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Matt's "Let's All Go To the Movies" Challenge


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A movie-themed challenge! I will likely miss days of the final week of this challenge as we have a family vacation coming up then, but I'll figure something out to continue working out during that week. Also going to try to avoid looking at a scale as much as possible. Just let it happen.


Goal the First:

Heavy Weights - Continue with a lifting program with a few tweaks. Sticking with a four-day split, but going with more full body stuff. I'll get the routine posted as I start lifting.


The goal is to limit missing workouts as much as possible. I was happy with my progress last challenge, just need to get more consistency.



Potential of 24 days of lifting.

21 days or more of lifting: A

19-20 days of lifting: B

16-18 days of lifting: C

14 or 15 days of lifting: D

13 or less days of lifting: F


Goal the Second:

The Running Man - Continue my jogging schedule of 5 runs per week, stretching into the 10k ranges for each run. The goal is to run 10ks without stopping.



Potential of 30 runs

20 10k runs or more without stopping: A

14-19 10k runs without stopping: B

10-13 10k runs without stopping: C

7-9 10k runs without stopping: D

6 or less 10k runs without stopping: F


Goal the Third:

The Ghost Writer - I have a couple of ideas knocking around in my mind about some D&D 4e characters that I want to write significant back stories for. So, I want to get those both down in the digital typed format.



Two Stories Written: A

One Story Written: B

Two Stories Started: C

One Story Started: D

Nothing done: F


Goal the Fourth:

The Waterboy - Drink at least 128 ounces of plain old water each day. I have a water bottle that's 32 ounces, so four of those each day. We'll do this as a daily goal.



128 ounces a day: A

96 ounces a day: B

64 ounces a day: C

32 ounces a day: D

No water: F


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Week 1, Day 1


Started the challenge off nicely with a weight room day. Didn't get my evening run in - just hard with scheduling between family priorities.


Weight (reps)


Dumbbell Bench Press: 35 (12), 40 (12)

DB Incline: 30 (12), 40 (12)

DB Flye: 15 (12), 20 (12)

DB Shoulder Press: 25 (12), 30 (12)

DB Lat Raise: 15 (12), 20 (12)

Preacher Curls: 45 (12), 55 (12)

Standing DB Alternating Curls: 20 (12), 20 (12)

Skull Crushers: 30 (12), 40 (12), 40 (12)

Seated Tricep Overhead Extensions: 20 (12), 20 (12)


Another lifting day today, and hopefully on the road for a run tonight.

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Good luck on these, they look challenging. (Isn't that the point?) Glad to see another writer in the bunch, I've got a "one article per week" goal myself.

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Challenges: 3, 2, 1

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Week 1, Day 2


Another lift day. Getting a schedule for running is kind of hard right now between sicknesses in the house, walking the dog, and wife's schedule. So no jogs yet during this challenge.


Weight (reps)


Standing Calf Raise: 45 (12), 95 (12)

Squat: 135 (12), 145 (12)

Deadlift: 125 (12), 135 (12)

Assisted Pull Ups: 110 (10), 110 (10)

Barbell Row: 65 (12), 85 (12)

Bent-Over DB Flye: 15 (12), 15 (12)


Wednesday was an off day, so another lift day coming up in about 30 minutes.

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Week 1, Day 4


Lifting day last Thursday. Weight (reps)


DB Bench: 40 (12), 45 (12)

DB Incline: 40 (12), 45 (12)

DB Incline Flye: 20 (12), 25 (12)

DB Shoulder Press: 30 (12), 30 (12)

DB Lat Raise: 20 (12), 20 (12)

Preacher Curl: 45 (12), 65 (12)

DB Alternate Curls: 20 (12), 25 (12)

Skullcrushers: 40 (12), 45 (12)

DB Triceps Extension: 20 (12), 25 (12)

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Week 1 Recap


Well, the week started off very good. Got into the groove lifting, water is going in and...coming out...and I'm formulating the ideas a bit more about the 4e characters I wanted to write stuff up about.


And then Thursday evening hit and the cold that had been hanging out in the recesses of my head flared to life in horrific ways. An intense sinus infection / head cold greeted me Friday morning, and I spent much of the weekend hating the light, breathing, blowing my nose, and existence. Needless to say, didn't get any lifting in, working out, etc. done over the weekend.


Still feeling not as well today, but going to try to get some lifting in and hopefully not make my head assplode.

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Be careful. If I'm on the verge of getting sick, working out (lifting or running) will usually ensure that it happens. Take the time to get better first, else you might miss more days (or get lousy workouts). You can come back when well. :)

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Challenges: 3, 2, 1

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Week 2, Day 1


Got into the weight room. Picked a weight for every lift and stuck with it through both sets except for on lift.


Each lift done for 12 reps, weights listed.


DB Bench Press: 40, 40

DB Incline Bench Press: 40, 40

DB Incline Flye: 20, 20

DB Shoulder Press: 30, 30

DB Side Raise: 20, 15

Preacher Curl: 45, 45

DB Alternating Curl: 20, 20

Skullcrusher: 40, 40

DB Tricep Extension: 20, 20


Another lift day today.

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I'm definitely not going to push too hard. I still haven't run, so that goal is taking a serious hit. I'm wondering if I need to jog in the morning when I wake up before I take my dog for a walk. Run, get back, walk dog for cooldown, shower and get ready for work. Summertime is nice as we don't need to rush to get the boys ready for school / daycare.

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