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Finding the Trail: Hiraedd Tracks


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Can't believe the challenge is over already!!  Is it just me, or is time speeding up?


Track food: [45:15].  F +0 WIS

Oops.  This goal was way harder than I first assumed AND made me more prone to diet panic, which I don't need.  It is not a goal I'll be keeping over for another challenge; perhaps in the future I'll be ready to deal with getting all my nutrients from food, but I'm just not ready yet.  Lesson learned.


Track exercise: A. +4 WIS

Went back through the old records I had and wrote my exercise down, then tracked from there on.  Not a lot to report, since my old records were mostly missing, but that's why this goal was important.  Also started tracking on Rising Heroes, which I like a lot.


Track spending: A +2 WIS

Thanks for the kick in the butt, Sam :)  I needed it!  With prompting I managed to get this done, and all in all I'm glad I did.  It's important to be aware of where my money is going, and has already helped me make some better decisions this summer.


Pose [10:12} = 83% = B +3.75 STR

Ended up doing a lot of incidental exercise that prevented me from doing this more, but I was very excited to improve my crow pose from just barely getting my toes off the ground to getting them off in control for over a second!!!  


As usual, although I may not have aced all my goals, I did a lot of growth on the inside of me this challenge.  I was able to recognize unhealthy attitudes about food when they popped up with the nutrient tracking focus and back away from them instead of letting myself become compulsive about food again.  I lost 2.5 pounds during the challenge (hooray!!)  and I didn't become ill, which was fantastic.  I have been healthy for 6 weeks in a row, now.  (That in itself may be a record).  I feel ready to push myself a bit again, and will be upping the ante in my next challenge, which I am completely stoked for.


Finally, I have decided that I am done having "weight loss" as a focus for my training.  I want to focus on getting stronger and better.  Yes, I have a lot of weight left to lose, but I am no longer exercising for that purpose.  I am exercising now because I love bodyweight training.......and so, I'm moving over to the assassins next challenge!  :)  I will still be GL'ing here, never fear, but I am moving onwards and upwards towards my fitness goals.


As always, <3 to all of you who journeyed with me.  Your words of inspiration and encouragement always mean so much.

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Rocking it!

I think you may have gained wisdom from your failure, even.

Looking forward to the next set of goals and following along your beautiful journey. Thank you for sharing with us. I, for one, am a better person because of you.

love & peace,



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Oh wow, feels like all us 'oldies' are leaving the guild. Time for a new generation of adventurers... so epic :D


Your challenge results look really solid, Hira. Seriously, you had a lot to cope with at time during this challenge, and I think you did exceptionally well. Especially good just pushing through the procrastination and getting your money sorted.


Also, you shift in focus away from weight loss sound like a really healthy development (not that a weight loss focus is unhealthy, but to be doing it for love rather than the scales is awesome). As always, you rock and I am really proud of you. I will definitely be keeping in touch as you move over to the Assassins :) 

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Hiraedd, the Assassin! Has a nice ring to it! And big kudos for staying healthy throughout this challenge! That's what happens when you make changes that make you happy! Brava, Hiraedd, you've done a great, inspiring job once again!

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It was so exciting watching you grow in this challenge, Hira, especially with your attitudes to food.  As PA said in my thread, it's more of what we learn during the challenges than the scoring of said challenges that shape our wins.  You're such an inspiration and a hero and i'm so glad to be on this journey with you.  The Assassins are going to love having you there and I have no doubt in my mind that you're going to give them a (free)run for their money.


Congrats on yet another great challenge and on not being sick for the past 6 weeks (woot dance).  Now go have a great little break and i'll come find you in the next challenge.  Major hugs xxx

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You are a rock staretape6ep.jpgkudos to getting better

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Hey Hiraedd!


Fantastic progress, obviously your control on exercise & spending is brill but I'm totally awed but your crow pose thing.  You're going to make a super assassin!  (looks warily around for daggers ;) )


Obviously it's splendid to know you've not only lost a bit more weight, but that you've stayed WELL all this time - that's what we want, a healthy Hiraedd! :)


Good luck with your next, exciting challenge!!!! :)

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