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Long time MMA admirer first time trying to train!


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I have martial arts experience from tea Kwan do as a child and Krav Maga as an adult. I've always wanted to fight competitively but my laziness and poor choices seem to always get in the way. Now I'm trying to "get the beast out" and have at least 5 armature and 1 professional fight. This is a long term goal and I'll use this forum for my short term. So here we go!


Age: 29

Weight: 332.6

Height: 6


Over the next 6 weeks I will be focusing on conditioning and endurance.

Run up to 2 miles a day

3 days a week cross fit training

3 days a week strength training

Remain paleo and cut alcohol intake down to non (ummm I drink way too much)

And for my last but not least, my life level up is to get my Cisco certification.

The life level up is most definitely a back up plan to all this madness!

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This is going to be a tough one. At six foot and 332 lbs, you're carrying a lot of weight. Your joints are already going to be suffering on account of getting up and moving. I'd honestly recommend a slower transition to get into running than these six weeks. I know that walking sounds like the 'weak' option, but people honestly tend to underestimate the use of walking. It's not only a method of weight loss, it's also a really good form of therapy for the ligaments and the joints, a sort of ultimate low-impact activity.


Regarding XFit and Strength Training... honestly, I would suggest just picking one or the other. Both of them are going to place some truly huge demands on your metabolism as it is, and you're just starting out. There's a reason that most trainers recommend at least a day to rest and heal between such sessions. If you can afford it, XFit might be the better option at the moment, just because the coaches there are really good at critiquing lifter's form. Once you've learned the lifts you want to get good at, you can transition to a cheaper gym somewhere else.


Ah, yes, alcohol. I remember it well. Or not, as the case may be. ;) That can be a tricky one to knock down. However you choose to do it, I wish you luck.


Anyway! Not to rain on the parade or anything. Just want to see you do well. Don't want that fire going out or anything. Rock on!

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I agree with kish... you need to be incremental in getting to the goals in your post.  For this challenge.... well, he covered it well.  So, secondarily, I would say check out the NF blog post about alcohol and calories.  


When I conquered the green demon, I did it cold turkey but, alcohol affects your mind and body more significantly.  I would definitely recommend finding a support structure of people who have already beaten it (I'm sure there are plenty here who have given it up or cut back to very reasonable amounts)  I would say that over the first month you should be waning - depending on the level of alcohol intake - and the last two weeks you should be stone cold sober

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I will take that advise, and although I know how much it hurts to run, I already run a mile in 12 mins, and then walk the rest of a half mile.   I do use the elliptical when it gets too hard.   But I was 280 in high school playing iron man football, so doing 6 days a week is not a big leap for me.  I've been doing 4 to 5 days for the last month.  I know that some hefty goals, and maybe I'm cocky, but I've got to be in a mind set of an athlete.  I'll aim for perfection and settle on excellence.   


My parade is water proof, and I rather have honest critique like you gave me, so don't worry about it, because you help light a fire in my big 332 pound ass. 

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Also agreeing with Kishi. Focus hard on either regular resistance training or CrossFit to start. Also, considering your goals are to be an MMA fighter and you are in the monks thread, I would think it would be in your best interest to have one of your goals be MA training related. Maybe instead of running you could do some heavy bag work using HIIT. Just a thought. Hope this helps.

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hey everyone, sorry about not posting often.  I've been extremely busy for the past week. I will promise that I will be posting what I have done for the past week tomorrow.  I did forget my journal in my friends car.  so please bare with me.  

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Loved the title of this article - I'm in the same boat!  I have recently been getting into MMA and I would love to eventually fight in an amateur fight.  Put in work and definitely make your decisions based on whether they get you closer to your goal - a motivational strategy that has helped me a ton.  Good luck!

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