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Hi! Fresh meat on the block here!

My real name is Lee, I am a former Army officer, released from Active Duty because of back and knee injuries sustained in the line of duty.

I joined Nerd Fitness to help keep myself accountable. When you're recovering from an injury, it's easy to use that injury as an excuse. But when you have an accountability culture (like the Army or Nerd Fitness), it really shows you the patheticness of that excuse.

That said, I do have extensive physical fitness training and I'm glad to help any way I can!


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Hey Captain Solo! Welcome to the forums!


If you haven't come across Steve's (Nerd Fitness's creator) article on getting injured, you should totally check it out! I'm not even injured in any way and I found it to be incredibly inspiring.


I'm sure your knowledge and experience will be able to help a lot of people here =)


And I love your screen name. So glad to have you!!

Keliswicked, level 6 half Hobbit/ half Dwarf Druid


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