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spezzy's back to awesome challenge!


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I love that 50 is a "bunch" to you. 50 is "an incapacitating ton" to me.

I saw this post and thought of you. Maybe it will help?


haha 50 is nothing. thats a light day :)

will totally try to follow what she's saying the next time i do it, thanks :)

i need to get double unders too! my form is perfect on singles. just can't seem to get any unbroken doubles. boooo.

haha i feel like im just getting better and better at singleunders.

Next challenge... post ^ this challenge <3 I'll totally sign up to do it!

just did some quick math... oh lord... but I'm STILL in!

1000/6 weeks = 166.67 burpees per week

166.67 burpees per week / 7 days = 23.81 burpees per day~!

consider it done :)

50 burpees every other day is like 5 sets of 10. thats like. nothing! :)

“There's only one rule that I know of, babies—God damn it, you've got to be kind.”
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