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Losing Machines

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hey guys 


hows everyone's week 3 been ?

i managed to mess up the first 2 weeks but week 3 was awesome.

i did my BBW 3 times, after a long time i feel i am back on track. Also stuck with my paleo diet perfectly (2 months and counting)

didn't get to interval training but will start of this week


love to hear from you guys


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Lost One and Arima, I hear your pain.  This is the beginning of the grind -- it's hard work time now :)  I'll be checking in on the two of you daily this week, if you like, to see how things are going, and I hope other members will do the same.  If you want to pass on text numbers or other means of contact (in private message) we can provide some additional support, too :)


AUBIN!!!  So great to hear that you rocked week 3's world!!  Well done.  Here's to 3 more like it.

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Week 3 I've been slacking.  I haven't done any of my BBW's this week.  I have, however, stuck to the diet, so I'm still losing weight. I have yet to measure myself for the week...that will be happening tonight, along with a final weigh in for the week.  I will update my post probably tomorrow.  Also, I just sold a bunch of stuff on eBay last week, so I'm going to use that money to put toward my credit card.  Overall, I've done ok, but have just been slacking with the exercise.

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Thanks for the questions and support offers guys. I'm trying to do a catch-up write up, but it's taking time. I'm back on the path to victory. 


I'm in sales, and June is my client's biggest and busiest month. One more week and I get my life back in proper order, instead of working 10-12 hour days and getting wonderful non-paleo food shipped in to the office from my bosses. 

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Welcome to week 4, Losing Machines.  Here's a little something to get you started :)  Let's rock out this second half of the challenge and push harder than we have been!





Here's something to make you guys laugh:



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@Ben -- I'll be checking in with you as well :)  Time to get serious.


@Krashenbern!!! Great to see you back!  Here's to life getting a little easier in the next week.  Just remember, take it one day at a time.


@lost one.  LOL!  Love those comics.


If you guys have any inspiring videos or things you'd like to link to to help us all through the next few weeks, please post them!!

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I've been hiding, partly due to busy, partly due not being so good about being on track. I'm in the middle of a midterm per week until the 12th and being stressed makes me go for all the things I shouldn't be eating. Haven't fallen too far off the wagon, but there have been bowls of ice cream more than a few nights in a row...


The weather also hasn't helped; it's been hot and humid, and the with the air conditioning being dead, trying to work out has left me in a pile of I can't breathe. Also sunburnt from my walk about on Sunday.


Sorry for being whiny, but now that's out of my system, here's to getting back on track.

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Ah, Kitsune, the rough days are what we are here for!  I mean, not only that, but who needs support when they're doing well?  None of us!  


As for the bowls of ice cream, count them and move on.  The missed workouts? Forget about them.  You can't change the choices you made in the past but you can make a good choice right now, and that's the main thing.  Momentum is made of making a series of good choices in a row, and it starts with the next decision you make.  There is no track to be "on", there's just the next choice.


Make sure that you're taking some extra time on things that help you destress during the tough times, and rub some extra aloe on that sunburn!  One day at a time, my friend.  One day at a time.

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You can't change the choices you made in the past but you can make a good choice right now, and that's the main thing.  Momentum is made of making a series of good choices in a row, and it starts with the next decision you make.  There is no track to be "on", there's just the next choice.


Hear, hear

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I need help...


I don't want to admit it, but since were all here to help each other achieve our goals I might as well confess it. When I went to help with the shopping, my old fat pants were actually tight! Not around the legs thankfully, but it was really tight around my stomach to the point where it started hurting. I don't want to go back to the way I used to be, and I still want to finish this challenge with an improved after photo.


I know one of my biggest problems is my diet, it's been really shitty lately. And the lack of working out is another one. So do you guys think my new battle plan will work?


Nutrition: Meat and veggies, very small amount of rice, quinoa, etc. Veggies with every meal, green smoothies when I feel lazy in making a meal.


Training: I'm going to get back to weightlifting because I had more success with losing inches when I did it every other day. And I want to go running every day I have no weight lifting to. Crossfit workouts 3x a week and Primal Movement when I'm not doing anything. I just want to keep moving so I don't get tempted to sit my ass in front of the computer all day.


What do you guys think? Be as harsh as you can, I don't deserve nice, pat on hand, everything is o.k., treatment the way I have been treating this challenge!

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Ditch the grains/sugars/carbs.  Period.


It may be the hardest thing to do, but it's worth it.  As Steve (and others) has stated, 80% (or even 90%) of our results come from our diet.  Get it locked down...like, right now.  I highly recommend going Paleo.  Again...not easy.  Especially the first couple weeks.


One thing that's good is you don't have to measure anything, you just have to have a general idea of what you're supposed to eat.  Once you get into the groove of eating a certain way, cooking a certain way, saying 'no' to your enemy foods, it becomes a lot easier.  Get all the shitty food out of your house and be prepared.


Working out won't do any good if you're eating crap all the time.  You need the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins that come from a healthy diet in order to turn your body into an efficient machine.  Make the decision that you're going to fuel your body more efficiently.  It's a mental game.  Stop making excuses.


For example:  Last week, I did zero of my workouts.  ZERO.  But I stuck to my Paleo diet.  I lost 2.5 lbs.


Monday of this week, I binged on donuts and muffins at work.  I gained 3.5 lbs back and have yet to get all of it back off... 


Diet is everything.




Take one day a week and make all your meals for the week.  I usually go to the grocery on Saturday and cook on Sunday.  You can invest about 3 hours of your time (if that) once a week and have everything in place for you to succeed for the rest of the week.


This can be really simple, easy stuff:

- Make a big pot of chili and portion it out and freeze it


- A roasted chicken with a couple lbs of asparagus (I can get a 3-4lb chicken for $8-$10 (sometimes less) and 2 lbs of asparagus for about $7...$17/4 meals - $4.50/meal)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWLt6G85zC4  (If you have any questions or need suggestions in regard to the chicken, just ask.)


- Keep the bones/carcass from the chicken.  If you make one chicken a week, after a few weeks you will have enough to make your own stock for chicken soup (it's so much better than stuff in a can/box)


- Keep bags of salad greens on hand


- Invest in a high quality bottle of olive oil and a very good bottle of balsamic vinegar to use for salad dressing.  It's worth it.


- Pre-cook seasoned shredded chicken breast or ground beef and portion it out for salads and omelettes (my general rule is 1/4lb uncooked per serving)


- Eat eggs in the morning (with veggies).  It takes about 30 seconds to make scrambled eggs.  There's really no excuse. (2 eggs or 1 egg with 1/4lb of other protein and lots of veggies...I like spinach, (grape)tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, salsa and guac)


- Chop up a bunch of veggies for the week and keep them in the fridge for salads, omelettes/scrambles, etc.  (I need to do more of this...chopping veggies first thing in the morning is a pain)


- If you don't have any veggies prepared, use salsa.  I use it as a shortcut all the time.  Just make sure you buy salsa with no corn syrup or sugar in it...or make your own!


- Make guacamole.  It takes 5 mins, is delicious, and is a great source of healthy fats.  If you want a recipe, just ask (I get compliemented on my guac all the time.)


- If you get a craving for something sweet, keep a bar of 80%+ dark chocolate in the cupboard.  Usually 1 or 2 squares will let the craving pass for me.  Add a SMALL handful of cashews and it's kind of like eating chocolate covered peanuts.  Just be strict on your portions.


- If you have a farmer's market near you, you can usually buy grass fed beef and pastured eggs for a fraction of the price you would at a supermarket.  I buy my eggs ($4.50/dz) and beef ($6/lb) from the same lady every Saturday morning.  I may start buying chicken from her too.




Changing the way you eat is not easy.  I still fight it on a daily basis.  But it's easily the most important thing you can do to lose weight.  The longer you do it (just like working out) the easier it gets.  You just have to commit to it.

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point of fact: vegetables and fruits are still carbs, so while you drop other sources like grains and sugars, make sure you don't get rid of ALL carbs.  Other than that I agree with pretty much everything Ben said :)


Here's what it comes down to, Lost One.  Regardless of how your pants fit you have learned a lot about yourself this challenge, about what works, and what doesn't.  You still have 2 weeks to rock it out, and I fully expect that you will...but whether or not your after photo is "better" or your pants fit nicer you have had a successful challenge.  I know it might not feel that way, but when you're in it for the long haul instead of the short hop you learn to look at six weeks completely differently.  (To you this may seem like the "nice" approach, but it's actually a lot harder to wrap your head around).


You reached out for help when you needed it -- that's awesome.  As for changing up your program, unless you HATE it, stick with it.  You'll see better results when you keep to one thing, even if you need to back the difficulty off a bit and work back into it.  You need to move because you want to, not because you think it'll make you lose inches.  If you haven't found that thing yet, keep trying.  But if you don't LOVE lifting, "losing inches" will not be enough motivation to get you there.  Is there something you're dying to try?  Start planning to incorporate it next challenge.


If you have a cel phone, PM me the number (if you feel comfortable with that) and I'll text you to see how things are going and give you a prod in the right direction.  Take your days one decision at a time, and don't forget to remind yourself to DOMINATE every day.  You can do this, and we'll be right beside you the whole time.

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Very true, Hiraedd.  I should have specified.  Veggies are a free food.  You can eat all the non-starchy veggies you want (no potatoes, no corn, etc), even though veggies do have carbohydrates of varying levels.


As for fruit, I try to limit my intake.  I'm not a huge fruit fan anyway, so it's not difficult for me, but the sugars in fruit are still sugars.  If you eat a shitload of watermelon, pineapple, or other high sugar fruits, you're not going to see maximum results.  If you're going to eat fruit, stick to low glycemic index fruits like berries, apples, pears, cherries, peaches, etc...  http://www.marksdailyapple.com/best-and-worst-fruits/#axzz2XYgOR8c2  I also try to save fruit for post-workout as that's the best time for your body to process the sugars.  (Unsweetened applesauce with spices is a fav of mine.)


I have faith that you can change your diet, LostOne!  Keep up the good work!

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Thanks guys!


I don't eat that much fruit, most of the time I have it when I'm craving something sweet. And I do really want to go on Paleo, does eating mainly meat and veggies count? I won't give up dairy though, the milk I drink is raw and from our goats, so it doesn't have any crud in it.


Today was a success! Breakfast: Oatmeal (my mom made it, and if you read my challenge I was woken up at 2:30 a.m. to take care of a rattler, so I was to tired to care)  Lunch: Black bean omelet and salad   Dinner: Bowl of yogurt with a small handful of dark chocolate chips. Not bad for one day!


Tomorrow I will be taking Ben-Ro's advice and make stuff in advance. I have a big bag of chicken thighs and a good amount of bacon. Bacon wrapped Chicken!!

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I do pretty much paleo except I still eat dairy (yogurt, cheese, etc), although I drink almond milk because I find cow's milk too sweet, and it has been working for me so far :)  It's one of those things you need to just make a call on and go with.


How has today been?

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Air! Give me air! It's 105 today and thankfully the clouds and breeze have taken down most of the heat, but it's still humid.


The only way I could stay cool was walking or running outside, so that's what I did all day. Man am I tired. So there's my workout and my diet is still going strong!


Breakfast: Oatmeal   Lunch: Green smoothie   Dinner: ? to be honest I'm not hungry at all, I'll just make a salad if I do since it's still hot

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105!  Wow...that's hot.  Too hot for me.  I don't like it over about 70. :)  It was only in the high 70s here today and I walked 18 holes of golf.  Nice little workout...walked at least 4 miles carrying my bag, but probably more like 5 considering how badly I was spraying them on the front 9. haha

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Hi Everyone


Week 4 has been very good for me,  still keep my diet and i did the BBW 3 times also i went interval training on Friday and my body is still sore(on sat it took me 20 mins to get outta bed). i shall push myself for another one this week.


Since i have started this lifestyle change on April 15 with the 1st 6 week challenge i have managed to loose 20 pounds (from 211-191) but for the last 2 week m stuck at the same weight.Any advice?


i wish all of you a superb week 5.

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My advice?  You're awesome!  Congrats on losing 20 pounds!!


Seriously, two weeks to be at a weight is no big deal.  Really.  I know it feels like one, but give your body some time to adjust.  If you're working out hard you're probably building muscle, so you're still losing fat...just not weight.  And that's still a good thing.  If in another week or two you still aren't losing then you'll need to start looking at your diet (and maybe eating MORE) but for now, just imagine that it is like a pot of water on the stove.  When it gets close to the boiling point it stays there for a while, not changing, building up the energy it needs to take the next step and convert water into steam.  Imagine your body is building up the power to kiss the fat goodbye -- it usually makes me feel better!

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Yooooo am back , yea i know i,ve been really flaky . So the past four weeks really sucked for me . No go on the job yet may shoot them an email tom. Paleo diet was a bust really can't keep up with it right now . Exercising only started last week , did a hill walk 2.5miles up and back down three times last week. i tried to eat in smaller healthier portions and it actually paid off i loosed 4lbs last week . woot woot . Started this week off great did the bbw for two rounds today trying for 3 tom. Eating healthy and gonna try my best to stay on track for the next two week. How are you guys doing ?

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