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Spartan Challenge Fenway Park Boston 11/16/13

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Ooooo. I should have cooked bacon. Settled on some water, eggs, and oatmeal. Hopefully enough energy is in the latter two that I'll do well. Anyway, see everyone at the race! (Waiting for my taxi to pick me up - way too lazy for the T or to drive myself today...)

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You guys are fucking awesome. Trying to motivate myself to get into the shower so I can come back into the city to get drinks with y'all. 


Awesome job, everyone! It was freaking epic!

Glad I got to meet you all, too. You all definitely do not suck. :)


You all rock.


This!  I had a blast with everyone.  It was really great meeting, running with, drinking, and hanging with all of you!  I'm looking forward to the next time!!

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Rank | Team            |Members| Time


110   Nerd Fitness 11            53:17





Nice.  I forgot that there was team ranking potential.  I might have to keep that in mind next year.


DrDidg, I didn't get a chance to tell you.  It was really nice to meet you.  I was disappointed we didn't get to see you out after.  Next time!



speaking of stats... ska do you know how to read the personal stats? i have no idea how well i did. (or how terrible)




Search for your name.  And, then click on your name to expand the stats window.  It should then look something like this:




First three columns by your name for your placement - Overall, Gender, and Age Group.  If you look into the Race Stats section, those first three numbers match the top numbers in the Overall, Gender, and Age Group Categories, but also show you how many were in each of those categories.  


So, in my case, out of the 8040 people that ran through Fenway in the Open Division, I finished 2067.  Out of the 4684 men, I finished 1672nd.  And, out of the 725 old farts in my age group, I finished 267.


So, not in the Top 1% of any of those categories.  That percentage display has never worked.  I have no idea why.

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They caught Other Scott trying to flash us... and covered up my short shorts :D


He's always trying to flash people!  Can't take him anywhere.  He realized he should have his sweatshirt off and show off his NF shirt... but, too late.


And, don't worry - the short shorts will probably be seen again.

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But almost every picture of me from their website has me in a lull of activity.  I look far too peaceful to be in a Spartan sprint.


As opposed to your crazy NF-run pictures, which were both epic and hysterical.

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