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I'm back, sort of.

I miss the challenge.

I've been watching via WildRoss...but, I have not been able to do much of anything, because of more surgeries, moving, and blah blah blah(cue Charlie Brown's teacher voice here)

It's time.

The time is NOW.

I have lost 25 pounds since Jan 1, and I only have about 100 to go.

I have lost much muscle strength, but that can be regained!

The time that I have wasted eating wrong and not exercising, to the degree that I could have at whatever time and place I was at, cannot be regained.

But I can say right now, right here, NO MORE!


I will not be 100% paleo to the detriment of friends and family...and our times together, but I will be 100% paleo to the best of my ability, and I will make mindful choices for leaving this protocol that has brought so much health.


I have been given some limitations for my exercise...main caution? listen to your body....if it hurts, stop.  recoup.  start again.


I made some friends here a long time ago, and I dropped off the face of the earth.  

Well, not really, I had more surgery.

I was embarrassed that I couldn't do any challenges.

And, I felt like a loser.


That stops NOW!


I don't know where I can get to, I don't know what long term goals to set, but I do know that I have to do MORE today than yesterday...and that has been my goal.

If I have to take a day of rest so that I can go further tomorrow than yesterday - THAT IS TAKING CARE OF ME TO GET STRONGER!


A day of rest, or a week of rest after long stressful events, is going to be important...and, I was afraid to put that on here.


I am here again, in order to be inspired by my husband, and our daughter...and anyone else that chooses to be part of the rebuilding of Lady WildRoss.


I'm glad to be back...


In His hands and Under His wings, Phil 4:13; Is 40:31; Jer 29:11
 Adventurer by choice

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Back again, without the saddle...or maybe with a new saddle, as in, the weight is back, but the mindset is not.

Meaning that this year, i have spent a lot of time (cue music) getting to know me, getting to know all about me, getting to like me, getting to know I like me.

I have also spent this year learning about food.

The good, the bad (yes, Virginia, there really are bad foods), and what may have been previously considered ugly... like asparagus. Next ugly is brutal sprouts or turnips. Maybe not turnips.

I have become understanding of some chronic issues, illnesses, and rather than Fight them, I have been learning how to manage them, and I hope to be able to learn to work within whatever confines in order to break down walls.

So, friends, new and old, I'm back!

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In His hands and Under His wings, Phil 4:13; Is 40:31; Jer 29:11
 Adventurer by choice

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