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Hey all! The last challenge was my first ever, and I think it went pretty well. Nonetheless, it was a crazy time and I wasn't able to keep close track of my goals for about half of it.


Hopefully I'll do this one better! That said, here's my goals for this round - I'm going to try for very quantifiable but challenging milestones:



Toes to the Road


Several years back, I tried getting seriously into running, only to discover that undiagosed flat feet, of all things, had caused damage to my right hip over time. More recently, I've found that running in Vibram FiveFingers is something that doesn't seem to cause as much damage, but it's much more strenuous for my feet since I'm not used to them yet.

Therefore, I'm going to try to work up to a 5k over this challenge - the distance in and of itself wouldn't have been a problem in the past, but it's in FiveFingers over rough terrain, so it'll be rough on my feet at first. I may cut the goal out if my leg injury starts acting up from the running, but I think I can do it...

Rewards: STA +4

A = Full 5k, B = 3 miles, C = 2.5 miles, D = 2 miles, F = less than 2 miles.



Pushing Through


I've been enamored of the 100 push-up milestone for months now, but only recently have I started training enough that it looks achievable. I'm up to about 60, but I'll need to stay on top of my training to make it happen!


Rewards: +2 STR, +2 STA

Grading: Deduct one letter per 5 pushups missed.



Different Perspectives


I'm also working on my handstands! I've never set a good goal for them, though, so this will be a start. I want to have a 15-second freestanding handstand by the end!


Rewards: +2 STR, +2 DEX




Mmmmm, Tasty


I love cooking, and I want to try new things this summer! My goal is 15 new dishes by the end of the challenge! I'll post photos. :D


Rewards: +1 WIS, +2 CON

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this seems like one hell of a challenge Thalos ^^ nice, don't overdo it with the running, leg injuries are hard work. I myself always had problems with my knees which made me hate jogging (that's why i sprint more)

i look forward to your updates :)

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