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How to deal with Underminers

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We've worked out a few things where I'll ask her not to buy certain foods or buy less of them. I want goldfish, I'm trying not to eat them, I've just got to suck it up because asking her to obstain would be dangerous for my health.
haha i know exactly what you nare talking about


You wanna go karate kick pumpkins in the garage?.....Yup!

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First of all, understand why people have reservations. I like paleo a lot because it is a nice, simple-to-follow template for healthy eating. On the other hand,

  • if followed strictly it is also a very rigid diet and a lot of its rules are a bit arbitrary,
  • some of its tenets are based on dubious science ('antinutrients', etc.),
  • the name 'paleo'/'primal' is a bit misleading, when it comes to the actual nutritional reasons for following it.

It is thus pretty easy for someone new to paleo to look at it and dismiss the whole thing as a bit wacky and faddish.


Perhaps explain paleo to people in terms of why you, personally, follow it. e.g.


"A bit of X won't hurt you, it's even good for you" -> Sure. But X is also really full of fat / full of sugar / high calorie. It is easier for me to just not eat X, than have to worry about how much I am eating.


"If you don't eat X food, you won't get enough Y nutrient" -> Actually, I eat A, B and C to get that nutrient instead.


In particular, if you can get them to understand why you are cutting out certain foods (not because you think they are the devil, just because it helps you easily manage your lifestyle) people will be less hostile. Comparing food they like to heroin is only going to make you look even crazier and more intolerant. IMO it is important to emphasise that you don't think paleo is the only way to eat healthy. It is just the way to eat healthy that works for you.


At the end of the day, if you explain your reasons and answer their concerns about various aspects, and they are still contemptuous about it - ignore them. Although if you are really strict about paleo then be aware, even very reasonable people will dislike cooking for you or going out with you for dinner.

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The best way I have found is by saying " Listen, I've done it the old way for some damn long and look where it has got me. I want to try something different. Life is one big experiment." 


Then I usually follow it up by throwing bacon in their face. But that's just me :)



Haters gon' hate. Just be careful not to be a paleo prosthelytizer. It's easy to be when you're informed, excited and seeing results. Keep kindness and positivity at the root of your conversations with underminers.


At work I usually tell people that "I just feel SO much better when I leave out grains and dairy!" One day someone retorted "Well, one donut won't ruin that.." Keep your responses about YOU, not THEM. Like, "Yes, actually. Yes it will for me. I get a sugar crash. And belly bloat. And a trigger for more sugar. So I'd rather not, but thank you!"

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Cooking with different eaters in mind is actually quite easy.

1) same as when I cook with spices, I make the dish neutral in the 'heat' context and for those who want more there will be a side of chilly sauce/jerk/pepper sauce to add to their own portion. Same with carbs. I let the 'norms' have their: rice, pasts, potato, fries, on the side or added after my portion has been extracted. simple

2). When I make a big meal that I can't convert I tell them its a "try something new day"

3). When they make a meal I can't convert they tell me its a "cook for yourself day"

4). When there is a day at the Restaurant I do like we all do and order what I want.

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