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The Librarian is going to apply some knowledge

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This is my first challenge and I'm excited/nervous. I'm not really a librarian but I love to read. It's time to stop reading and start doing. Here are my goals:

1. Exercise 6 days each week. For me this is a combination of boot camp, volleyball, and a yet undetermined exercise.

2. Loose weight! 10 lbs to be precise. Starting weight is 257 lbs.

3. Food. 6 days of low Carb food, 1 anything day.

4. I want to have a life goal bit I'm having trouble coming up with a SMART goal. Trying new things, being less lazy, these are not quantifiable. Any suggestions?

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I'm doing ok so far. I played volleyball for 50 minutes on Tuesday night and went to boot camp this morning before work. I've been thinking about Goal #4 because I want to be less lazy and live. It's a small thing, but doing the dishes as soon as I use them, or at least before I go to bed each day has an impact on my eating habits. Who wants to be in a dirty kitchen? If you have to clean before you cook, then there's less motivation to cook. So keeping the sink empty before bed EVERY day is going to be goal #4 for me.

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Hi Kathy, I'm one of your accountabilibuddies! I love that you play volleyball. I played in High School and am dying to play again, but it's hard to find a team. And I agree that a dirty kitchen definitely does NOT inspire cooking. :) Good luck to you with your goals and I look forward to encouraging you in them over the next 6 weeks!

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Hello, I am one of your accountabilibuddies, too. :nevreness:  I think you can quantify doing something new. Make your goal something along the lines of I will try a new activity (blank) times per week, then set grading for it, like 3x/week = A, 2x/week = B 1/week=c 0=fail You could try joining a meet up group, visit a museum, art gallery, spin class, knitting circle, wine club, ect. I've read some interesting stories here about rebels reaching out to their neighborhood and finding fun and even free things to do. Take a look at craigslist on the community pages, they have interesting things there (just keep your mace in hand, meet only in public, and be careful!)

Good luck!

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