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Slowly, but surely

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Ok, this is my second challenge and though I feel a little more prepared this time around, I'm not going to tempt fate. I'm going to bring change into my life slowly, but surely. 


  1. 30 minutes of morning yoga 5 days a week +2 STR, +3 WIS
    I'm going to begin with 5 minutes of seated meditation, then I will do as many rounds of Sun Salutation as I am able to in 20 minutes, hopefully with an increase seen each week. I will end with 5 minutes of savasana. This is about as basic yoga as it gets, but I'm out of practice. 
  2. 30 minutes of walking 4 times per week +3 STA, +1 DEX 

    Yeah, I really need to move. I've been making the mistake of trying to wait until I have somewhere to go to get out and walk. I'm giving up waiting; I'm going to walk for the sake of walking. I'm going to set a timer on my phone to 15 minutes and just go. When time is up, I will turn around and walk home.

  3. Spend 30 minutes outside every day +2 CHA, +1 WIS 

    Since I began taking online classes, I've become a bit of a recluse. I'm going to be more social for my own sanity. Making myself leave the house will also give me some motivation to put on real clothes every day, instead on lounging about in pj's. Oh, and the 30 minutes of walking doesn't count. 

  4. Remove liquid calories from diet +3 CON  
    ​Last challenge I gave up coffee, but I increased my intake of other sugary drinks. From here on out, I am a person who only drinks water, unsweetened tea, and milk, except on special occasions (birthdays, holidays).

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Hi and welcome to the druids! Congratulations on your goals. I'm all about keeping it simple and I think yoga is all about the basics so that's good planning. Walking is underestimated, just getting out there, moving your feet, will invigorate you I think.

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nice nice! I like the slow build up of goals too. I've had water, yoga and drinking goals for my first 3 challenges and just those small steps have changed my life already. keep it up :)

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I started out kind of slow, but I'm building some confidence and momentum. I'm also beginning to feel the effects of the yoga and walking. 

I know I said I would be doing yoga in the morning, and I said that because it used to work really well for me. I missed doing yoga in the morning a few days ago, though and decided to throw it in after my evening walk. It worked out so nicely and I was just deliciously tired enough to get a great night's sleep. 

I have pretty much successfully cut out liquid calories. Like giving up coffee, it was surprisingly easy once I made up my mind. 

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Mmmm I Looooove evening walks! Perfect for winding down :) And congrats on cutting out liquid calories! That's a huge step. How has this week been going so far?

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Awesome start!

How did the last weeks work for you?

Did you make the step from hanging at the computer to doing something awesome?


I hope you are well! :positive:

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