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A Warrior Prepares for Battle

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seriously. you may have to snatch me and not clean and jerk me when we see each other. you're that bad ass.

Ha! I was just discussing this with my family! I told them you wanted me to clean and jerk you, but now doing a snatch isn't out of the question. I could totally snatch my brother in law because he's 6 foot, a million inches (really tall) and only 170lb. You might be too short for good hand position though... hmmmm...

90+ Masters Weightlifter

Current Lift PRs
Snatch: 93kg/205lb // Clean and Jerk: 113kg/248lb // Back Squat: 170kg/375lb



2016 USAW Senior Nationals - 6th place

2015 USAW American Open - 8th place
2015 USAW Senior Nationals - 9th place
2014 USAW Senior Nationals - 9th place

2013 USAW Senior Nationals - 9th place


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