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Crossfit WOD Questions

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I don't attend a Box of anything, but I have a teeny interest in crossfit, so I have an app with the WOD and sometimes I do them.

But I have some questions!

1. Today's 130711 crossfit total, back squat shoulder press deadlift.

Is this any weight? Max weight? What? And is this one that is AMRAP?

2. Tuesday 130709 Diane 21-15-9 225lbs deadlift, hand stand pushups.

Post time...

Does everyone do this? What if you can't do the weight listed?

That's all at the moment, been too busy to do them lately but each day I realise I have too many questions, I did want to do today's though, but I don't know what weight to do,

Thanks in advance,

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Here is a link to a detailed explanation of the crossfit total. Yes they're max effort lifts, but they need to be done in one session. Basically, you do your squat first. Warm it up, and then you have 3 attempts to hit the highest weight you can for 1 rep. After you finish the third attempt, strip the weight down and start warming up the shoulder press. After three attempts at the strict press, drop the bar to the ground and start on the deadlift. There's no time limit, but you shouldn't go rest for half an hour or do any other exercise in between lifts, either. This means that what you get may not reflect your best ever numbers on each of the lifts. Of course, super heavy max effort work like that is something that inexperienced lifters need to wade into slowly because that's where a lot of injuries happen. If you're not confident in your ability to handle max weight safely, be cautious and scale down the weight.


For Diane (and for any other workout), yes you can scale the weight and movements. I would recommend picking a deadlift weight that you can do at least 15 unbroken, ideally 21. WITH GOOD FORM. This is a pretty fast, minimal rest workout (you'll be able to tell based on the times and comments other people post). If you can't do handstand push-ups against a wall, you can modify them by putting your knees or toes (depending on ability) on a box or something similar (youtube instructional videos should be available). 

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