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*Insert awkward "Hello I'm new here" tag...here*

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Hello Nerds :pride:


I am new to the forums. Been tracking my calories with MyFitnessPal and starting some workouts. I've lost 21 pounds so far, have a very long way to go, and I have been trying to educate myself as best as possible on weight loss and strength training. My ultimate goal is to be able to finish Savage Race next summer.


I'm gonna be 25 July 8th. Have a 14 month old daughter. Work a standard desk job, helping Veterans, on the campus of a pretty well known university. I'm one of those crazy Jesus Freaks, maybe not too popular but who cares. I'm me :mushroom:




Just wanted to say hello! Looking for friends with lots to lose or that have lost lots!



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Jesus Freak here! And proud of it! There are a lot of us Nerds who are Christians, my friend BlamedCat is one!


I have to lose 67-70 lb. to qualify for the Marines, do I qualify as friend material?

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Welcome to the rebellion...

Also a Jesus freak... I'm loud and proud! Learning to steward this one body I was given and learning that exercise can be one of the best forms of worship!

please forgive typos and such... autocorrect is not my friend and my phone is a goofball.... gotta love tapatalk!

Level 10.4 Wood-Elf, Ranger - specializing in demon fighting

"doing the impossible since 2012 :D" - Librarian of Doom

facebook battle log level 50 WOOT   Backstory CNF2014  current (not challenge - doing a battle log this time)



* This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice in it and be glad. God, The Bible. * Do or do not, there is no try. - Yoda
* There are three options in this life; be good, get good, or give up. -- House * Never take counsel of your fears. Stonewall Jackson. 

* level 50 isn't gonna just POOF happen - alienjenn, NF IRC chatroom


* I'm not about to give up - Because I heard you say - There's gonna be brighter days… I won't stop, I'll keep my head up - No, I'm not here to stay ...  - 

 I just might bend but I won't break - As long as I can see your face - When life won't play along - And right keeps going wrong - And I can't seem to find my way - I know where I am found - So I won't let it drag me down - Oh, I'll keep dancing anyway - Mercy Me - Move



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So happy to see I'm not the only freak here! Woot woot!! I too, am trying to get this temple into the shape God intended it to be in. I have been a terrible steward up until this point, but I am making changes for a life time! Stoked to find other Christians :redface:

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