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Some days I want to eat. I mean I really want to eat.


Over the last 48 hours or so, I have desperately wanted to scarf down an entire pizza, followed by a ginormous banana split and some deep-fried stuff (I don’t even care what the stuff is, as long as it’s deep-fried. Maybe a deep-fried banana split?)

  • I’m not necessarily hungry (the craving has been almost constant, even right after I've finished a meal)
  • I’m eating plenty of fats (in the form of almonds and avocados)
  • No refined grains or sugars that could be jacking up my insulin
  • I’m not particularly depressed or stressed or angry -- a little bored, perhaps.

This happens on occasion with no apparent triggering mechanism, and can go on for days at a time.  The worst part is that if I give into the craving, it won’t help. I’ll stuff myself until I am in physical discomfort and still be unsatisfied.  It’s obviously not an actual physical need.


So what gives, and how do I get over it? :blue:


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I've wrestled with that for so long, and the only things that have worked for me are:


- water, to make my stomach feel full

- the occasional Diet Coke, to get a 'treat' into my body

- reminders of the goals I've set for myself... the selfish, greedy goals I've set


I've been having the cravings for days now, since I'm getting over a cold and I'm stuck in my crappy room doing Econ assignments.  I could VERY EASILY walk two blocks to an A&W, KFC, Dairy Queen, two different Chinese buffets and an Indian buffet, or just over to the Petro to get a bag of chips... and whenever that urge really starts to gnaw, I down my big mug of water with a bit of lime juice, nurse a Diet Coke, and think about how AWESOME I'm going to look and feel when I hit my goals.


Fight a psychological craving with psychological weapons :D

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I have to say i am similar... we had cake at home over the weekend. And I get this... I'd say almost animal desire to just eat the whole damn chocolate cake in one sitting. I'm not hungry or anything. 

It is really difficult to stop thinking about the cake (that is now sitting safely on top of the cupboard where I can't reach it as a safety precaution). I did manage to limit myself to one piece/ day. But it is like an obsession. 

I discussed it with my mum (also doing somewhat primal) and she said, "Hey,  it is just human. You just have to live with it and as long as you don't give in to the eat-the-whole-thing craving, you are awesome." That calmed me down somehow. 

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I know this is an older post,,,but i'm thrilled that I am not alone out here.  I thought I was the only one who can eat a dozen donuts for fun,,,,not hunger(which I almost did the other day...;(

I'm really struggling to NOT binge lately, seems like at first, starting to ease my way into paleo(like limiting flour to one serving/day...etc) and telling myself if you actually are hungry an hour after dinner, then you are and can eat,,,and whaaa??  I usually was not hungry and didn't need to eat.  But lately...ack!!  In fact,,,I just ate another 3 oz of steak over the kitchen sink cuz it was there...sigh.


I really wish I could shut off my brain, cuz my gut n' thighs aint getting any smaller...

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I have the same issue, yesterday worked well, I had 90% of my calories for lunch, then I wasn't hungry for the rest of the day, went low carb high fat.


Normally what works best for me is to fast in the morning, then binge into my calories and macros at night.


So fast till 5, then eat meat and 500g of veggies, then like 6 or 7 eat more meat and salad or another 500g of veggies.


Load up on veggies find out what time your cravings hit, and hit them with all your calories in that period, for me it's night time eating, so I just eat at night, and drink tonnes of water from bfast till dinner.

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I'm not sure if IF would work for me...when I was 220lbs I 'inadvertently' did IF...however, I was not eating proper food either, and a sh**load of booze.  My 'new'(not so new) problem is that I am really trying to learn when i'm full and stop eating,,,but, am almost always hungry within 2 hours.  Doesn't matter whether I have a nanner and nuts, or full on meal with meats and vegs, etc,,,2 hrs later I could eat a full on meal again.  And once I start eating, I find it hard to stop, you CAN over eat vegetables (dudes, I've done it). 


I'm pretty worried cuz i'm actually feeling fatter every day.  Seems like every other day i'm tossing another pair of pants cuz they're cutting off the circulation, and i'm talking draw string here people!!  I literally had to toss a bra today because I literally could barely breath by the end of the day.  This is nuts!!

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Welp, here's what I had yesterday (for example), it's fairly typical, but usually I don't have quite as much fruit(almost payday....aight)

 0700 Bkfst-2 eggs, cup of berries, 1/4 cup pumpkin/sunflower seeds, banana

 0900snack-1/4 cup mixed nuts, apple

1125 lunch-sh**load of spinach, salsa, chicken, bacon, egg

1-2pm crossfit

230ish lara bar

430 cauliflour 'rice', steamed veg, chicken, honey/tamari glaze

530 pumpkin 'pie'(not really pie, no crust, more like custard), almondbutter

630 jerkey

730 handful of nuts


Its kinda embarrassing how much I actually eat.   NB...I'm recent grain free...about 2 weeks, i'm working on dairy this week.  I have almond milk in coffee, but ima offing the yogurt and cheese(sniff).

I have been feeling like crap!  I felt like superman...eerr woman...when I first started, now i'm just hungry and depressed.  I mean, I feel satisfied immediately after, even during the meal, but guaranteed i'm forging for food 2 hours later,,,or in the case of yesterday, 1 hour.....ugg.

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Pre and post cross fit have some sweet potato or startchy carbs from veggies or fruit.


If you are doing a tone of exercise like crossfit then you might need to add in some carbs.


Also you can still just push through this period as your body gets used to burning fat, which is a good idea if you want to lose weight.


Oh and what do you drink and how much off it?


I drink 2.5-3l of water min per day, keeps me from being hungry, also read I should cut out fake sugar as it makes you crave sugar, but I seem to be doing ok right now.

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I drink about 4L of h2o a day, plus morning coffee, tea, etc.  I've almost cut out fake sugar,,,have some in crystal light iced tea(can't live without ice tea).  But, i'm not drinking the whole jug anymore...however, I don't think I was anymore hungry with drinking it...in fact, perhaps less because it held the sweet tooth somewhat.


So just for kicks, I tracked my intake yesterday, and almost wanted to cry....I consumed 2300 cals of 'good' paleo food just yesterday!!  *$&(#)  no wonder I can't fit even sweat pants!!  And that was 3 meals and 2 snacks!!  I was really hoping that I could STOP tracking(kinda get obsessed and it didn't work anyways). I tracked for months and months and still gained 20lbs and 6 inches.  Uggg.  I really don't know what to do?  Tracking/eating less than 1750 didn't work,,,paleo and pigging out didn't work(duh).  Last time I 'tried' to lose weight I was this weight!!  And it came off fairly easy with diet and exercise.  I really don't know what to do now.

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Also see what works best for you, log how you feel each day. Try and fast in the morning.


Have a day low in carbs, moderate protein and high fat, do that for a week and write how you feel, then try doing moderate carb, moderate protein and fat, see how your body reacts. Then try high carb low fat mod protein and see how your body reacts to it.


Work out which one you eat the least on as well.


Sometimes dieting is a bit of will power to just put up with hunger and eat less, try cutting 100 calories per week.

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Class: Warrior

Level: 3

STR: 12 DEX: 3 STA: 4 CON: 4 WIS: 3 CHA: 4


Check out my first challenge! http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/38158-lawrences-super-adventure/

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