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Complete six weeks of my workout plan (alternating between strength and interval training): +2 STR


  • I've already done two weeks of this exercise routine and I will be measuring my progress with daily pictures and a log. My rest days will fall on Sundays and there will be an opportunity to obtain 'extra credit' for doing something active on my rest day. I love the outdoors so chances are it will have to do with that. The thing I'm trying to work on is a reward system for this. My initial thoughts are to reward myself with equipment (suggested in this article).


Limit my smoking to three cigarettes per day: + 3 CON


  • I've been smoking for a few years now and recently the taste, smell and experience of smoking has been annoying. I've decided to limit myself rather than quit outright because of the stressful nature of my job.


Finish editing and revising my novel: + 2 WIS


  • Writing has always been a love of mine and while I don't profess to be an exceptional writer I find my inner peace whenever I allow my mind to flow through my fingers unadulterated. The novel that I've been writing was part of the National Novel Writing Month competition and is in serious need of editing and revision due to the nature of that contest (no time for revision during the competition month). Since then I have made several attempts to finish editing it so during the next six weeks I plan to see it through.






My plan for completing the goals are going to be reward and self-assessment based. My reasoning for getting fit is to prove to myself that I can overcome certain medical conditions that have been the 'justification' for not getting fit before. Now, I am aware that there are certain things about my body that I simply can not change. However I am sure that if I strengthen my body and change the things that I can the inalterable aspects of my condition will be less hampering to my every day life.


It is these changes that I believe will be the most beneficial to my steadfastness in the coming weeks. I've already started to notice positive changes in my body and overall wellness. Activities that normally would have left me in pain are barely tiresome now. My sleeping habits have returned to normal and I'm beginning to like the way I look.

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