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Hey every one,


I am an old athelete (36), well maybe not that old but my Ortho Doc says I have the body of a 50 year old :). I am 6'6" and currently 210 and I was once an avid Basketball player and since my two torn ACLs i have hung up the high tops. At one point i ballooned to 245lbs and I was unhappy.  I did P90X a few times and had good results: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T84nVLHe9RA.


I then got back into Mudrunning and Softball and playing with my kids.  I picked up Crossfit and really enjoyed lifting again. I also did Paleo farely strict for a year and it worked well.  Then I ended up getting divorced much to my surprise (a year ago).  I divorced my paleo chef and my attitude toward working out was challenged by malaise and time crunch from being a single dad.  I finally decided to drop out of the gym and do it myself in my garage.


I still play softball 2-3 days a week. I bought 400lbs bumber plate set, an oly bar, some rubber mats from Tractor Supply, kettlebells, wallballs, built my own plyo box, and put some rings in my garage ceiling to do toes to rings and pullups.  Next on the list is a slam ball, homemade GHD, homemade squat racks, and possibly battle ropes.


I decided to try again with Paleo and the garage gym has been very nice for my new single dad schedule.


I hope this site can give me some ideas, support and challenges.


Lee - Griz

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Welcome to NF!


Sorry to hear about the divorce :( But I remember seeing your transformation video when I was starting the P90X! However, I didn't stick to it so not much of a change for me.


That's cool your making your own gym, I workout in my garage to! I also use the mare motel on my ranch to practice pullups and attempting toes to bars. If you don't mind me asking, how do you make a GHD? I've been wanting to add that to my workout equipment but I have a very low budget.


Will be looking forward to seeing you in the next challenge!

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