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Nebo5 goes rock climbing!!!


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I finished all of my weight workouts this week so I decided to reward myself with an adventure this weekend. I love to rock climb, but  I don't have anywhere to go where I live. So, I packed up my gear and headed west! I met my mom at Texas Rock Gym in Houston. We spent the next couple of hours bouldering and climbing on every wall possible. It was so much fun and I cant wait to return.


During the week, I am sticking to my gym workouts but I am setting a new goal for the weekends. I have to do at least one adventurous thing every weekend. Next weekend, I am taking a motorcycle training class! I have been wanting to do this for about 2 years and now I am finally doing it! I am so excited and I will probably lose sleep over the next week thinking about it. I already have my helmet and boots set out ready to go.


I will also be trying to spend more time on my bicycle this summer to try and prepare for a triathlon.  


If anyone has any other adventurous ideas, let me know. I am sure it wont be hard to figure out something. The beach is not too far and I also have a state park 15 miles from the house. Maybe I will go hiking and camping one weekend. In late June I am already planning a vacation for the river and a waterpark. I am excited about that too!!!!! I cant wait! 


I hope everyone else is having an adventurous summer!


Happy Trails!

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