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Is this enough?

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Could i eat a mixture of brown , basmati and wild rice along with carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and carrots as a healthy diet? Along with Bananas for my fruit :] I'm rather picky with what I eat, so I find it hard to get started with a diet :I I'm not sure I'm getting everything I need. Open to suggestions but be warned I dislike a lot of food. All help is appreciated.



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tofu is really nasty if you make it wrong so give it a few tries before writing it off.

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Thanks! I'm going to try vegan, I would eat nuts but I currently have braces do you have any other suggestions? not sure how I would like tofu but I will do some googling :)


What about beans and legumes?


Look up "black bean burgers" and you'll find lots of recipes.  And split peas can make amazing indian dals and middle eastern soups.


I'd also recommend checking out tempeh.  I used to find that it's a lot easier to cook with than tofu, but that might just be my personal preference.


If you're going to eat vegan, though, you need to pay a lot of attention to adding fats and protein to your meals.  Every single meal should have some tofu/seitan/beans/legumes/tempeh/etc and some fat (like olive oil, avocado, etc.).

You gotta experiment to find out what works for you.
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I find that tofu is better if you press most of the water out; I found a nice vegan recipe where you pan fry tofu, add tomatos and mexican seasoning, and make an avocado sauce with avocado and soy milk. I usually go with a more Asian inspired seasonings (soy sauce and ginger and garlic and sesame oil) instead of adding tomatoes and chili powder, but either is excellent.


I also really like chickpeas (hummus! Bonus: it tastes best when you add really good olive oil, so it's a good way to get fat in your diet too) and soup from lentils.


If you're okay with gluten, I recommend seitan -- I have a vegan friend who makes their own which is cheaper than the pre-made stuff and you can control the flavors.


Could I add a spoon of peanut butter? i Really enjoy eating a spoon of peanut butter ;3 I'm currently working on a revised food list :] thanks for the suggestions


Unless you're allergic or trying to be paleo (which makes it really hard to be vegan since paleo doesn't allow beans and legumes which is pretty much the only way to get a reasonable amount of protein) there is no reason not to eat peanut butter if you like it.

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