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What muscle building techniques actually work?

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I'm a day late and $1.50 short for bus fare, but Bill Starr recommends when first "building the base of your strength pyramid" is to pick an exercise or two for your legs, back, and shoulder girdle and rotate those through your routine. Ex, Squat for legs, pull-ups for back, incline bench (he was a big fan of this) one week, and then deadlifts, cleans for back, and throw in a bench or press the next.

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As i know it is very important to take whey protein if you really wantto build muscle. Add excercises and you will get great effect.

Ummm Whey Protein is NOT the be all to end all...

It's just marketed like crazy as it's easy as shit to make.

To Build Muscle.

1. Consistency

2. Food

3. Progressive Overload of Heavy Weight.

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I like this thread: it's like writing strength haikus. In fact, I'll do that right now;

Strength Training Haiku

Squat, deadlift, and press,

And eat your weight in protein,

watch your muscles grow.

3 sets of 5. Heavy, and more weight every workout. Those exact movements, with maybe bench press thrown in as well. www.startingstrength.com put 55 pounds on Zach Evetts in 5 weeks. You'll get a little fatter, but fat comes and goes easily; muscle doesn't.

More weight. -- Giles Corey

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Must make deadlift to be strong.

Must make squat to be big.

Must make bench press for womens.

Must make military press for cool.

Must do pull ups for power.

Eat cows and garnish with pig.


That is epic and it's going on my wall.


(apparently a message has to be 10 characters. there.)

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This thread is epic win!

Now I know that I need to go eat MORE right now! Eat Eat Eat!

Time to cook up a chicken breast with some broccoli and eat!

I haven't tried the whole milk thing, but I LOVE milk...does that really work? As long as I lift big, drink lots of milk, eat lots of high protein foods, I will gain muscle? Am I also going to get a "milk" gut if I do that?

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Well, I pretty much do that already, but I could be doing that more and better. I've gotten massively thin over the last 7 years (70lbs), so my skin's alright in the sag department. I just need to frickin' burn more fat. Metcon WODS are the order of the day here, but it is TOUGH with the genetics I've got against me.

pause > breathe > press play

tweetle dee

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I haven't heard anyone tell you to beware of overtraining. If you are splitting your workouts, shredding a certain body part, definitely allow for enough days for those muscles to heal. Nurture them with good quality nutrients and they will be ready to pump again next workout. There is other stuff to work on while your muscles heal from the heavy lifting.

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Look into LEANGAINS (Intermittent Fasting) - It's really effective at helping you get that "ripped" look

Seconded. I'm following a modified version of this. I do a 16/8 hour split, but strictly paleo. My only source of carbs post workout is either a sweet potato, or some veggies, and I dont really eat dairy (the occasional slice of butter with a sweet potato).

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