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Woots for strangers in the gym

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This is kind of random, but there are a couple people that I've seen in the gym lately that I think deserve some recognition and good energy sent their way. I don't know names but I admire them none the less.

   1. A boy who was probably about eight years old there lifting with his mom. He was working up a sweat and seemed to do things the right way more than most of the grown men around him. Rock on little dude. I high-fived him on my way out. Also to his mom for being the kind of strong role model every kid needs and getting him involved in good habits early.

  2. A guy I've seen a couple times and noticed that he was very strong and had good form on all his lifts, then yesterday I was him get up off a bench and his pants leg rode up and he has a prostetic leg. I had no clue because he isn't letting it limit him at all!


   And of course to anyone similar who doesn't let the icky things in life hold them back or who works to set good examples for the people depending on them.

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