I made some adjustments:

  • Overhead squat with 1 kg textbook 20 reps
  • Push up 15 reps + divebomber push ups 5 reps
  • Reverse lunge with kick 20 reps
  • Sit ups 20 reps (10 jackknife on 1st set)
  • Hyperextensions 30 reps
  • Plank with leg lift 30", each legs 5" 3 reps
  • Burpee 10 reps + jumping jacks 30 reps

- Squats are more challenging.

- Divebomber push ups is definitely a killer.

- Still having problems with situps. I did 10 jackknife moves on the 1st set, but my back aches so I think I'll just do regular sit ups. 

- Reverse lunge with kick (found this move from the Women'sHealth magazine I bought yesterday haha) was good, but I think lunges with twist is better. 

- Hyperextensions was nice.

- Plank with leg lift. I also read this from that Women'sHealth magz. OMG 5" of raising one leg was totally a bad idea lol. But this made the whole plank more challenging.

- Burpee. I've heard that this one is a total super killer workout lol. I was thinking about maybe I can do 5. Oh no, maybe I was too soft on myself, maybe 20? Um, 15? ....in the end I can only managed to do 10 after my legs felt like being sucked into a swamp and can barely move at all XD But after that I still can do 30 reps of JJ.



- I think my new BBWW is good enough. Maybe I'll do some variations until I figured out what suits me best.

- Still confused about which one should be done first: divebomber push up or the regular push up? 

- Should I continue my jackknife workouts? Maybe 5 jackknife with 15 - 20 regular sit ups? I'm concerned with my back.



- I weighed myself on the scale, and the number stuck at the same weight like last week! VERY disheartening. But my clothes are loosened up than last week. I hate scales haha... Makes me feel insecure. I should stay away from it XD

- I'll cut down fried food. No special reason, recently I feel that steamed/boiled food tastes better and roasted/grilled food is still my favorite food. Fried food sometimes made me feel nauseous.. I don't know, maybe the oil?

- I'm really anxious with my weight :( Maybe because it's just 3 weeks before my trip and I still look out of shape?


Anyway, here's my next plan:

- Review my meals and plan for the next week

- Finding easy yoga workouts for stretching

Not a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-discipline - 2 Timothy 1:7
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Yes, I studied Japanese in college.  I got through 4 semesters, but I am a bit out of practice.  I also have forgotten most of my kanji.


That new BBWW looks really good for you!  So long as it kicks your butt but you still get through it, it's just hard enough. :)


Divebomber push-ups are a harder variation, so I would suggest getting comfortable with regular push-ups first.

Jackknives are also hard, so don't feel bad about cutting the number down.  Maybe 5 of those to start, then 15 regulars?

The fact that you did 10 burpees is great!  Burpees are exhausting.  I can do 20, but then I'm exhausted.  Don't feel bad about only doing 5-10, and remember that good form is more important than how many.


Please don't be sad about the scale not moving! :( That happens sometimes.  Sometimes its female hormone things.  But you've also been working out a lot more and building a lot of strength, so you have probably lost fat, but the muscle that you gained back weighs more than fat.  If your clothes are looser, that's the important thing!  And since you are down in clothes size, you can know for sure that you are in better shape than you were before.  Maybe if you look at pictures from your trip last year, and compare them with how you look now, you can see progress?

What kind of oil do you use in fried food?

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Wow 2 semesters? That was like around 2 years haha… Yes I think a good way to learn language is keep using it :)


Yeah I will go with harder variation (dive bomber push ups and jackknives) first and then do the regular.. I hope I'll get better on it :)

Burpees are crazy! It's awesome you can do 20! For now, I'll stick with 3 sets of 10 reps first until my legs don't feel like Jell-o anymore hahaha XD 


I'm thinking about putting my pics here, but I'm still embarassed hahaha XD

I hope this scale issues is just because of muscle gain and hormone things, because I definitely see a lot of progress.


I used palm cooking oil. I'm thinking about using alternative oil.. What oil do you use for frying?


Is MyPlate the one from LivingStrong?

BTW I just found the perfect online food and fitness logging for me, it's FatSecret Indonesia. They got whole loads of Indonesian traditional food on their database! 

It's not as complete as the International version though, but it's just like what I need. Moreover, they got an app for Windows Phone XD





- I'm trying to do some interval training with jump rope today:

  • 1 minute slow jumping for warm up.
  • 60" of crazy jumping, just don't stop even though the rope got stuck for the 1343215th time.
  • 30" of walking in circles haha..
  • Repeat 5 times.

- In less than 15 minutes I was totally out of breath! I need to experiment more with this. I'm aiming to do 10 times.

- Next, I continue with 25 minutes maximum intensity of video game dancing, found myself a new song with funny moves XD

- DOMS on my hamstrings!

- Fitocracy is fun for tracking exercises, but it's not good for me because the limit of 8 exercises for free account makes it hard to experiment with new moves haha...



- I took some measurements with tape measure today. Well, I'm not a fan of tape measurement.. I think the easiest way to see my progress is trying out clothes, or taking pics.

April 6th, 2013

B: 104 cm

W: 90

H: 106

Thigh: 67

Calf: 44

Upper arm: 38


April 29th, 2013

B: 100

W: 89

H: 104

T: 59

C: 41

UA: 34


June 8th, 2013

B: 97

W: 85

H: 101

T: 56

C: 40

UA: 32



- Now I'm using both FatSecret Indonesia and MFP, because FatSecret Indonesia have a complete Indonesian food on their database. Other features are similar with MFP. Let's see which one is better :)

- I've been reviewing my daily intake on MFP, and it seems that I'm severely calorie-deprived. I only ate around 700 calories per day! But I don't know if this is accurate or not, since Indonesian food is hard to find on MFP. Hopefully with FatSecret I can get more accurate calculation. I'll add another food manually if needed.

- I calculated my macronutrients using IIFYM Calculator, and apparently I'm too low on everything. Surprisingly, eating 2 bananas in a day will reach my total daily carb intake! Need to be careful haha… White rice is also a problem.

- I really need to plan my meal wisely.

- Eating according the daily calorie need seems too much for me. I need around 1500 cal per day yet my daily intake never reached 1000! I'm very concerned about this.

- Am I facing that dreadful weight loss plateau? I don't know. Perhaps it's because muscle gain or slower metabolism? I feel stronger because I can do harder moves than usual BBWW and not feeling sick. Anyway, these are my current strategies:

  • Watch my diet closely, including the macronutrients. Separate the meal time because I tend to get full quickly and got hungry again after just around 1-2 hours.
  • Upgrade my exercises, push myself harder and try some new moves.
  • Sleep time was a little bit disturbed by assignments, I need to manage my time carefully.
  • Currently in the middle of huge stress hahaha.. Pray more often, think positive and smile. Seriously, I'm having issues with smiling lol


- Need to push myself harder on this one….. Or else I'll fail again.

Not a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-discipline - 2 Timothy 1:7
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Thanks! :)





- HIIT Jump Rope 6 sets. I planned to do 5, but then tried for 6, and yep, 6 is max. Hahaha XD

- Video game dancing 4 songs max intensity.

- I'm planning to do some stretching tonight. I googled around about yoga and pilates for beginners, and I think training for doing split is cool. All my Muay Thai trainers have flexible bodies! I envy them XD



I am totally frustrated with my diet! Really.

It looks like I got hungry very easily. 
I ate breakfast at 10 AM, and at 12 I was already hungry, maybe it was because of the lunch time?
I ate lunch at 1 AM, and then at 3.30 I was hungry again.
I ate my meal until I'm feeling full, sometimes too full after drinking a glass of water.
Recently my meals are okay. I tried to eat clean and paleo.
Breakfast: Stir-fry or steamed/boiled vegetables (spinach, brocolli, tomato, etc) with 1 egg (not fried, but hardboiled or omelette with microwave).
Lunch: grilled/steamed fish/chicken with various kind of vegetables and I rarely eat white rice (or around 30 g maximum).
Dinner: 50-100 ml yogurt or 30 - 50 g of leftover chicken/fish + vegetables from lunch.
Snacks: ...I rarely eat snacks. Sometimes I divided my breakfast and lunch in 2 parts, or eating Weet-Bix (I'm trying to finished up 1 box and I won't buy it anymore, too expensive haha).
According to MFP and FatSecret, my daily calorie intake is still around 700 max, which is very low (I need around 1500, or at least 1200). But I feel full after every meal, and then got hungry again in just 2 - 3 hours. I feel that I ate enough to get myself full and satisified for the day, and yet my daily calorie intake is still way too low. ...and the scale won't go down.
I don't feel sick at all, the only time I feel nauseous, dizzy and cranky is when I'm hungry (2 - 3 hours after meal, and right around meal time, this hungry symptoms are very normal for me). Oh man this is so confusing!
I've come up with few strategies, I don't know if these works or not though: 
- Breaking my breakfast and lunch into 2 parts. 
- Take photos of my food.
- Record my "hunger time". I need to read the pattern of my own hunger.
- Finding or making healthy snacks, learn how to make salad, cook my own meal.
I hope I can solve this puzzling hunger problem as soon as possible.

Not a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-discipline - 2 Timothy 1:7
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It looks like you're approaching your hunger well--monitoring it, etc.  Generally there is nothing wrong with eating every 2-3 hours, so long as it is healthy food.


Something that may be contributing is what I've noticed for myself--paleo/natural foods take up a lot more space in your stomach for the amount of calories they give you, so it's easy to feel full quickly but not actually eat very many calories.  Perhaps you could try increasing the amount of meat/eggs that you eat--it is more dense in calories, and will also give you lots of the protein you need to keep getting stronger.  A mostly-vegetable stir fry will fill you up, but won't keep you full for long.


Another idea--do you have a food scale?  Some people use them so that they can measure their food very accurately by weight, instead of just guessing at the portion size.  Perhaps you are underestimating the volume of your food?


Also, congratulations on your measurements!  That is wonderful progress.

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Thanks for sharing your experience! I think it's similar to what happen to me right now.. That explains a lot haha XD

I will try to find more suitable food for my diet, so I can eat more but my food are healthy. Tricky!

Sometimes I use food scale at home, but it's quite hard to do when I eat outside. Maybe I'll memorize some size of common food and try to be as accurate as possible.

Hopefully my sizes is getting smaller in the next 2 weeks hahaha XD





Based on yesterday's Muay Thai class, I need to improve:

- My sit ups. Why am I so weak on sit ups….

- My kicks. My legs and thighs are still full of fat, it's heavy LOL XD

Now the trainers incorporated weight exercises with dumbbells. 

I'm thinking on using my gym/fitness/Swiss/exercise ball again. But I still don't know what kind of moves is good to complement my BBWW routine.

And stretching! Found some good videos about yoga and pilates stretching, I should try it tonight.

It looks like I need to modify my workout routine once again, so I can train more for sit ups, do some stretching and cardio.

And that happy moment when my new Muay Thai friend mentioned that I looked leaner than the last time she saw me (around 2 weeks ago) hahaha XD See that, scale? I'm the real boss here LOL



My tracking has gone way beyond my expectation.

Now I'm carrying a small note everywhere to track few other things:

1. My hunger scale

  • 1 = I feel like I want to eat and thinking about food
  • 2 = I feel like I really want to eat and looking for food
  • 3 = upper abdomen discomfort, mood is still okay
  • 4 = upper abdomen discomfort, dizzy, I'm hungry
  • 5 = upper abdomen discomfort, dizzy, hard to concentrate, got cranky

1 & 2 can be solved by drinking water, 3 can be temporarely solved by drinking water, 4 & 5 I need food.

2. My fullness scale

  • 1 = still hungry
  • 2 = started to feel full, but still wants to eat
  • 3 = feels just right and comfortable, can eat but not hungry
  • 4 = abdominal discomfort, full
  • 5 = abdominal discomfort, too full, hard to walk

3. The time of my meals

I need to see my hunger time, is it really constant between 2 - 3 hours?

4. My current activity at that time

Is my current activity related with my hunger at that time? Maybe I got bored inside the car due to heavy traffic, etc.

5. My mood at that time

Since the 1st challenge, my "emotional eating" has decreased a lot. But I think this still holds as an important factor.




I was in a good mood to decorate my breakfast.


Not a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-discipline - 2 Timothy 1:7
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It was a great breakfast! Tomato, broccoli and omelet never failed me haha... I should experiment more on my meals XD




Just now, I accidentally did a pilates workout from Blogilates.

I am a complete newbie about pilates.

I am seriously clueless about it, and innocently tried the abs workouts.

And I feel like dying now. I know that tomorrow I have to drag myself out of bed.

Self-note: pilates is hardcore. Blogilates is hardcore. I've been fooled by all the cuteness and those pink colors!! XD

Neverending variation of planks, and I don't know what else. I'm 100% sure I can twist my body like pretzels and nailed those sit ups on my Muay Thai class if I stick with this hardcore stuff.

All I wanted to do was looking for stretching videos! Why did I got tempted to try those killer workouts XD

But it was totally cool and worth it.

I will try to follow the monthly beginner workout (substitute the cardio workout with Muay Thai) and see how it goes.

It's so exciting and feels like a perfect combination with my BBWW and Muay Thai!

Not a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-discipline - 2 Timothy 1:7
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Awesomeness, Xerla!!  You are off to such a great start this challenge!  And LOL at being told you're actually left handed after you're all done and grown :)  Wouldn't that have been handy to know a few years ago!


One of these days when I'm in a bit better shape I'd love to give Muay Thai a go for a challenge or so -- it's always appealed to me.  I also adore jumping rope -- one of my favourite exercises, so I appreciated your circuit (which would have killed me, but good for you!).


Keep being awesome, Xerla.  You're going to blow this challenge out of the water!!

Hiraedd the Twice Risen:

Hamadryad; Pilgrim

battle log


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Ohh you need to learn that exotic language hahaha XD



LOL yeah that left-handed thing was pretty hilarious haha… I should train to use it for daily needs.. A great idea for next challenge! XD

Yes you should try Muay Thai once you feel better! It's really challenging and many jumping ropes! You'll totally gonna love it!



That pilates workout seriously killed me everyday! But I'm glad because I can feel my muscles working XD Hopefully I'm getting better at it each day!




Finally, this semester ends. It's officially holiday until September.

Now I can focus on holiday, fitness and diet. Yay!



So it's been 1 month of Muay Thai routine 2x per week.

I can't believe myself. 

The first time I tried it I was like, seriously?! There's only 10% chance that I'm gonna do this 2x per week with all these DOMS! But here I am now, impatiently waiting for next class to improve my weak kicks haha XD

And Pilates. Oh dear.

My calves. SORE. I can't. Go down the stairs…. The same exact DOMS from lunges on my first BBWW! But if I can handle 3x BBWW on my 1st challenge, with physical condition worse than I am right now, I believe I can complete Blogilates beginner pilates workout

And I'm going to do light stretching for 10 minutes before I go to sleep.

In summary: Muay Thai 2x per week, Pilates + cardio 4x per week, light stretching every night.



I'm proud of myself that I can track my food everyday and eating clean. And the bonus is I love to make healthy food for myself now XD

There are so many new recipes to try! I'm thrilled.

Now I can understand my hunger signal much better now. Sometimes I really do feel hungry, but sometimes I also want to eat just because I'm doing nothing (stuck in traffic) and it'll be worse if I got food around me. Even if it's healthy food/snack, I don't want to get trapped in mindless eating. I eat because I need it, or to savor the taste. Changing mindset is hard, but I have to do it.

So my current strategy is bringing water/plain ice tea (mixed with lemon/lime/strawberry/mint if I got bored with water), drink it and check whether I'm still hungry or not. I don't want to starve myself either..

Not a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-discipline - 2 Timothy 1:7
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Wow, you've been doing Muay Thai for a month already? Amazing!  I bet you can kick ass now!


Stretching before bed is one of my favorite things. It is healthy and very relaxing, a good way to wind down.


Congratulations on your food progress!  I am glad that you have figured out why you think you are always hungry.  Bringing ice tea with you is a good idea--a lot of times I find myself drinking a lot of water because there is nothing interesting at my desk at work.  You are doing a great job of changing your mindset!

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Yeah it's been a month! I can't believe it either XD

Now I'm trying to do yoga for stretching, it feels good even though some of the poses (like Half-Moon) is still quite hard for me.

It's funny to see that on this current challenge I got more focused on my diet haha.. I've discovered many weird things about my eating habit!





So I've tried out yoga for stretching. 

I found this 21 days yoga challenge, and I just did the Day 5 Beginner.. and now I'm sweating hahaha…

I've never tried yoga before, except in Nintendo Wii Fit with Balance Board XD 

I like the exercises there, and thanks to that I'm familiar with some of the basic poses like Warrior, Triangle, Downward-facing Dog, Sun Salutation, etc. But since I focused on my 'balance score', I never put much attention to the synchronization between my breath and movements… I really need to increase my flexibility hahaha...

What I like from yoga is it's relaxing (but also can be very slow), not pushing me at all and the breath sequence makes me feel like I'm diving in the middle of the ocean. Calm and relaxing. And it's like a slow-motion pilates, which doesn't make it easier, unfortunately XD



I just realized that I really love to snack. I love snack and sweets.

I baked those easy banana oat cookies and, thinking that it's a 'safe and controlled' snack, I started to crave for it. Thinking about how I can eat it without guilt, it's a good food, etc.

And then that old feeling that I thought would be long gone suddenly emerged once again.

I'm craving for snacks.

It's been months since the last time I'm thinking about snacks. I like snacks, but I hate snacking. Because I tend to eat more and can't stop, especially when those snacks are within my reach. Now I know that this is one of the biggest obstacles on my entire diet regime.

It's completely dangerous for me, because now I started to think that "it's okay to snack, these are healthy snacks anyway"

I don't care if the snack is healthy or not, my mind started to return to the point where "I want snacks and give me lots of it!!"

I don't want this old habit back… I have to get a hold of myself and only eat whenever I'm hungry because I need the food, not just because I'm bored, not just because there's a snack around me, and mostly just because I can make healthy snacks doesn't mean I have to include it in my meal everyday. Snack is a treat and not a staple food on my diet. Snack is optional. All these time I can survive without craving for snacks.

Seriously, I need to be careful with snacks.

OMG I'm trying to hypnotize myself now hahaha XD

Not a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-discipline - 2 Timothy 1:7
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You will not snack...you will not snack...you will not snack....*hypnotize*


Hehe. Joking aside, I understand where you're coming from.  I like snacks a lot too, and it has taken a lot of control to leave them.  In my kitchen we don't keep anything to snack on that isn't really, truly healthy--nuts, apples, peppers.  When friends bring chips over for a party or something it's HORRIBLE to resist.  But if you can master the "mindful eating", it will be an amazing tool to help you continue losing weight and to keep you from reverting to old habits.  Keep thinking of why you're eating it, and if what you're eating even tastes good (unfortunately some snacks do, so you can't just tell yourself "this isn't good".)


Good job with noticing this, though--if you know your weakness, you can fight it!  And I'm glad you're enjoying the yoga for stretching. It's hard but rewarding!

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LOL snack is indeed HORRIBLE!

I totally agree with you about mindful eating, I need to think why I'm eating those lovely snacks. "Think before I eat" should be my new motto XD

Yes yoga is hard yet fun! I like the moves even though my current form will make everyone laugh haha XD Well, I got the stretch I need so I'll keep doing it!





My new routines: 

  1. Blogilates's Beginner for pilates (3x per week)
  2. Muay Thai or Blogilates's June workout for cardio and a little bit of bodyweight (3x per week)
  3. 21 Days Yoga Challenge for stretching (every night)

All of these are new challenges for my body, so I need to adapt. It's HARD. HARD! But I know I can do it. I can't thank Steve enough for creating NF BBWW because it made a perfect workout and mental foundation for me. Otherwise, I won't be able to do any of those new exercises.

And today, within the 40 minutes of cardio, I just did 100 burpees.

100. Burpees. OMG.

Last time it was 3 x 10 = 30 when I changed the BBWW's jumping jacks into burpees.

Who knew I can do 10 x 10 variation of burpees = 100 burpees?!

And can I still did some other cardio moves after that cardio purgatory.

I just made a sweat pool inside my room LOL

I can't wait for my yoga stretching session tonight XD



I'm addicted to banana pancake now. How come just 1 banana + 1 egg tastes so good? Unbelievable. I'll experiment with mango next time. Or avocado. And I'll use only egg whites, whole egg is too "eggy" for me hahaha..

About snack, my other weakness is frozen yogurt. I really love them. And guess what? Since it's labeled as "healthy", my mind sometimes got tricked again. It's so easy to found but some stores didn't write the exact nutrition data.. I'm afraid it's high calorie...

And I'll try to eat more on my breakfast, lunch and dinner. My mindset of "don't eat too much, you can snack later if you want" will definitely bring me to ultimate failure. Snack is optional. I need to eat "enough" so I don't need to snack, and I will snack only if I really need it.

Now I'm going to grocery store, it's time to cook some healthy food based on the recipes I've found all over the internet! I'm so excited XD

Not a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-discipline - 2 Timothy 1:7
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