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Six Weeks of Awesome


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Sure. I actually didn't feel ravenous after hiking (short hike though- maybe 3 miles total), just the norman amount of hungry for skipping breakfast.


Anyway, I guess the challenge is over, huh? Wow! Best six weeks I've had in a while, honestly. I did a little evaluation, and this is what I came up with. 


Goal 1- logging. About 90-95% completion. There were about 3 days where I didn't log food and was supposed to; the others, I kept a strict and accurate eye on things. B+


Goal 2- lifting/training. About 75% completion. Most weeks I lifted twice and got outside for frisbee or hiking or something- I only did MMA three times during this challenge. My lifting numbers went way up across the board, which is great, but wasn't a stated part of the challenge. C+.


Goal 3- Outdoor activity. I rocked this one. I can think of three hikes I went on during this challenge, a trip to Yellowstone, a game of Ultimate frisbee, and two overnight camping trips. A+


Goal 4- drawing. I drew a total of 2 pages out of the 6-page goal. 2i s better than none, but I still didn't come close to meeting the goal. INCOMPLETE/F


I weighed myself at the halfway point and found my numbers to be 290. It's weird that I'd have gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks- I wonder if the discrepancy is because I used a different scale (the gym vs. my home scale). Regardless, my final weigh-in as of yesterday was 276. So I either lost a total of 4 or 14 pounds. Gonna go with the official first number and call it a net loss of 4. 


I've also lost a belt notch, and I can comfortably wear a button-front shirt that was too tight across the stomach before. I've lost 2 inches from my waist and gained 2 around the shoulders. Other measurements are encouraging- chest, hips, thigh, all smaller than before. Biceps are marginally bigger.


In 6 weeks I feel like I've made some serious progress in building new habits of eating and fitness, and I'm going to keep the momentum going from here.


In the 2-week gap between challenges, I'll be switching my routine up a bit. I really, really need to level up my cardio and endurance, so I'll keep lifting 2-3 times a week, but Tu-Thu-Sat I'll be doing hikes.

There's a short, steep hill climb near here that I'll do during the week and then I'll find something longer for Saturdays. I will keep tracking food 6 days out of the week, and hopefully I'll start the next challenge with an even lower weigh-in than my current number! 


Zuel, Kishi, arwen and the rest of you- thanks a ton for taking the time to encourage me and offer great advice. This board and this challenge took me from an "I really should, one of these days" mindset to an "I'm doing this NOW" mindset, and I appreciate it hugely. You all rule!



If it's OK with the moderators, I'd love to keep updating this thread while we wait for the next challenge? Unless there's a better way to be tracking non-6 week challenge activity between now and the 29th on these boards.

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Generally, there's a gap between challenges - generally a week to two weeks, just to let folks rest and recover some. Also, if I remember right, it's a time for catching up on the administrative side of things for the site.


Anyway! Great job this challenge! You did get a lot done, and don't worry so much about the scale. Different scales if weighed in at different times of day are almost certain to get different results. It's a combination of fluid in the body and the calibration of the scale and your body's mass, which in turn is fluctuating throughout the day anyway.


All of it's guesswork. All of it. But what isn't guesswork is what you put up in the gym. And you've focused well on those numbers. Now it's time to get on the mats if you can.

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Those are absolutely great results, Thunderneath!! I also love the fact that you have developed strong 'lifestyle' habits from this challenge; truly changing yourself through the Rebellion! Good job!


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Zuel, Kishi, arwen and the rest of you- thanks a ton for taking the time to encourage me and offer great advice. This board and this challenge took me from an "I really should, one of these days" mindset to an "I'm doing this NOW" mindset, and I appreciate it hugely. You all rule!



 THIS IS SO AWESOME!! :) Congrats on all your accomplishments!


Oh, and post some pics of yellowstone - Ive always wanted to go there! :)

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Well, if you want to keep updating here, nobody's going to stop you. But we do have a section for that kind of thing in the main forum, under the Daily Battle Logs. You can post up there and keep yourself accountable.


Come to think of it, I need to go back and start updating mine again...

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Congratulations Thunderneath!! =D


I´m glad you had such encouraging results! The best part is that you didn´t suffer from it. Keeping track , lifting up to 300 frigging lb. hiking and having a good time. That´s the way to go! 


I hope to see you in the next challenge or in the Daily Battle Logs (which I didn´t knew were there XD).


Keep that awesomeness flowing!

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