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A pass or not a pass, and what to do about it another time

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Guys never take a hint, literally had to take a giant step back for a dude to finally get the picture that he was standing too close.


Couldn't tell if he was really interested in me or just wanted to skin my face off and wear it as a mask.

This made me LOL.


TOTALLY the less creepy of the two.

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just yesterday i pushed off an unwated hug from an aquaintance on a friemd's birthday. he was slightly shocked so i told him it's not HIS birtday. :P

there's plenty of touchy-touchy people out there, amd that's just fine as long as they recognise eachother. i'd suggest an armband or something but they fell out of fashion since ww2...

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i agree with everyone here, it sounds like a pass and it's not ok. i had a job where the owner's younger brother would come in, get drunk off of the free beer his brother would give him, and sexually harass me all day long. [the instance that jumps to mind is when he said that i didn't need to wear high heels since my ass was already perky enough. and that's just one line from his "Greatest Hits" collection - there are countless more where that came from. asshole.] it didn't even occur to me until after i had quit working there that despite what it felt like at the time, i DO have a right to be comfortable where i work. the job i had after that was also full of unwanted attention from my male coworkers, but none of it was as bad as before. unfortunately, my female coworkers had horrible experiences there that were similar to the ones i had had before.
i know what you described is nothing as extreme as what i'm talking about, but it all has the same root, and it all needs to be stopped. sometimes it seems like being an object of sexual attention is a prerequisit for women in the workplace. and perhaps it's because of the unvindicated anger i cultivated at the aforementioned job that i am so passionate about this topic, but you [and every other woman in the world] should not put up with behavior that makes you uncomfortable. social consequences be damned. people have a short memory, they won't remember whatever gossip they heard about you a week after it first got to them. and even if they do, it's a small price to pay for feeling safe at your job.
fight the good fight! and good luck! i hope it all turns/turned out well for you.  : ]

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I have always been good at the no touchy thing... well, since High school anyway... the guys I hung out with thought it was funny to come up and tickle me when I was reaching into my locker, until I elbowed one in the gut and said "Don't fucking touch me again."


Totally worth the detention I got... and I learned to assert myself better. 

"I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy." ~~Marie Curie


"All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: Freedom, Justice, Honour, Duty, Mercy, Hope. " ~~ Winston Churchill 

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Please please please document! It's going to suck talking to a supervisor or HR person about it, but they need to know what happened BEFORE the rumor mill starts around the office. If the worst case goes down where he starts spreading rumors that you're a prude or worse that you made a pass at HIM, and then you speak up and say, "but he touched me!" then its hard to tell who to believe. If you already have documentation that something weird went down, and then he starts spreading rumors, well then he's just exposed for the ass he is.


Also, first - congrats on the weight loss!!! And second, please please don't let that deter you from your goals. One of the things I hear a lot when people lose weight is that they start getting noticed by the opposite sex more. Some of that is good and some of that is bad. When I was a kid (like 13), I was already 5'7 and fairly mature looking. This lead to a lot of unwanted attention from men that I didn't know what to do with because my body looked like a woman but I felt like a child. So if you have lost a lot of weight, your mind may still think "but I'm the pudgy girl no one looks twice at" but your body might have something different to say. Don't let this negative experience make you think something like, "but if I was pudgy this wouldn't happen" or "what did I do wrong to attract this creeper?" You didn't do anything wrong! You are awesome. Haters gonna hate and creepers gonna creep. Don't let them stand in your way.

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