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*Cues fancy wooshing sounds and big colorful 1950-60 era comic images*

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*Lands all... Epic Fail* Yeah, I can't fly... Or jump to save my life.. Or walk the few minutes up my driveway and down to the corner to get mail, or back, Or... well. I think ya catch my drift here...


First off I wanna say hii! well, make that second off I guess. heh.My name is Jake, I am 26 years old, and I stand a measily 5-foot-2, and weigh about 157 pounds last I checked... Which was about two months ago... When I went to the doctors about my knees and they said nothing was wrong and gave me an X-ray that proved nothing was wrong with the bones... But not they refuse to treat me or get an MRI.. yay for me..


Anyway, my story: For most of my life I was a pretty active and lean kid. I was into street skating, backyard football, baseball, paintball, etc... I wasn't the greatest at any of it but I was always active from like 8 AM to 11PM plus, heh. I was usually pretty careful with my activities, no broken bones or knee injuries, which makes the above mentioned knee pain unbearably annoying.


I was premature by nearly 3 months and survived open heart surgery... YAY for me, heh, with the addition of scartissue and a part of my aorta having expanded nothing else is wrong with my body beyond eye and ear issues.


The reason I came here is this: I have a three month old daughter, going on four months (at the date I write this) she is my world, as is my wife. I want to be there for her and not leave her wishing her daddy could do more for her. I feel heartbroken and depressed currently as it is because frankly, I can barely walk around the house carrying her without feeling windy or my knees hurting.. I  can't sing or play my guitar without feeling windy after a few bars or lines of lyrics... Very sad in my eyes.


I want to see myself as I was in my teens and younger years (I know they aren't that far away and yet they feel decades ago).


My goals thus far:


1) Eat healthier -- I say healthier and not a full-blown change in diet because I eat a lot of frieds, sugary and junk foods...and not enough vegetables and fruits to speak of.

2) Get to about 130 pounds and maintain it (my average weight for so very long)

3) Reduce the pain in my knees, I think part of my knee pain is caused from my slight overweight figure.

4) Be able to play with my daughter as she gets older.


My nerd creds:

1) I have played and ran campaigns for DnD 2E, DnD3/3.5, d20 Modern, d20 Star Wars, GURPS, Vampires the Masquerade (Mind's Eye Theatre).

2) I have been programming my own computer RPG game for the last decade

3) I have been writing my own fantasy novel for over a decade

4) I watch and understand the idiosyncracies of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang  Theory

5) I remember watching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers as a kid and wishing I could be one then... ( Hey look my dream can still come true here!)


Gnomish Superhero-In-Training S3|D3|S1|C3|W4.75|CH3

Gnomish Trials and Tribulations

Gnomes Have Epic Quests Too! This gets updated as things get finished or I add more =D

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