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Why... Hello there!

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Seems I’ve done this whole thing a little Bass Ackward by starting a challenge thread before this but oh well, here’s a little intro and some background:


Who the heck are you?


How rude! Anyway, I’ll answer you this time…


I’m a 24 year old electrical engineering graduate. Can’t say that I’ve ever been overweight, in fact quite the opposite mostly since I’m about 5ft9 and 128lb. Some would say that’s a blessing, I’ve always seen it more as a curse. Pretty much always been a massive nerd, was one of those guys who managed to soar through High School pretty much without a hitch (ok one small one) but got picked on and beaten up throughout its entirety.




I got to about 16 and decided screw getting beaten up and started training kick boxing and kung-fu and as some of you will no doubt know people who [learn to fight] for the wrong reasons, they never last. Truth be told I didn’t, I lasted about 9 months then packed it in. Not before doing what I shouldn’t have, fighting back to the bullies and came out worse that I would have in the first place.


Since then I’ve dabbled off and on in other “sportsâ€. I competed for my University in archery and won, not that it was exactly stiff competition in the men’s barebow category… There was 2 of us. But it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or by a mile, winning’s winning so I’ll take it.




Since graduating University last year, I’ve not really done much. I’ve done a little bit of powerlifting, well would like to say I had, but was pretty much just lifting heavy weights and getting shown proper form by a guy I knew who is/was a competitive powerlifter. So hopefully I had better form than my buddy up there.


I’ve also dabbled a bit in airsoft and was a member of a semi-competitive team, we liked to think we were competitive but we all know we were just a group of men, and women on occasion, running around the woods “playing soldiersâ€.


Oh, sorry about that… So what brought you here?


That’s better.


Well like I’ve said, I’ve always been a nerd. I can’t really remember how I stumbled across this site. It was one day at the end of last year and I subscribed to the mailing list instantly, however I never really frequented the forums much.


But since I’ve just returned from 2 weeks in Orlando nerding it up in Universal Studios and sitting on my butt I decided now was the time to actually get the finger out and put this forum account to use!


No recollection of how you found here, rats! What do you hope to gain from being here?


Nope, sorry!


I'm not exactly sure, I love the idea behind the real life RPG as I've played a handful of table-top RPGs in the past.


I suppose I really like the idea of the mutual support the whole community brings. Everyone encouraging each other to do well and better themselves.


And most importantly I’m looking forward to making some adventuring buddies and conquering the daemons life will throw at us, together, as a team!


Thanks for your time!


Don't mention it! Just be nicer to begin with mmkay?


So I guess that’s a little bit about me, why I’m here etc. Look forward to joining you all in this adventure we call life!


TLDR: Go read it…

Level 1 Half-Gnome Warrior

STR 3 | DEX 2 | STA 1 | CON 2 | WIS 4 | CHA 3

IntroCurrent 6 Week Challenge!


The Art Of Double Edged Shaving



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