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Steaks & Salads


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Bison Steak! 

This was my first time trying bison steak. I must say, I prefer beef (but I do like bison burgers).

I use Keg Steak Seasoning but salt & garlic would also be good. 

The sauce is not Paleo, unfortunately... It's 1 part olive oil, 1 part ketchup, and 1 part soya sauce. Mix and marinate!

I always cook my steaks on cast iron. I heat it up first then put my marinated steak on when it's sizzling. For a thin one like this, 4 mins per side (5 for a thicker steak). That gets you medium/ medium-rare. 

I ate this bad boy with a gigantic salad (lettuce, 3 kinds of bell peppers, carrots, celery)


My giant salads:






Couldn't actually eat this. My neighbour and my cats helped...



Add shrimp, white cheddar & strawberries to your salad! Drizzle with balsamic. Mmmmmm




This is when I was complaining that I "didn't have any food in the house".... Came up with this:


  :strawberry:Hobbit Ranger, Dragon Slayer, Crazy Cat Lady, Beekeeper :strawberry:

Sixth Ranger Challenge

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