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Sling training workout routine.

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Ok, so i've put together a workout on my newly home made sling trainer, currently in beta, but it's up and hanging!


A question is, time or a set number of repetitions? I'm very fond of the time concept, where you push out as many repetitions as possible for like a minute. It also makes it much easier to plan a work out.

I was thinking of one minute work, then five seconds or something rest (mainly to change pose) to complete my work out or maybe 12 reps, 3 times?


Anyway, here's the exercises i've picked out (All performed with slings, of course)

- Chest press

- Row

- Tricep press

- Biceps curl

- I deltoid fly

- Chest fly

- Squat

- Hip press

- Mountain climbers

- Suspended lunge

- Hamstring curl

- Crunch

- Oblique crunch

- Plank


I'm really trying to cut it down, i'm wondering if chest fly might be a bit excessive, and oblique AND normal crunch, but I guess oblique crunch reminds me of bicycle crunch which does WONDERS for my abs!

I'm also thinking of doing a squat/row combo. 

Basically I wan't few, but effective exercises.


Hoping for some help from you guys!



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