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Kain's (How to train your Dragoon) challenge


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Day 10

Insanity - Cardio Power and Resistance (39:18)

Have also started to make "handstand pushup" a very realistic goal. Been doing a few practice ones with the assistance of two walls. I don't think it is as far out as I was originally dreading.

Time to climb.

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Day 11

Insanity - Pure Cardio (38:17)

Insanity - Cardio Abs (16:45)

Whew. I get a break from Insanity and have a FIT TEST on Sunday. The crappy part is I am going dancing tomorrow night so we'll see how my legs end up. Either way if they are sore I am winning. ;)

Time to climb.

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Day 13

So I did good last night and only had a few drinks. I was DD so I ended up drinking water and eating ice while my wife danced and occasionally I got up there too. Overall, I am tired of ever over drinking now so I think I just won't do it anymore.

With that said...

Insanity Fit Test (2nd one)

Switch Kicks - 133 (+33)

Power Jacks - 51 (+11)

Power Knees - 107 (+28)

Power Jumps - 40 (+10)

Globe Jumps - 10 (+4)

Suicide Jumps - 14 (+1)

Push-up Jacks - 26 (+2) This number would be higher but I did pushups this morning

Obliques - 50 (+18)

I am astonished right now. In roughly two weeks look at how much higher my numbers jumped up. These tests are done in minute intervals with about a minute of rest in between. I think I rocked it!

Time to climb.

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Day 14

Still eating great. Weighed in at 205 today. I am really working for getting sub 200 for next weeks weigh in. Then I can get back to eating more healthy and not skipping calories towards the end of the week.

Insanity: Plyometric Cardio Circuit (41:43)

Might go running later...

Played FFIV for an hour or two last night. Leveling my characters nicely before I start moving towards the final areas.

Race in Vibrams on Saturday!

Time to climb.

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Day 15

Insanity: Pure Cardio (38:17)

Insanity: Cardio Abs (16:45)

These things are pretty insane. I am getting so much definition in my arms and forearms. I find myself checking out random parts of my body that look way different now. Gotta love it. Why the hell did I let myself get so fat???

Might go play some FFIV

Time to climb.

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Do you enjoy Insanity? I think I saw an infomercial for it and was intrigued.

Yes. I basically haven't done much else but it recently and am seeing some great results, body weight/strength wise. It is all about how much you put into it. Most of the people behind him doing the workout have to take random breaks during the routines.

The first few days I was sore, but now I do it 6 nights a week with one being the recovery workout and I am never sore the next morning. That might sound like I am not working my body, but believe me, I am. If you happen to stumble on some of the instructional videos, give it a try. You can tell how insane my results shot up from the first Fit test to the second Fit test.

Just so everyone is clear

is the
I am doing

Time to climb.

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Day 17 (Thursday)

Insanity: Cardio Power and Resistance (39:18)

Felt great. Taking today (Friday) off from working out. Took the day off work to get some things done. Already beat Evil Wall in Final Fantasy IV. So I am pretty sure I am heading to the moon soon. Saturday is my Vibram 5k, and then back to insanity on Sunday. Have my weigh in for biggest loser on Monday. Can't wait!

Time to climb.

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Boom. Completed one of my goals for the challenge and a life goal. :)

Habitat For Humanity Run, Walk, Ride. I chose to do the 5k in my VFF's. My time unofficially is 27:50. They weren't chip timing so we'll see what the "results" end up saying. This time is only about 2 minutes slower than my 5k last month, but this was in my VFF's which are way more challenging IMO. Challenging in a good way that will lead to me being stronger and faster. Time for some photos!

My son Zack (FF7 anyone? That is where I got the name) and I right before the race.

Posted Image

Me sprinting towards the finish line. Looks like I am landing flat footed, which is a really good thing.

Posted Image

Just after the race. My son gave me a high five and told me I did great. Was awesome.

Posted Image


Back to insanity tomorrow and my final weight in for work monday.

Time to climb.

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Final Biggest Loser weigh in.

Well today was my final weigh in at work. While my goals shifted drastically during the competition, overall I think I did pretty well.

Starting weight 247.8lbs. Final weight 203lbs. That is -44.8lbs with a percent of 18.08

I plan to keep working on leveling up my life and should soon be below 200lbs. That is now my real goal. We will have to see if what I did was enough to make me the winner. More on that later.

Time to climb.

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You named your kid after a Final Fantasy character, and therefore, you are a winner.

HOWEVER, in the "real world" (psh), completing a 5k with VFFs is a feat indeed! Badass, you DID do great. That Insanity video you linked is crazy. I...I really want to do it. But not now! I have to get in shape first, haha.

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Just read your thread and you are rocking this challenge! Awesome!

"Enthusiasm is the great hill-climber." - Elbert Hubbard
Human Adventurer

I want to be fit and healthy so I can explore and enjoy all the beauty the outdoor world has to offer, in all kinds of weather, all the days of my life.

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Ok, for anyone interested I was on vacation with my family. Went down to the California Redwoods. I will post up some pictures (like doing a pushup on Paul Bunyans boot).

I also spent the entire vacation in my Vibram Five Fingers. They were perfect for every scenario. They had a good bath in the washing machine last night.

Going to get back into Insanity tonight and eat better. I slacked on the vacation.


Thanks for the kind words. It just seemed to work out naming him that. :) Going to get my son and daughters name, converted to Al Bhed (Final Fantasy X) tattoo'd next. I will post pictures of that.

Time to climb.

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