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besides me, of course.


i have been using it avidly at home since 2008, but i know very few other people who do the same. i figured that, since this is a forum for nerds, there must be at least a Linux user or two lurking here somewhere.


that said, if you use Linux, reply to this post with your distro of choice and why you like it.

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Home user too since... I can't remember when but I remember how. I upgraded my computer with a new graphic card or something similar, and my legit version of Windows xp decided that it was such a big change that I would have to buy another key for a mere 70€ for it. 


I played Frisbee with the useless Windows installation CD, switched immediately to a ubuntu linux and have not looked back since. 

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Everyday machine is a dual boot Hackintosh (primary) / PC (gaming), but my couch surfing laptop runs Debian. I also have a media server running unRAID, which is a stripped down version of Slackware.


Wrote an unfinished install guide many many years ago to get Debian on a Powerbook 1400 that got the "Linux/PPC for NuBus Power Mac" community a jump on getting pretty much everything for the machine supported (http://nubus-pmac.sourceforge.net/nubus-pmac/woody_1400.txt - unfinished to the point of stopping mid-sentence :) ).


I've dabbled in a bit of everything, but always tend to go back to a base Debian install and customize to what I like.

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that's cool, Nuala!


i got tired of Windows and all the BSoD's, freezes, crashes and slow boot times, so i bit the bullet, switched to Linux and haven't looked back.


i started out with Ubuntu and have also fiddled with CrunchBang, Fedora, openSUSE, Arch, Trisquel, Debian and have finally settled on Linux Mint (like Ubuntu but you don't have to add the Medibuntu repo yourself).


in fact, i am starting a business where i migrate people from Windows to Linux.

Hans BraggartSideshow Freak AssassinSTR 8 | DEX 3 | STA 8 | CON 3 | WIS 3.5 | CHA 3You should check out my press kit here - http://goo.gl/1PA5W

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