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Hey Y'all!


After spending a week or two carefully considering my weaknesses and strengths, I have concluded the following skills that I need to work on: patience, static strength, courage, and self-discipline.


Thus here are my 4 goals:


1) Courage - moon and sun salutations: +2 CON +2 WIS

            I'm a creature of routine. I thrive on the constant rhythm of life  and it's quite uncomfortable (to say the least) for me to add/subtract new aspects into my life. Thus, I'm going to start incorporating yoga into my workout. Being that I love pairs (slight OCD  :playful: ), sun and moon salutations will be my starting point. My goal is to go from a mindful concentration on each movement, angle, and muscle into a mindless meditation.


2) Static Strength - handstand +3 STR

            Another odd feeling is that of being upside down, which is something I want to get used to (I dream constantly of flips and jumps!). In order to hold myself in a position like that, I need shoulder and tricep strength. 

        ***BONUS: eventually I can meditate in this position?


3) Self-Discipline - workout 3X a week +2 STR

        Being that I have joint problems, it's easy for me to lose motivation. My goal, thus, is to keep up with my workout and toning them down instead of dropping it off entirely. On top of that, I read that if we concentrate on working out in absolute silence, it improves the quality of the workout exponentially. We'll see :)


4) Patience - Blog twice a week. +2 INT, +2 CHA

        I started a blog last week (2, actually, for different purposes) and I'd like to keep up with it. Once things get moving, I'll provide a link :) Until then, I'd like to post/ discuss meaningful ideas on a consistent basis. 


That's it! Good luck to us all!

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Hi calamedes!


I love your challenge goals. Great for the consistency and strength goals-- being upside down is so fun! Looking forward to your blog as well!

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