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workout alternatives for bad hip?

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Hi all!


I have a bad left hip - I tore the labrum training for a half marathon and had surgery four years ago. Recently I found out I tore it again and will be having surgery to both repair the labrum and reshape the hip joint in about a month. For the past four years, my hip has really been a prohibiting factor in my ability to train. I can't run anymore, and I find it difficult to follow many workout plans because they like to incorporate things like jumping jacks or jump rope, etc, which causes me pain for days afterwards.


I was wondering if anyone has suggestions to replace the impact parts of workouts - particularly a solid alternative for jumping jacks. When I'm home or have access to my gym, I bike, but I am on the road for about half of every month. I like the 20-Minute Hotel Workout, but I'd love to find something I can do other than jumping jacks or pretend jump roping to get my heartbeat up on the alternate days.


Any suggestions?

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Silly concept I know, but what about doing some plyo on your hotel room bed? Some box jumps, er bed jumps, jumping jacks on the bed, burpees, etc... It seems that if impact is your enemy, doing some plyo on someone else's bed is your answer.

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Just focus on upper body work for now, and do what you can with the good leg/hip, there is cross body benefit from unilateral movements. It'll help the healing on the other side. If you just need exercise ideas, I like the You Are You're Own Gym app from Mark Lauren, tons of embedded exercise videos, otherwise you tube is your friend. There's a lot you can do, just don't aggravate you injury.

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