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Wii Fit Yoga Vs. P90x Yoga - and Improving My Posture and Possibly my Golf Game

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I am an absolute amateur at Yoga - My experience include's roughly 2 years of attempting yoga routines on my Wii Fit balance board, on and off - never on a consistent basis.  Most recently, my experience has been with p90x's Yoga routine, which is a lot more intense.


One thing I like about doing yoga on the Wii,Balance Board, is that is measures my center of balance and can track, to a certain degree of accuracy, the form i am using or shifting my weight properly.


I have noticed however, that when I do certain poses the way the instructor on p90x says to do it, on a Wii Balance Board, it says my balance is off, or I am using the wrong form.


Which is a more accurate, in telling me what the correct form is.


I am eager to learn more yoga, as I believe it will help with my posture (something that is drastically needed), and I have a strong hypothesis that it can make improvements to my golf game. Does anyone else have an experience like that, using yoga to make improvements in other areas such as sports?

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Funny you should ask, JTSstrength had an article about that very thing yesterday.  I've done some yoga videos in the past, I enjoy parts of them, but at times I just look at the screen and tell them they are crazy.  I think taking a yoga class would be a much better way of going about it, but I haven't talked myself into that yet so I'll have to get back to you ha.  

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The balance board just knows where your center of gravity is. You can be letting your hips shift one way and compensating by moving your shoulders the other way in a posture where you're supposed to be stacked, and fool it completely.

"Better" yoga is much more about better alignment than how deep you can fake getting into the posture by getting your pelvis jaunty, shoulders popped out, etc!

imo there is content in the P90X yoga video that one should not really be trying to learn from a video. Some stuff it's just important to have somebody who knows what they're doing watch you and correct errors.

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Agreed with above, get yourself into a yoga class where you have a trained instructor to help you out. I think with a class or two under your belt you could continue with Wii/P90X yoga and get a lot more out of it.


Also, I can't imagine that yoga would do anything but help your golf game.  It develops strength and flexibility, and additionally helps focus the mind, which I think are all useful aspects in any walk of life.

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