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Hey Assassins! The new six week challenge just started so now it's time to determine who will be the previous challenge champion. It was really difficult this time again to pick only three names. If I were to listen to myself, I would have added at least 2 more names in the poll (if not more, we really had a bunch of really really good challenges last time, I am really impressed), so if you feel like your name should be in there. Well, it's probably because it indeed should :D


Anyway, now is your turn to face the hard choice! Read their challenge thread, read their warp-up and vote! The poll will stay open for one week, so we will have the name of the winner next Monday!


Challengers are:



Challenge thread: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/26853-lexphoenixs-they-always-say-challenge/

Goal 1: Add method to my madness, A +3 CON, +2WIS

  • Food (and body's response) log. Check! I've tracked my cals every day, without any signs of obsession creeping back in. I've also been using a modified version of Waldo's spreadsheet.
  • Energy levels and sleep log Check! After the first few days, I really began sleeping so much better and my energy levels remained high throughout the challenge. The last few days, as I began to really get into planning mode, I've been having trouble sleeping. More in a moment.
  • Training journal with RPE, RPD, and RPT for each exercise Check! This was really simple to keep up with, since I alternated just two main workouts.
  • Print out training calendar with NF goals on it, and update it! Check! This helped me maintain my focus. Consistency certainly counts!
  • Progress pics and biweekly measurements Check! The videos of my pistol work have also been a good indicator of my success. The definition in my legs changed so much! I measured every week, and lost nearly 16 total inches!!!

Goal 2: Absence makes the heart grow fonder? A +3STR, +1WIS

  • Pick ONLY 3 fitness pros/pages to follow. Not allowed to read articles from anyone else for the duration of the challenge. Check! Wow, this one made an even bigger impact than I ever could have imagined. A few things I've been doing in my spare time:
  • Keeping the apt "15 minutes" from company-ready
  • Taking a course on Ancient Greek Heroes from edx
  • Learning to juggle 3 balls 
  • Following a more structured homeschool schedule with my daughter. (She learned to count to 10, several new songs, and can recognize about 10 letters.)
  • Stick to ONE program for the next 6 weeks, barring injury adjustments Check! I still can't believe the progress I made with such a simple program! My full summary of the workouts is in an earlier post in my thread. Sticking to a schedule eliminated more stress than I'd realized, and seems to have been a major factor in sleeping so soundly! As I've been mulling over my plans for the next training cycle, I've been having trouble shutting my brain off at night. I had been falling asleep around 5 minutes after I settled in. Last night, it took me at least an hour.

Goal 3: Birds of a feather ... A +2CHA

  • Update NF thread daily. (No specific requirements, just write something.) Check! This was such a great habit for me to establish. It was so much easier to stick to my plan knowing there was someone following along. Thank you all!
  • Post on at least one fellow rebel's thread daily. Check! This was also another excellent habit, and eventually, I forgot that this was even a goal. I wanted to check in on everyone and see how they were going. It's been so wonderful to be a part of everyone's journey!

Goal 4: Idle hands ... A +3DEX, +1STA

  • Mandatory movements are bridge progressions and some kind of handstand-related work each day, barring unbearable soreness. Check! This was a great way to make sure I moved every day, whether it was crow play, wrist prep, lockouts, etc. I also made significant progress on my bridge.
  • Morning and evening mobility work daily Check! I've also done a Mobility WOD every day for the last 5 weeks! My reward for this 6-week challenge is actually Kelly Starrett's new book.  
  • Take more opportunities to move in general ... extra walks, playground trips, daily dances, etc. Check! I've established the habit of a morning mile, regardless of weather. I've been doing light playground workouts when I take the kids, and I've just been more active in general with all my new free time.  

I've never had better results with a challenge! Full points awarded for an A effort and the numbers to show for it.  


I also participated in every mini challenge.





Challenge thread: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/26896-pretzles-first-challenge/

1 - Push ups - increase them! -> get to 10 x 3 for the beginner bodyweight workout (at 7 now, so should be doable and possible easy) and try to get to 16 consecutive push ups. 

A - Do even better than goal - B reach both - C only reach one - F anything less

Str+ 3 Sta+1 


Before I had to take it easy I quickly made it to first 8, then 9, then 10 push-ups for each round  I did about 20 consecutive push-ups for the first mini challenge.

Result: A 



2 - Improve lunches at work. 2 out 3 work lunches should be something not bread based and include veggies and fruit. (Because I have two weeks off during the challenge: eat at least 3 non-bread-based lunches those weeks (easier at home anyway). 

A - managed 2 non-bread based lunches at work each week, B mostly managed 2 (failed max 2 total), C managed most but failed 2-6 meals, D failed 6-8, F anything worse.

Con + 2, Wis + 1


This one was the easiest, it took about 2 weeks of actually thinking about it and creating lunches at home before it became a habit. I also discovered the cheap, healthy and huge salads at my workplace 

Result: A

3 - Find one new healthy snack idea/recipe per week - replace one unhealthy snack with a healthy snack each week (so replace minimum of 1 in week one, 2 in week two etc. up to 6 in week six  )

A - All recipes + replacements B 1 failure C 2-3 failures D 4-6 failures F anything worse

Con + 3 Cha + 1


This one lacked focus. I started out great - even took pictures of all my healthy snacks. That quickly stopped (especially when I had to eat/make more of them each week). During week 6 I kind of forgot about it completely. I still ate my healthy snacks, but I didn't come up with any new ideas. It's still a success - even though I'm eating a biscuit atm - my usual snacks are now banana + PB, some walnuts, pumpkin seeds with raisin (with or without some yoghurt) or some dried fruit or plain nuts 

Result: B+ 

4 - Lifegoal: finish thesis and practical research (both huge, but doing quite well on both   )

A - Finish both - C - finish one - F - nothing (if that happens I'll have to be at uni for another year..)

Wis + 3 Cha + 1


Ah... I finished my thesis and handed it in a week and a half before the deadline  Quite confident it will be sufficient this time around. I haven't finished my practical research just yet. I'm still missing some data (other people need to provide) but I've been working on it a lot. I didn't make my self-imposed deadline of a week before the official deadline (I need to hand it in this Friday) but it's not a complete failure.

Result: B-

'Bonus' goal (not for points): Practice balance by standing while travelling by train (try not to hold walls etc.) and by learning to cycle for at least 15 secs without holding the steering wheel.

Trains are easy now  I made about 12 seconds of riding my bike without holding the steering wheel but sort of gave up on that by now. I did practice balancing on the jungle gym in the park and really had some fun there!


Overall: B+ 

I get:

str + 3

sta + 1

con + 4.25

wis + 3.25

cha + 1.50


Mini challenges:

I participated in challenge 1, 4 and 6 and got points for all of them  For challenge 4 I gave up complaining for a week and made 'the ultimate list of what to do when I'm bored/depressed/etc' which is over here. For the last challenge I gave up unhealthy snacks completely (and made the five days). 


I got: 

str + 1

wis + 1

con + 1


level = level+1

I did not completely finish my lifegoal just yet, but I'm confident I'll be able to hand it in before the deadline. I also had to deal with lots of recovery exercises for my back and go to the physical therapist etc. and did so faithfully, I think all of it combined is definitely worth the level. Oh, and I completed my very first challenge! 



Challenge thread: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/27207-norgaard-an-assassin-is-born-back-to-school/

Will give myself an overall: A-


I did all the minichallenges this time which rox, and here is where the other things went!

Got statpoints from all as well, and only thing I didnt do was the 10min squat (due to knee problem)


Lifestyle goal:

Goal 1:

Study for at least 10 hours pr week, divided between the buisnessplan, and the pensum of the course.


How did it go?

Some weeks I had less and some more, in average I think I studied more than the 10 hours, but My focus havnt been 100% as I liked it.


Grade: B

Reward: 2 wisdom

Reward: up to +3 Wisdom to grab.

Fitness goals:

Goal 1:

Drop my bodyfat percentages so my joints dont have to take so much force when im doing parkour. This is an old goal, but this time it has to go!.

Currently bodyfat % 26,7%


How did it go?

Ended up with a bodyfat % on 22,4 so a drop of 4,3% I grade myself an A on this one, since I for the entire challenge have had a bad knee = no squatting, running, parkour, boxjumps or similary.
However I kept my focus on things I could and watching my diet and it worked!.


Grade: A

Reward: 2,15Cha & 2,15Str

Reward: +0,5 Cha & Str pr %bodyfat lost.


Goal 2: Relearn to walk

After I started walking around in my fivefingers as my normal walking shoe, I figured I go with way to high preasure on my knee, and I need to change that

So the challenge here is to at least walk for 10 minutes pr day where my walking is in focus, so I can try walking as silently, and softly as possible.

How did it go?

This goal went better than I could ever expect. The first week was hard but by walking a lot I made it a habbit, and I now without thinking adjust my walk so I walk as silent and as gentle for the knee as possible!

Grade: A+

Reward: 2dex

Reward  +2dex


Goal 3:

Build my strength up closer to a handstand.

A handstand was one of my goals last challenge, but to be honest I didnt even get startet doing it. At this point my knee hurts when I try to kick up to one, so for at least the start of the challenge this will be envolving using crow and clown stands to ensure strength and balance by doing at least 20 minutes of skillwork every day execpt on restday.

How did it go?

This was one of the first times I didnt specify where I should end which Im happy about.

I starting doing frog and clown poses. 
I started getting a better and stronger frog pose, and not long into the challenge I could manage to press up from a clown to a headstand, Without using a wall or anything for support.


I got better at kicking up to a handstand and can now hold it for 2 seconds (like 4-5 seconds against a wall (so not really a handstand I know, but way improvement from before.


And I made my first few wallsupported handstand pushups in a set)


Grade: A

Reward: 2dex +1cha

Reward: +2dex +1cha



Nuala, level 13 Robot mistress of pain, Assassin Guild leader


First journey: The Rise and fall of an Assassin

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13

Second journey: Crawling back


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