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The art scene is one of those places where everyone is a friggen hipster in skinny jeans. Not that I have designs on entering hipsterdom, but I would rather not stand out as the fat girl in the gallery. There is definate snobbery about a person's look going on. I think it would help my confidence talking to gallery owners if i lost 60 pounds,30 of which piled on as I got my degree.

When I'm not painting I have my own business of painting on found tea cups. I also play phantasy star online 2 (jp server because Sega hates North America. Ship 10 and ship 2.) and Ragnarok 2. Steam name is WonderlandAlli. To be honest I spend way more time painting than gaming. I also teach art after school programs and want to teach high school at full time.

Thanks to an intolerance, gluten free almost two years and planning to go full paleo.

Texas Mom of Boys, Druid Chick

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Acryllica is what I thought up when I read the make your own super hero article. (I use a lot of acrylic paint thoughi also am experimening with encaustic blend with oil.)

Acryllica makes time to work out and eat right all while saving the world from uppity art snobs. She seeks to spread art appreciation and education to enable others to seek their creative voice because no kid should feel like they are "bad" at something that is natural and oh so varied.

Texas Mom of Boys, Druid Chick

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Welcome, Acryllica!


Aside from the weight loss, what are your goals? Have you thought up a game plan to get started moving forward with leveling up yourself and your life?


If not, the NF Rebel community is great at helping you make attainable goals and encouraging you along your journey. You should consider joining the latest 6-week challenge (it's about half over, but that doesn't matter!). That will help you find a community and support right off the bat to get you started strong!

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I agree with ST try a challenge out so others find out who you are and then you'll have help if you get stuck on the next challenge!


I'm an artist to you can check out my sketches in my gallery. BTW hate snobs, think they should know a person before judging them based on their physical appearance. But if it helps with confidence, whatch gonna do?


What kind of workouts are you going to attempt?

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This weekend my short term goal is to make an example lesson plan for a JOB INTERVIEW at an advanced placement high school!!! They called me today! It's one I met at a job fair and really loved and so I've been giddy all day. :) I plan to give an example lesson on line and form using contemporary artists like James Jean (line) and others I haven't settled yet. I also have to go to Macy's and find something to wear to said interview. So by Sunday night I want to feel totally prepared to ace this interview. :D

For exercise I haven't decided. I'm not happy with the hours at my current gym (one of those $10 a month places)so I'm probably going to cancel that one and maybe join 24 Hour Fitness because it has better classes available so I can try to do some yoga classes or maybe Zumba. I'm not the most coordinated dancer so I might also just just cancel the cheap gym and pick up some new yoga DVDs and do those.I used to do yoga and I really liked it. I just haven't done it in so long. also I get on the treadmill and I run so I'm trying I've been working on C25k for quite a while now and had kind of slow progress but I hope to do better.

Texas Mom of Boys, Druid Chick

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Hi Acryllica, I'm a newbie, too. Nice to meet you. I wanted to reply because I'm on the board of my local arts center and we're currently in the process of trying to attract all those hipsters in your skinny jeans, so I know exactly where you're coming from. We have an "edgy" show coming up, soon, which I'm hoping will be like hipster-bait. We shall see.


I'm not that qualified to speak on your exercise goals, but GOOD LUCK on your job interview!

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Slow progress is the best progress!


Good luck on your interview!!

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Jennlandia, you need a few of these: 





It's a millennial thing I will never be really disentangled from until it passes. I'm nearly 30, so I am technically millennial but I get along so much better with Gen X'ers... All my cousins are much older than me. It's like being between pants sizes lol. I definitely prefer to call myself Nintendo Generation (from NES onward BEFORE IT WAS COOL! lol).


So I'm looking over this class system for IRL Role Play so I can lvl up my life.


I like yoga, but not in the Druid kinda way... I like it for flexibility. I like running. I like biking. I like strength training. Going with Ranger I think. I am not a touchy-feely vegan Druid, I am a paleo gluten-allergic TRY ALL THE THINGS mud obstacle runner who would LIKE To be capable of doing Crossfit or BodyRock but usually does it not so well.

Texas Mom of Boys, Druid Chick

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You don't have to be great to start, you just have to start to be great. Love this quote, kept me going when I screwed up the BodyRock workouts :P


LOL all I would have to do is set off the bear trap, and grab the goodies!

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Welcome! Setup some good solid goals and follow through! You've got tons of support here! 


Also that picture...wow. lol When i used to smoke a coworker had me try american spirits and that was the worst thing ever. Not that smoking is a good thing but some of it is just worse than others. 

"It's always the ones that don't do anything that try to bring you down" - Henry Rollins

"There is no meantime, there is only now" - The Ditty Bops

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