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Jakob is a Warrior now!

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Hello :)

I am Jakob, I recently changed my name, which used to be substix. After a while of being a ranger and training in rangery things I discovered that my favourite thing to do is lifting weigths. So I decided to join the noble ranks of the warriors.


To keep this short and sweet, here's my goals:



Number 1, Lift heavy hsit

I'm doing SS as stipulated by mark rippetoe. I've been doing it for 5 workouts now, going to the gym 3 times a week. Progress so far has been good, and I hope to keep it at linear progression. Actual numbers to follow! +3STR +2STA


Number 2, eat healthy

I'll eat 100% Paleo for the next 6 weeks. I'm gonna allow whole milk as something as I've stayed away from before. I am also going to allow one single non-paleo meal a week for special occasions (like eating with at my parents')

I'm not going to count calories, but I'll generally try to eat about 500cal deficit on rest days, and about as much as I require to maintain on workout days. +1CON +2CHA


Number 3, do it right

For my third goal I want to tape myself doing squats, deadlifts, overhead presses and power cleans, and get some advice on how to do them properly, aswell as Improve on my form. Therefore I shall tape myself at least 3 times and actively work on improving my form. +2CON +1DEX



My lifegoal is split into two. The last two lifegoals I had in my challenges were: Quit smoking and Take important exams for my academic studies.

I managed to quit smoking, but I did not manage to keep it that way, so I'm going to work on that again. Currently 1 week without cigarettes. 

The maths exames I completely failed, but there is another chance in 2 weeks, I am prepared to do it, and I'll give it my best. Want to get a B at least :) +2WIS +1CON +1STA


Thanks for reading! Cheers, and good Luck :)

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I'm with you on the smoking one! I was off it last year for a handful of months then started again, oops! I'm quitting this challenge also, accountabilibudies?


As far as exams go, I'm sure you conquer this one! You've put your mind to it now so just need to get your head down! :)


Your goals seem good! I'm interested to watch the progress with your lifting as it's almost exactly what I'm doing this challenge, what are you starting at weights wise?


Good luck! You'll rock it I'm sure!

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Hey, there you are! I love that you're following the workouts you enjoy doing. Best way to stay at it is to find something you like to do! Good luck, Jakob!

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