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My day one is going mostly well. I've stuck to my eating plan, but due to something from lunch not agreeing with me, I don't feel well enough to attempt any exercise since anything beyond a walk hurts.


I'll just have to try again tomorrow.

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Clean eating for me. All food I prepared at home and unplanned, all paleo! Didn't get any studying done. Took me 40 minutes (including time for warmup and cool down stretches) to get my workout and I got almost 6 miles in of walking! Overall very happy with the start!

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Day one:


spin class in the morning before work,


breakfast one boiled egg and a grapefruit,


mid morning snacks one apple, some raw unsalted almonds,


lunch was a shredded roast chicken with a salad containing red, green and yellow diced capsicum, diced cucumber, diced red onion, diced tomato, finely chopped parsley, Chopped Chilli and freshly squeezed lemon for dressing.


Mid afternoon snack, Celery and carrot sticks.


Dinner went to a wedding and sort of FAILED drank some beers, cognac, had some deep fried crab claws, thankfully the rest of the food consumed was paleo (no cake or dessert for except for an orange. Ate after 6:00PM and went to bed late.

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I'm joining the group because who doesn't love a nerdgasm?  Also, I don't really know what I'm doing, and I keep seeing all these letters and numbers that mean nothing to me, so hopefully you all can give some insight.  Just found out about the six week challenge, so I was not consciously focusing on my goals (as they did not yet exist).  Tomorrow--onward and upward!

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Great job on day 1 guys!


JKL2207 - well done for keeping most of the food paleo at the wedding. Those things are a nightmare of temptation!


I had a good day 1. Ate well, worked out. Tonight I plan to go for a run, and I have the food planned for the day and my packed lunch prepared. Here's hoping for another good one!

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Yeh - well that just gave a little nerdgasm.

Excellent response! Welcome aboard.


Congrats everyone on the successes of day one!

swarneke: Let's hope your body feels up to cooperating again today! Fingers crossed.


JKL: Failure is just the mother of success. It gets infinitely tougher to hold to the plan when special events roll around, but it's only day one. The rest of your day looked pretty damn good. Brush it off and keep doing what you're doing!


tateman: I've always had a bit of difficulty forcing myself to add veggies to my plate, too. No harm! Still six days left in the week. :)


My day one was pretty successful, too. I got through the day without even wanting a beer, and I went for water over pop. I also squeezed in a half-hour workout -- I'm using Nike+ Kinect Trainer for my Xbox, and it's surprisingly good at working up a sweat. I think I'll be introducing some free weights soon. Bodyweight exercises are nice and all, but there's something inherently more satisfying when you can lift something heavy while working out.


Today might be a bit more of a challenge on the pop front: I just remembered hat I have some pop stashed away in the fridge at my office, and nobody here is a pop drinker. I just have to block it out of my mind.

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Six-week challenge #1!


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