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****REQUIRED**** End of Challenge -- Report In!!


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FINAL UPDATE (cross-posted from my thread):


1) Pants Off Dance Off
My jeans are dying and need to be replaced, but I'm determined to replace them with a smaller size. 
Points: CON 2 (improved health from diet), CHA 3 (looking better)
SCORE: 2, 3. Easily moved down the jean size. I wish I would have done one last essay on diet, but a few work deadlines sneaked up on me.
RESULT: I definitely feel like I've made a lot of progress over the past six weeks, though my judgement is skewed, so feel free to scroll down to the before-after picture to make your own call on whether or not this is wishful thinking. Additionally, clothing is fitting better and in some cases, flat out too big. I still have a very long way to go, but I'm optimistic.
2) If All Your Friends Jumped Off a Cliff, Would You Jump Too? YES.
I will work my way up to jumping over my front porch steps (3) instead of walking down them, and jumping off the front yard retaining wall (just below chest height) instead of walking down the slope stairs (5).
Points: DEX 4 (agility on landings)
SCORE: 3. I completed the porch steps completely, and all but the last two of the yard steps. For the last two steps (36" and 39" jumps), I had to cheat a little and bend my knees so I could have arms on the wall to help with balance and stuff. So, I've docked myself one point. 
RESULT: I move so much better now. I hop off of things, climb things easier and even just walk more gracefully. I'm faster on stairs and dodging people in crowds. This has been the most drastic of the results for me. I expected to get better at jumping (though my stupid knees still click loudly); I had no idea it would make me so much better at moving in general. I highly recomend jumping challenges for fast, fun improvements in life.
3) Do You Even Lift, Bro?
Bench press 100lbs 
Points: STR 4
SCORE: 4. It was only one rep, and it wasn't the prettiest, but it was a rep.
RESULT: Weight lifting gave me numbers to focus on, and having the set challenge kept me motivated even when I had very little free time. I look forward to continuing my strength gains so that 100lbs will be my usual weight for sets, and then want to lift more. Strength is addictive!
4) Net Gain--Internet Gain, that is.
My professional webpage badly needs not just updating, but a complete makeover.
Pass/Fail scoring: Either it gets done or it doesn't.
Points: WIS 2
Stats Before and After
Gender/Age/Height: F/mid-twenties/5'8"
Chest: 52" to 51" (-1")
Underbust: 39" to 37" (-2")
Waist: 38" to 35" (-3")
Hips: 54" to 52" (-2")
My figure has changed a little (apologies for lack of side before and after--the picture I took was too blurry and out of focus to use)
This challenge has been an amazing experience. My biggest regret was not finding more time to post, both in my thread and in my friends' threads. The community is so loving and supportive, and even though I wasn't posting as much as I'd like, I was definitely reading and cheering on friends. I hope the encouragement I gave was even a fraction as helpful as the encouragement given to me was.
I did have a few struggles throughout the weeks. I ran out of time on too many mini-challenges, as well as challenges for my accountabilibuddies group. For diet, I struggled to stay hydrated and to consume enough calories--a couple of times I caught myself trying to eat too little, but luckily that shows up in weight lifting and I was able to nip it in the bud. Besides that, weight lifting was an exercise in communication with my husband (and yes, we did work out a system for spotting!) and time management. The jumping goal I discussed a bit above, with clicky knees and having to adapt and cheat on the last jumps instead of doing them full. I hope one day I don't need crutches though. The webpage goal was quick and easy, it was just a matter of looking at the calendar and telling myself, "Enough waiting. The challenge is almost over. Do it NOW." Without the challenge, it probably still wouldn't be done.
I still have a very, very, very, very long way to go both for fitness and for body hatred. But this challenge provided desperately needed structure that kept me focused on goals, on moving forwards, on positivity, and on the people here who cared enough to cheer me on. This has been a life changing few weeks.
Next challenge, I vow to do even better! And I hope to continue cheering on familiar friends and make new ones for the next challenge!
Thanks to everyone who helped me, and good luck to everyone still working on self-improvement!

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End of challenge report :

Ranger Base: A. I didn't bike at all, but there was consistent walking and lifting.

Warrior: Lift something heavy three times a week. The toddler if nothing else. STR +2

Scout: bike or walk three times a week. STA +3

Roguish Leanings : I didn't rock climb at all. The Pilates was good for four weeks, so it's a 50% award. Yoga and meditation were an A+.

Assassin: Rock Climbing at least once DEX +0

Monk: Pilates at least once a week DEX +.5, STR +.5

Druid: Yoga or meditation once a week DEX +1, CON +1

Diet and Lifestyle A+ on all except sleep, and that was still a nice showing! I really liked this part and will be keeping it in the next challenge.

Clean up: One housechore five times a week WIS +1

Eat well: Cook a meal at home five times a week CON +1

Rest: Asleep before midnight every night. CON +. 5

Stash: $100/check to savings WIS +2

love & peace,



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For my first challenge I didn't do too bad.  I have been in hospital for more than a week.  The exercise is the only goal that I didn't reach, not even CLOSE, but other that that, I did fine.


1) Exercise at least 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes


I only managed this for ONE week!  That is absolutely terrible.  This is a habit I HAVE to make, so for the next challenge this will be No. 1 again, and I will keep working on it until I get it right. 


F = 5 x 30 min per week (1 week)


2) Meditate / stretch 10 minutes 6 days a week


I had full marks on this one, even in hospital I could keep it up.


A = 6 x 10 min per week (every week)


3) Lose 3kg


I lost 3.5 kg


A = 3 kg


4) Pay R1000 off towards credit card debt


I paid R1200 off.  Whoo hoo!


A = R1000


I am really excited about all this, and I am ready for the next one! 

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2nd challenge http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/33600-faery-faces-round-2-grounding-myself/

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Okey, so challenge is over and it is time to hand in some reports.


1) Level up my Squat (STR 3)


This goal changed a bit over time. Originally I was supposed to add +15kg (30 lbs) to my squat in order to get an A, but turned up being kind of easy so I “updated it†a bit and now it required 20kg to be added in order to get an A.


In the end, I only managed to add 18 kg, to a total of 40 kg (88 lbs)à B (STR + 2.25)


So for this one I moved from “too easy to get an A†to “too difficult to get an Aâ€, which is OK. For some twisted reason I think that B is the better grade one can get in a challenge. I’m sure that getting A’s feels awesome, and it does fall in the SMART goals cathegory.

But everytime I get close to the A grade I can’t help but wonder… “was it too easy? Was I really challenging myself? Should I’ve gone with something harder?†and that’s why I re-graded this goal, to keep it challenging :)


2) Non-stop 5k (DEX 1/ STA 3)


Totally nailed this one, I ran my 5k in 16 minutes, which is pretty awesome. Super awesome for me, since I hate running with every bit of my body and soul.


Run 5k non-stop: A (DEX +1/ STA +3)


I gotta say that here GOOD MUSIC was key to achive the running goal. I could enter a state of mind that was just focused on “run, run, run, breatheâ€, kind of meditative if you ask me.  


3) A proper pull-up (STR 4)


As fellow #ZAP suggested, this goal was not very SMART. Tha grading was focused only towards the end result, and did’nt take into consideration the intermediate steps, like rows or assisted pull-ups. This will stay as a goal in the upcoming challenges, changing thegradings to reflect the training required for pull-ups.


Grade for this one: D (STR 1) 


4) The focused 4 (WIS 4) 


This one was/ still is the most difficult goal for me. Sadly, I’ve found out that its not enough to write 3-4 hours a day, because life and “science†get in the way.

I’m happy with my commitment, but even if I managed to get a C on this one, my supervisor has gotten an F towards the “correct my papers†goal. I guess I’ll have to have him join NF to get motivated.


Anyhow, I finished all the labwork (which this grades don’t account for) so I’m giving myself a B. Any step towards getting my PhD this year count!


Grade for this one: B (WIS +3)



I also managed to complete some mini challenges:


- Joined #ZAP, which has allowed me to meet some nice folks that werevery supportive.

- Increased my protein intake: This one made me aware of how little protein I was eating, and how difficult it is to actually get enough!

- Stretched more, I really needed this one, as I was loosing some flexibility



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So to challenge summary!


My initial goals:


1. Go to the gym three times a week. This is a big one for me to commit to!

2. Be able to run 5k by the end of the challenge (intermediate goal 2.5k by week three)

3. Low GI diet (I have already got a diet plan in preparation so just a matter of following through)


4. Life goal: Follow through on these intentions


Goal 1: Going to the gym. GRADE: C


Well on a couple of weeks I did hit my three times at the gym so I am proud of that. I knew this goal would be really hard to stick to so am impressed I even managed this much! However, I still think I have gained a lot as I have learnt how much running I can manage, and that I do like to do cardio and how to do free weights (my friend taught me! - and it was kind of a mini challenge for me to do free weights at the gym. And I even deadlifted! With the smallest weight bar, and all the guys around me with huge weights but I did it anyway. So proud of this!!) And more importantly I am getting a sense of what I like to do and building a gym routine and I have so much more confidence there. So I like to see this as a failed goal but a TOTAL WIN AT LIFE :)


Goal 2: NAILED IT! Ran 6.6km. Boom! GRADE: A


Goal 3: Low GI diet. GRADE: B


This is more complicated. I stuck to the diet really pretty well for the first four weeks. Then I went home, where we cook together as a family. I originally started the diet to support my Mum, but then the doctor gave her different advice and she changed to a no carb diet, which we agreed together that I wouldn't do as it is more radical and she was worried I would lose too much weight if I did it too. So then there was no point in me in doing one diet and her doing another so I stopped. But I did learn that I can stick to diets without too much difficulty (even if friends wave biscuits at me!!) which is in contrast to when I decide to go out for a few drinks one evening and end up having loads encouraged by friends!! Hmmmm something to think about. I think this says about me that I have great willpower when I really set my mind to something, but if I am tipsy my willpower is terrible haha.


Goal 4: Follow through on these intentions. GRADE: D


Well let's be honest, I did not hit this goal! I put it in as I knew that I would probably fade off in the last few weeks. Ooops. Part of me feels that this is because I did go home and have a big change of routine, so it was really difficult to carry on, and part of me thinks that this is just an excuse. There are elements of truth to both.


(I did not complete any of the mini challenges as I felt my own goals were enough to be getting on with and I didn't want to overload myself!)




This has been a huge learning curve for me. If you look at the stats above, of completeing one out of 4 goals successfully then you might not think this was the biggest success of a six week challenge.


But weirdly I feel like it has been. I have learnt a huge amount. I have excercised more regularly than I ever have in my life before. I have successfully gone to the gym even when I really didn't want to. I have learnt about how to work out at the gym, and I plan to carry on going because I have discovered I do enjoy it, and I have things I want to try there that I am excited about. I have cooked healthy new recipes. I have run further than I ever have before.


I have found people, who think like me, who are perfectionists, who beat themselves up too much if they don't get things right, who want to get things right all the time and who struggle to do so, who put themselves down without realising they are doing it.


But the main thing everyone here has in common is we are trying to do better. And this is the most important thing I have learnt, that trying is the most important thing Trying is more important than success. Because when you try you make progress. Even if you don't realise it, and even if it is not towards your stated goals.


And I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me, or posted things that made me think, or want to be a better person. You guys are great :)


So I feel that this challenge has been a WIN AT LIFE. And that's great :)

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I enjoyed my first challenge and I'm looking forward to the next one!




1) Hold a plank for 3 minutes.  


Result: The longest I managed was 2:05.  Still an improvement and enough for a C.


2) Run a mile in under 10 minutes. 


Result: Completed in week 6.  I thought this would be the hardest goal so I put extra effort into it and pleased to get an A.


3) Pass SQL Server exam.


Result: I haven't taken the exam yet, but I did get my work to agree to pay for it and they provided me with extra practice material.  D here.


Mini-challenges completed: 1


Ding! You earned: 2.5 STR, 1 DEX, 4 STA, 1.75 WIS, .5 CHA

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uh this is long, LOL, and it doesn't really count cos i'm a gleader.  But i want you to see how i did!!  Cos you rock and i do too!!  All your support has, as always, been invaluable.


Challenge 2013.4 Round Up

WOW! What a challenge this has been.  I've struggled for the first time this year and i wondered whether it was because my goals were too lofty or not smart enough, but in the end i settled on the fact that it was because i lacked discipline and i took on too many things at once, struggled to juggle them and failed to find a rhythm until the end of the challenge. I have a much better understanding of what i need though and i can guarantee that you will see a much better challenge from me next one round.  I also realised that i wasn't self-motivating myself enough this challenge and there will be a change from tomorrow onwards too.


Despite completely failing my one goal i still feel i haven't done too badly. Here's how i really did and what i learned about myself and my challenge.




1. A Strong Body leads to a Strong Mind


I honestly don't have a hard time getting up and getting to gym.  I LOVE it with all my heart and the snooze button is no longer my enemy. So this is not about habit forming or anything, but merely maintenance and getting stronger.   Having successfully completed Stage 3 of New Rules of Lifting for Women, I have decided (with guidance from my mentor), to move onto Starting Strength and will officially begin on Monday 3 June (I've been playing around with form and things). I currently workout in a rotation of 2 days on, 1 day off (if i can maintain this for the full 6 weeks then i will move onto 3 on, 1 off) - this works really well for me.


I belong to Fitocracy (same name), and i log all my workouts. I average between 550 - 800 points a workout and i've worked out my points, leaving wiggle room for illness, and the week where i will have limited access to a gym while "baby" sitting my 17 y.o cousin (i still have to do something then).


Goal: Achieve 16'000 points during the course of the challenge

Measurement: 15200 - 16000 = A, 14400 - 15199 = B, 13600 - 14399 = C

Reward: STR +3





For the first time since falling in love with gym, i struggled to motivate myself to get there.  But that only happened in the last two weeks.  For some reason i couldn't talk myself into going. I kept having conversations with my demon that went a little something like "You're not good enough", "yes i am", "oh puh-lease nothing's happening" "yes it is" "really and where exactly do you see the muscle.  Jay definitely can't see it." "um....."!  Sometimes this demon won, but all in all i didn't do too badly. I managed to get to gym a good portion of the time, despite these conversations.  And it has slowly dawned on me again, that i go not because i want to look good but because i feel a sense of achievement when i pick up that barbell and push my way through a workout - that and i'm energised all day long, afterwards.


As far as gym is concerned, i've PR'ed all over the place (sounded better in my head) and i've even achieved one of my goals for the year (40kg OHP).  I can't remember what my starting weights were but i am now currently (not bad huh):

Back Squat: 70kg - 5rm

OHP - 40kg 4rm

Bench Press - 40kg 5rm

Deadlift - 70kg 4rm


Measurement: 15494 out of 16000

Rating: B

Reward: STR +2




2. Do NOT devour all things

I had this goal the last challenge and although I struggled in the beginning, I eventually started working it out.  It still needs a lot of work for habit forming so I have decided to do it again. I map my meals according to Leangains with an eating window of 8 hours (12:30 - 20:30) and do my workouts during my fasts (06:00).  It actually works pretty well for me and I was impressed with how easy I find the fasting/feeding schedule.  I need tons of work on the macros though, so that's where this goal comes in.


Goal: Achieve 12000 calories per week

Measurement: within 5% of target = A, within 10%  = B, within 15% = C

Reward: CON +5




I've got the calorie thing under control, but i will need to work on my protein and carb intake as of next challenge (not that i have the calories down).  The last week though i came in severely under in my calories and i can most certainly say that it has contributed to feelings of ill health and fatigued.  I will work on the rest of it though and i'm sure it will correct itself again.


Measurement: averaged 11587.72 out of 12000 = 4%

Rating: A

Reward: CON +5




3. Block Galactus' most powerful weapon - refined foods

I'm not going to give up ALL refined foods because Lord knows I do not have that kind of willpower - it's going to have to be done in a staged approach. So, this challenge, I'm going cold turkey on refined foods that start with a C expect cereal (cos that's where the nasties lie anyway).  So no crisps, cookies, chocolate, candy, cake or their variations (anything else you can think of?) - I'd say coffee and coke, but I drink neither already.


EDIT: this is no refined snack foods starting with a C - if it's part of a main meal, it's ok.


In the beginning of the year, I successfully avoiding take out for 6 whole weeks, I cut down my take out (MacDonalds in particular) intake from 3 - 4 meals a week to once every now and again. I have noticed though that when le boyf (Jay) feels he needs to make dinner, we land up eating out - this happens quite often (like 2 - 3 times a week) - however, I have managed to work my way around it and generally eat well when i'm out. I have had a chat with him and explained that I love cooking so there really is no need to eat out all the time and he's agreed to keep it to a minimum.


Goal: Cut out all refined food starting with a C (except cereal)

Measurement: 0/week = A, 2/week = B, 3/week = C

Reward: STA +3, WIS +1




This was a write off towards week 5.  I was snacking ridiculously and in week 6, i was snacking on cookies everyday. I have to rethink this goal because it is something i definitely need to tackle.  I need a much much better plan for this and i will give it a think over the next 2 weeks while i prep for the next challenge.  If i'm going to cut out sugary and refined snacks, i need to have a snack backup plan (biltong, nuts and dried fruit).  I am also seeing more and more that it's really just a sugar addiction.  "Hi, i'm Blaidd and i'm an addict" - i think we have a title for the next challenge.


And this goal is definitely carrying over to the next challenge.


Measurement: averaged 5/week

Rating: F

Reward: 0




4. A consistent attack is the best attack

I have a pretty face and everyone is telling me how beautiful my skin and eyes are (plus for someone who recently entered her 30's, I have very little in the way of wrinkles), but in recent months I have noticed how absolutely awful my hair (frizzy instead of curly) and skin (breakouty instead of velvety) have become - I might be a little over critical of myself though. I attribute this entirely to my lack of follow through on my morning routine - which is pretty good.  So this challenge, I need to duplicate my morning "beauty" routine in the evenings everyday.  This includes removing all makeup, cleansing, moisturising (both face and body), brushing teeth, combing hair (and braiding for bed) and taking my vitamins. It's basic, but something I'm often "too tired" to do at night.


Morning Routine - gym, shower, make lunch, brush teeth, wash face, take vitamins, moisturise (face and body), comb hair, make Jay tea

Evening Routine - 30min reading, make dinner (and wash dishes), shower, teeth, hair, moisturise (face and body), prep for work and gym in the morning


Goal: Follow routine in the evenings for a minimum of 5 nights a week

Measurement: 5/week = A, 4/week = B, 3/week = C

Reward: CHA +2




This is a lot harder than i anticipated, but i managed to get it in just by the skin of my teeth.  I realise now that i am not motivated to take care of myself at all when there's someone else to care for or when i'm tired and most definitely when i'm not feeling good about myself.  So i neglect myself.  I will work even harder on this next challenge, but i managed this challenge and deserve the A i am giving myself, because i have created some really good habits.

Here are before and after piccies of my face and hair to prove that there has at least been an improvement (prep yourself the first pic is not a pretty sight). See those curls?  My hair does that naturally without styling or anything - so i'd say my face is clearer and my hair less of a frizzy mess.



Measurement: 5/week

Rating: A

Reward: CHA +2


And finally some measurements (i will post before and after pics a little later/tmrw when i've taken them) - the numbers in brackets are the changes.


Finishing measurements:

Age: 30 - despite trying to reverse time

Height: 168cm

Weight: 127.50kg (-0.5)

Neck: 39cm (-1cm)

Bicep: 35cm (-1cm)

Breast: 131cm (-4cm)

Underbust: 104cm (+1cm)

Waist: 110cm (-1cm)

Hip: 141cm (-9cm - WTAF!!  YAY!!)

Thigh: 73cm (-5cm - WTAF!! YAY!!)


Total cm loss: 20cm!!  I'm blown a-freaking-way!  What the....  I've lost 20cm overall!  With the biggest portion of it being in my legs and hips! No wonder the jeans and sweatpants that i bought at the beginning of the challenge are looking baggy already. I am also having to change out my underwear drawer again - i'm down to maybe 6 pairs of panties that actually still fit without slipping right off (sorry gents, TMI i know). Going to pull out my "too small" box again tonight and see what joins my closest from there now - oh this is exciting!


Why did i actually think nothing's changed?  Now i'm definitely going to have to take those after photos! *I'm all happy dancey now*  Well guys this is also my last challenge in the Adventurer guild, please look out for my thread in the Monks next challenge - i don't wanna be lonely without all 1000 of you always checking up on me.  HOWEVER never fear, i will hunt you all down wherever you are and i will always be your Adventurer Gleader!!


Buttercream Kisses xx

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I am kinda upset I didn't do as well as expected on my first challenge, but that I guess is expected of newbies to the world of working out and such... I had three goals:


Goal 1: was to eat a new veggie every week.

Recieved: F

I was unable to complete this task at all, I think it was too daunting for me to handle


Goal 2: 60 situps

Recieved: F

I didn't think this one through well enough. Having a 4 month old daughter at home makes things a bit harder to do


Goal 3: Walk 5 minutes a day

Recieved: A

With all the walking I do to, from, and during work alone I aced this one... Awarded 2Str/2Dex

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Alright. The challenge is over.


Here is my goal summary


1) Do a light workout every weekday before breakfast - B (+1.5 CON, +1 STA)


I did it almost everyday and I played with the numbers a little bit to see what I was capable of.


2) Do the beginners body weight workout 3 times a week - A- (+2 STR, +1 DEX)


I missed this one twice I think. Also really boosted the number of reps a lot. Turns out I'm capable of more than what I give myself credit for  :)


3) Start driving lessons - A (+2 CHA)


Did it. It's simple as that. I might have started organizing things a bit earlier in the challenge.


4) Get a job! - C (+0.5 WIS, +0.5 CHA)


I applied for a lot of jobs, though not nearly enough. I had a temporary job last week although that was not what I was aiming for. I have a job interview this thursday which I'm looking forward to. I just didn't put enough effort into this one.


All in all, I think I did reasonably well. I'm looking forward to the next challenge already. In the next challenge I'm going to focus on moving to the monk's guild.


Total gained Str: 2|Dex: 1|Sta: 1|Con: 1.5|Wis: 0.5|Cha: 2.5


I only did the first challenge (the sorting hat) and the last challenge (electives).

Joined the zoolanders and applied for these electives:


1) Become good enough to get accepted in the new school of music post grad program (September 2015)

2) Get my own place to live (March 2014)

3) Be able to do a Muay Thai push-up (I have no Idea, but let's say July 2014)



My first challenge thread

Level 2 Goblin Adventurer, Monk at heart:

Str: 3|Dex: 3|Sta: 4|Con: 3.5|Wis: 8|Cha: 6

First Challenge

Second Challenge


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Tallies for the whole challenge are as follows:

Beautiful as Aphrodite: My goal was to feel beautiful and flexible by training my leg mobility every day. I wanted to work my way back to the front splits on both legs. This goal started out very well and I hit it hard, but pulling that thigh muscle after not taking the proper time to warm up during a very sleepy workout in Frankfurt really held me back and it got to be too painful to keep up with. I have noticed markedly increased flexibility in both my toe touch and butterfly so I know it isn't all for nought but I still want that split. This is something that I will continue with once that muscle has stabilized, but for now I'll give myself an F.

Wise as Athena: I wanted to increase my ability to function and grow in my bedroom, which was a recurring horror of Sisyphean proportion. Those unaware of my shame should look at my week two thread. This is perhaps my biggest triumph. As of now I have a completely different room it seems, and I actually love going in there now. I can see myself coming home from a long trip and just being able to relax. When all is said and done I did an initial tidy of the room, sorted through every single one of my possessions including my closet and shelves, gave 2 trunkfuls of clothes and other odds and ends to charity, pulled down all the paintings and doodles I had done in middle and high school, removed a room spanning wallpaper border, primed and painted my room and trim an entirely different color, and rearranged all my furniture. All of the work I did over these six weeks was definitely worth it, and I would give myself an A++.

Stronger than Hercules: I started the rebel strength guide basic training for this challenge, performing it 3 times a week. I actually only missed two workouts all challenge. This one was difficult to schedule with my job and with the massive room overhaul, but the great thing about body weight exercises is they can be performed anywhere. I'm also really blessed that some of my hotels had machines where I could do lat pull downs (60kgs baby!) and a good soft floor. I feel leaps and bounds stronger after doing this and I'm progressing on to level 1 during this interim week. Overall A for this one.

Faster than Hermes: I wanted to start doing sprint intervals to supplement my daily walks. This was pretty easy, only once a week. I didn't see remarkable improvement with that minimal commitment, but neither did I make excuses and find ways to get out of it. Got in every single session, so A+ for me.

This has been one trippy ride, especially the latter half of it. I started this challenge on the road, came back just in time for the LSAT and my best friends wedding, met the love of my life there, immediately had to go on another trip, and only got 1 week to finish everything before the end. Now I'm packing to go to Barcelona this afternoon and it begins again. I'm definitely glad I did this challenge, it's taught me a lot about willpower and motivation. Now, if you'll excuse me I have a Wonder Woman tshirt to order! :-P

"I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul" -WEH

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  1. Three strength/week for at least 5 of the 6 weeks.  [sTR: 2/DEX: 2].  I only missed 1 of 18 workouts, and that because I was sick.  So I'm grading this A.
  2. Track at least 90% of the days in MFP. [CON: 2/STA: 2].  100% on this one.  Nearly every day I was pre-tracking the night before or first thing in the morning.  A+ for this one.
  3. Take care of myself by flossing nightly, taking my vitamins and medication, and drinking at least 40 oz of water/day.   I was 100% on these, including the night I didn't get home till 1:00 AM.  A+ here.
  4. Keep up my creative hobbies at least 4 hours/week.  [CHA: 3].  I not only hit my target every week, I exceeded it every week but 1.  I was very relaxing and rewarding to be doing things again.  A+ on this.
  5. I completed mini-challenge #3 (and as usual forgot to add in the attributes). 

I feel very good about this challenge.  I've had a tough time in July/August since the death of my mother and sister, and feel like I'm finally moving forward again.  Things were also crazy at work, but my challenge goals kept me focused on taking care of myself. 

The hardest part of the workout is lacing up your shoes'"

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Goal #1 Whole30/Paleo Lifestyle - 3CON - FAIL!!  0 points - due to being lazy and trying to be cheap with my food purchases.

I want to make 80/20 my life!  Due to the fact that I put milk and sugar in my coffee and resort to protein shakes (made with water) that leaves me with 1 "no worries" meal per week.


Goal #2 Running - 3 STA - 2points -Missed 1 week due to injury (although I did try I'm not taking my points for that week) and the last week because I was lazy and it was hot out.

I am going to try to do the couch to 5k program.  Starting with week 3.  My crossfit schedule has been changed, leaving me with Thurs evenings free for working on my running.

I am awarding myself .5 points for each week I go out and do the C25K program.  I would like it to be Thurs, but can make it up on the weekend if needed.


Goal #3 Pushups - 4 STR -still needs to be graded - last time I tried I feel my arms/abs had the strength, but my knee hurt.

10 girl crossfit pushups - pass or fail


Goal #4 Savings - 3WIS, 2CHA  -2WIS, 1CHA- so I did 4 things to save me money long term and looked for new/2nd positions 4 or 5 times. therefore not going to take full points on this.

This was supposed to be a sub goal, but due to the fact I just learned I need to replace my roof this summer, this has become a major goal.  I don't know the exact funds needed yet, but the previous quote I received was $1400.  I need to save this much money ASAP.  Thank God that my brother and dad will be doing the labour for free, so I only need materials.

This will be attacked two fold

1.  I will (try to) make a change each week saving me money for the long term.  I say try because I live pretty frugally as it is and not sure if there are 6 major changes I can make to save money long term. (I have some ideas though).

2.  Spend time each week looking for either a new career postition that pays more or a part time position.



Subchallenge -Did very well with this.  I think there may have been 2 weekend days where I didn't drink enough.

1. Drink 1/2 my body weight in water each day.  This is a challenge presented to me by the ladies I work with.  They are doing it, but not tracking in any way.  I exceed this most days, without thinking about it, so I said I would join them.  Basically I will push them!! That is the goal I give myself.

My self-worth, beauty, strength, and overall awesomeness is not defined by numbers.


12STR  13.75CON  5STA  12WIS   14CHA  6DEX        1 fire flower

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Injury/pain claimed a big chunk of time and ability to complete my fitness goals with sterling marks, but I made it to the finish line.


  • Strength Training 3x's / wk: 14 workouts of 18 goal completed.
    • Grade: C (STR 1.5 / DEX 1)
  • Running 1/4 mile: abandoned due to chronic pain and swelling.


  • Give up soda: Drank my last diet soda before signing up and never looked back. Lost a few pounds and inches in the process.
    • Grade: A (CON 3 / CHA 1)
  • Writing 3500 words/wk and editing 35 pp/wk: This turned out to be the hardest part of all. Going from zero to workout-girl left me with next to no energy or drive at the end of the day. Hoping that improves as time goes, but I'm still happy with what I accomplished.
    • Grade: D (WIS .75)


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This was my second challenge.  I strengthened the habits I started during challenge 1, earning another B for both workout goals.  This is the most sustained period of working out in my entire life.


I also stretched to add new sorts of goals focused on taking care of myself better.  I didn't do as well on those, earning a D for sleep and a C for meditation, but I got a start.  I'll continue working on those next challenge.


I also did a lot outside my goals.  Even before challenge 1, I joined a group and started building a network of online friends to offer support to and ask for support from.  I've also connected with some local NF people, and we're planning a hike next weekend.


I also met a goal that I totally missed during challenge 1--the family and I went on several outings (berry picking, drive in theater, camping trip, and plans for a hike next weekend and a family fun obstacle race at the end of this month.)


  Finally, and this is HUGE, I finished a 5k race.  Technically the course was mismarked, so it was actually only 2.95 miles, but I'm still very proud of myself.  My 22 yo daughter raced with me, and it was awesome!


Losing weight and inches was NOT a goal, but I'm very pleased I lost 2.2 lbs, 2.75 " from my waist, and a total of 2.5" from my thighs.  I'm especially pleased with that because I was not focusing on any eating goals yet.


In a nutshell, +3 STR and +3 STA for workout goals where I earned a B grade, +0.75 CON for sleep goal which was a D, +1.5 WIS for meditation goal which was a C.  For challenge 1, I earned +.5 CHA and +.5 WIS; for challenge 3, I earned +1 DEX; and for challenge 6, I earned +1 WIS.


Old stats:

Level 2

STR: 4.5  | DEX: 2 | STA: 5.75 | CON: 2 | WIS: 5 | CHA: 3


New stats:

Level 3

STR: 7.5 | DEX: 3 | STA: 8.75 | CON: 2.75 | WIS: 8 | CHA: 3.5

Level 4 Lycan Adventurer

STR:  11.5 | DEX: 6.5 | STA: 12.75 | CON: 7.0 | WIS: 9.5 | CHA: 5


Intro & Challenge Summary

Challenges:   1  2  3  4  5  6 7

Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of the pieces.

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Checking in! I know I won't win, but that's ok :)

I did my life challenge quickly: My best buy card is paid off! The fitness goals I slacked off on pretty quickly. But I'm happy because I've learned a lot about what I like and don't like. Circuit training at the gym: don't like. I may try it some more, but definitely not as a challenge. Planks and kettlebell both got old kind of fast. I think I'm going to look into some new kettlebell work outs and see if I can get back into it. Planks? meh... maybe down the line. But unexpectedly, I've found that I love hiking :) My husband and I have gone a few times over the past month. It's pretty light for hiking but it's a rough workout for someone in my shape.

I'm only giving myself points for the life challenge, but I still don't feel like I've failed :) I've narrowed down some good picks for the next 6 week challenge, I've decided I want to go with Druid as my class, and over the course of the challenge I've lost 9 pounds!

Level 2 Mermaid Druid - Challenge #2
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Final Review !


1. If it ain't broke, don't fix it - (WIS +2, CON +1): I'll be copying Steve's meditation goal. So, basically, I'll "meditate 5 days a week, for 1 minute, increasing by 1 minute each week".

Result: 25/30 meditation practices. Meditating is great, and I plan to continue with it. My goal is to continue adding one minute per week to my meditation practices, until I meditate at least 20 minutes, 4 times per week

=> A


2. Shuettle deinen Speck  - (STR +3, STA +2): At least 2 of the following workouts per week: Bodyweight workout (I like the Angry Bird's one),  Yoga class or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Result: 9/12 workouts. This goal has been the easiest. My next goal will be to workout (do yoga, sprints, bodyweight workouts or go to the gym) at least 3 times a week (twice a week isn’t enough). I also want to learn some martial arts.

          => B


3. Squat like nobody is watching - (CHA +2, STR +1): I'll get over my fear of ridicule, and go the gym at my university at least 3 times, and once to the Crossfit class.

          Result: I only went twice to the gym. Although scary (especially at first), I would like to go again, because I liked working out with weights.

          => C


4. Conscientiousness - (WIS +3): I'll finish reading 2 books: The Power of Habit, and Getting Things Done. I'll also do a weekly review (as described in Getting things done), and I'll grade myself based on how many of the things that I was supposed to accomplish that week were actually accomplished. 1/3 of my grade will be reading both books, and 2/3 will be the mean of my weekly grades + actually doing the weekly revision each week.

                - I read both books (2/2)

                - 4,5/6. I did 5 out of 6 Weekly reviews, one of which was late. Rereading the book, I realized that my Weekly Reviews were incomplete, so one of my next goals will be to do them correctly.

                - I did 32 out of 71 important things. This one was my absolute worst, no doubt about it. I need to find some incentive to do them, instead of procrastinating… But at least I am writing down what I’m supposed to do, setting goals for myself, and planning ahead.

                => B




  • I like getting points when I complete “quests†(like the points that I’ll get now that the challenge is over), but I also like a system where I can get points every time that I complete a workout (like Fitocracy).
  • Having already completed one 6-weeks challenge that I had made up for myself, I thought that I already knew more or less how it would be. But I didn’t know how the social aspect of the Nerd Fitness’ Challenge could affect the results. Having a community of like-minded people was great, and having accountabilibuddies was a key factor in my progress.
  • I thought that I would lose my energy and my will to commit to something once the challenge was over, but I’m already wondering what my goals for the next challenge will be! Maybe it’ll be to do one normal push-up. Or a pull-up. I would like to keep on going to the gym. I would like to learn at least one martial art. And take some tango classes. And organize my life even more. And meditate for at least 20 minutes in one sitting, 4 days a week. It’s like all of the small wins that I’ve collected during this 6-weeks just make me want more.
  • Basically, I think that it was a very positive challenge. I felt supported by nice people, and accomplished a few things. And what’s more, I’m ready for the next one J


Doppelgänger Druid- Level 2

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This challenge was all about getting back to the basics and making habits of old goals that I dropped with the challenge fever and sticking back to my balanced approach of body, mind, & spirit conditioning.



A 90–100

B 80–89

C 70–79

D 60–69

E / F 0–59


Goal #1: Sugar Demon

Score: (38/39) 97.44% A

Details: I ramped up a little slower on this than I wanted, but having only one slip-up day for eating something with processed sugar isn't bad at all when you look at managing 38 days staying clean.  I rated myself an A on this because last challenge I failed bad on keeping this going, in addition to everything else and this time I've made it a habit.  On top of that, it doesn't need much willpower to maintain  :)

Goal #2: Momentum

Score: Workouts (17/18) Walks(3/3) 94.44% A

Details: I started this with just looking to get back into working out three times a week, which I had slacked on... then I upped the ante to adding a walk in per week for the second half of the challenge.  I met all of this, except for one workout and managed to get back in my groove.  I not only met the requirements, but I also pushed myself to hit personal records on multiple times and I took advantage of local events to get in more walks that scheduled.

Goal #3: Bread Monster

Score: (41/42) (used 3 "passes") 97.62% A

Details: This goal was simple, don't eat bread, pasta, grains (rice was okay, gluten free bread was not).  With my passes I was able to handle life as it cropped up with some situations and even then midigated damage.  Only on the last day of the challenge I had a gluten free personal pizza and paid the price.  My body is so used to organic meat and no bread that this served as a painful lesson to stay away from all of that junk.  I don't need bread anymore.

Goal #4: Praying Together

Score: (32/39) 82.05% B

Details: This was by far, one of the more difficult goals this challenge.  I think it mainly had to do with timing and coordination with my wife, since it involved praying with her.  Regardless, we did well with this and it's a marked improvement in our spiritual lives, which overflows into every aspect of our family and marriage.


What I learned:

  • Sugar is sneaky, it must be watched carefully as it sneaks up in many things.
  • A small ration of complex sugar (Local Honey) helps with working off cravings, doesn't spike levels, and alleviates allergies like a BAWSE
  • Momentum is hard to get going at first, but once you get moving it's easy to keep that going.
  • Working out should be fun and challenging, boring workouts can be the death of you.
  • Injuries happen,  you keep the momentum going where you can and rest where you need.
  • Try new things, like Hangs (your arms won't rip out of your sockets) and Splits (It's good to be limber)
  • Bread/pasta/grains are largely a programmed response, after you beat that, you don't need them.
  • Focus on more veggies instead of grains
  • I have a love for Zucchini now  :)
  • If you neglect your spiritual health, everything else will suffer
  • Improving your spiritual health helps everyone around you, not just yourself and that's a HUGE win.

If you want to see the full post with measurements (pictures coming soon), please visit my thread

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This has been such an amazing experience!

My final grading on my goals:


Pilates 30 minutes 3x a week: B


I missed a workout... on the last week of the challenge! ARGH!



Severely limit sugary beverages: A


Not one soda or Starbucks beverage in six weeks! For this challenge, I allowed myself one glass of homemade iced tea or lemonade a day. By week three, I wasn't even bothering with that!


Do my stretching a minimum of 2x a day: B


So annoying that I missed a couple stretching sessions. I let the busy-ness of a couple of days distract me from doing what I need to do to make me a healthier, stronger me!


Get office clean and organized: A


So happy about this! I got the second curtain hung up on the last day of the challenge--just in the nick of time!

Things I learned/experiences along the way:


- Lost 12 pounds


- Husband and daughter have decided to join me in the next challenge. They won't be joining here on NF, but that's okay! I'm so excited for them, and for us as a family.


A friend here on NF mentioned this post on leveling up in life, which set off a discussion with the husband. My husband said something about needing to see the scale as a sort of "stat check." In video games, you check your stats to see how far till the next level, or whatnot. This took the spark the article had lit and turned it into a completely new mindset! While my level 50 may seem plain to some (simply getting this excess weight off my body), I feel that everything else will fall into place as I continue my journey to my healthiest self. I used to be terrified of following after dreams and ideas, but I don't feel that way anymore, and this excess weight is really the last roadblock keeping me really enjoying life. I'll leave some of the other goals I have in mind for my life to upcoming challenges!


- I learned just how much protein I haven't been eating. During the protein mini-challenge, my eyes were opened. I knew I probably wasn't getting enough protein, but it was worse than I thought! I felt *so* much better when I made sure to hit the mini-challenge's target, AND weight loss was accelerated. More protein for me!


- This challenge inspired me and my entire family to quit procrastinating and get stuff done! We only have one life... I'm just not interested in wasting mine anymore! I've wasted too much time already.



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Hey all!


Disaster struck in the last week and a half of this challenge for me.

I messed up my shoulder after catching myself oddly while falling (Ungracefully) at work.  It's now getting to the point where I can support my weight while doing kneeling push ups. So that's progress!  However my single unassisted Pull up goal was made unattainable. Drat it. But it WILL be carried over to the next challenge.  So take that!


Then this past week I caught some kind of Death Sickness, which sidelined my jogging training.  I had been doing really well so far, and even though I wasn't able to do the 'jogging a 5k' portion of my challenge, I DID do all of the runs I had planned for myself, because I did extra each week leading up to my cold.

So.. a win/lose there.  


On the eye contact, I have been doing MUCH better!  Thanks in part to Nusuth, who gave me the handy tidbit on looking at my own eyes in a mirror!  That has been a remarkable help!  I'm still not anywhere near 100% but way way way better!


Learning 10 new meals has also been accomplished!  Most of them I liked, some of them I may never cook again.  Some I want to try again now that I have a generally idea of what I'm suppose to be doing.  I did 10 recipes exactly, the world got in my way a little but at least I was able to meet my goal here!


So, collective I'm 2 for 4, but I am going to give myself some props for doing all the training for the jogging challenge even if I didn't actually complete the goal.  


So, for those of you counting, here are the stats I'm going to give myself.  


STR = 0   Didn't do the pull up. So no go.


STA = 3  I didn't do the 5k as outlined but I'm giving myself  some points for doing all of the sessions


WIS = 3  I did 10 new recipes!


CHA =3   I am doing WAY better with eye contact!



I'm very excited about how this challenge went!  I had some rough times in there but at least having a goal I was working towards, seemed to help me right myself faster and get headed in the right direction.

I'm absolutely going to be doing the next challenge!!


I wish I could access and comment to the forums a little easier from my phone, I would update more frequently!  Maybe next challenge I'll have a goal to document my progress so that It keeps me in line!   :D  

Congratulations, Everyone!!!


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:nevreness: Wow such fantastic results from everyone!!  :applouse: :applouse:


I started so strong, but about 2 weeks in I hit a ditch in the road of life and skidded out of control for the remainder of the challenge. Eish it was bad. However, I did manage to make some progress:  


Starting measurements       Current measurements

Waist      28 inches              Waist       26,7 inches    (- 1,3 in)

Tummy   31,5 inches           Tummy    30,2 inches     (- 1,3 in)

Hips        36,5 inches            Hips        36,5 inches

Thigh      22,5 inches           Thigh       22,5 inches    


So not a complete disaster. Here are my grading results and points won:


#1  Get 30 mins exercise daily ~ C {STR +1 STA +1 CHA +0,5}

#2  Cut sugar down to 1 treat a week ~ D {CON +0,75}

#3  Drink 4 glasses water daily ~ C {CON +1}

#4  Have an hour fun every day ~ B {CHA +2,25 WIS +1,5}


Thus the overall grade for my debut ~ C


This was not what I'd aimed for, but I could not have anticipated that my life was going to change so drastically halfway through. I've learnt to be more humble in my approach, and my next challenge will be geared towards learning to care for myself. Perhaps I'll join the druids?


Anyhow, well done everyone and a BIG THANK YOU to those that supported me!

Level 2 Imp. Assassin at heart, training with the Adventurers - Challenges: 1 , 2(Current)STR 3 | DEX 1 | STA 6 | CON 4,75 | WIS 4,5 | CHA 3,75



"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough" - Mae West

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Original goals:

Fitness goals:


* NO SODA for 6 weeks: A

I had a little bit of ginger ale when I had the stomach bug, and a couple of flavored seltzer waters, but no syrup-y crap, and I feel great. No more soda for me!!!

* Make it to boot camp 3 days a week at 5:30 AM (thru June, then early run/walks 3-4 days a week afterward): A+

I gave myself an A+ on this because it's more than just a little difficult to get my a&& up that early, but once I got going, I realized it was so good for me that I signed up again! I'm on a continuous plan now, and I will keep going to boot camp indefinitely! I have only missed a few classes in the last six weeks, and two of those were on days I had to attend funerals, so I consider that a victory. It's wonderful to realize that if I can just wake up and get myself dressed and to the park, all I have to do from there is whatever the instructor tells me to do, and before I wake up enough to know what's going on, I have burned over 500 calories. My bursitis is gone (for now), and I feel stronger and tighter.

* Only salads or healthy pasta for lunch - no sandwiches! B+

I did OK on this one. I mostly had salads, but there were days where my only choice was brown lettuce or a croissant turkey sandwich, so guess which one I chose?


Level up my life goal:


* $25 deposit per paycheck into savings with NO savings withdrawals: This challenge was unavoidably difficult thanks to law school and bills, so I kinda switched to following my progress during improv classes that began in June. I have made it to all but one class so far, and have not shied away from any of the games. In fact, I've start volunteering to get up on stage early. So I give myself a B on this.



This is my second challenge, and I stuck with this one the whole way, and it has had lasting effects past the six weeks. It's been a struggle, but when I've had set backs, I just wake up and start over again the next day. That's the hardest part of this whole get-healthy thing. Thanks, Nerd Fitness!



Yarrr! Adventurer Level 2!

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I feel that I have made a lot of progress with these goals during this challenge. My snacking habits have changed for the better: Now I'm more aware of my snacking habits and I can stop snacking if I see it happening for no reason. I tracked my eating for 14 days, which has taught me a lot about the calories that go in my mouth, which also helps me to design the next challenge.

I have exercised 3-4 times every week. I couldn't reach the goal of 4 times every week because of travelling and being ill. Nevertheless, I'm in better shape than I was six weeks ago and I can work out 3-4 times a week without collapsing  :D I also started boxing again, and I'm considering that I might become a Monk here...

I have indeed studied hard. I finished an essay (15 pages of poem analysis), and I'm writing my other one (about 8/15 pages done). I am now much less stressed about my studies and I feel that I can do this. This has been my best part of this challenge, I believe  :)


It hasn't been perfect, but I'm not complaining. A change has started and I'm feeling so much better than before  :) Points:


#1 No snacking between meals!

This is probably the thing that makes me gain weight... From now on, no snacking between meals!


No snacking at all - A

1-7 days snacking - B

7-14 days snackin - C

14-42 days snacking - D


This goal is about controlling my weight gain, so I'm going to give this 4 points to Charisma.


Result: Still some issues with snacking, but doing better. I'm grading this B, which gives me 3 points to Charisma.


#2 Track what I eat for the first two weeks

... and keep tracking, if necessary. I need to see what really goes into my mouth.


14 days of tracking - A

10 days of tracking - B

6 days of tracking - C

Less than 6 days - D


This goal is about coming aware of what I eat, so it's 4 points to Wisdom


Result: Did it! Grade A - 4 points to Wisdom.


#3 Exercise four times a week

I'm starting easy: anxiety still affects my body and makes me tired, so I'm not going to break myself like I did last winter. I have bought a season card for a local gym that organises gymnastic exercises, and I'm going to participate in them.


Excercise 24 times during challenge - A

Excercise 18-23 times during challenge - B

Excercise 12-17 times during challenge - C

Excercise 0-11 times during challenge - D


This goal is about regaining my physical strenght and stamina, so it's 2 points to Strenght and 2 points to Stamina.


Result: Missed a couple of workouts beause of travelling and the flu, so I'm grading this one B1,5 points to Strenght and 1,5 points to Stamina.


#4 Work on my summer studies 3 hours daily, from Monday to Friday

I have an essay to write, another one needs polishing. There are also a few novels I need to read, but they are fictional and I love reading, so they are no problem. At the moment I'm focusing on my essays: I will finish them by working three hours every day (not during weekends, though, I need my rest!). I'm also trying to reduce stress: accepting that not being perfect is OK is essential here.


Study 5 days a week - A

Study 4 days a week - B

Study 3 days a week - C

Study 2 days a week - D


This goal is about doing my job in time and not stressing about it, so it's 3 points to Constitution.


Result: The best goal of this challenge! I'm on time with my studies and I feel more capable of doing them than 6 weeks ago. Grading this one A3 points to Constitution.


I also completed the first three mini challenges, which gives me +0.5 CHA, +0,5 WIS (mini challenge #1), +1 CON (#2) and +1 DEX (#3).


I'm grading this challenge B+. I'm happy with everything this challenge has done to me, and I'm going to participate in the next one as well! :)

-:*~ Journal ~*:-

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Report of my first challenge!


Goal 1 - Hike once a week, bike 90 minutes a week: 6 Hikes (averaging 1/week), 729/540 possible biking minutes. Grade: A+. Reward: 4 STA, 1 CON.

Goal 2 - Get through the BBW circuit 3 times in a row: Made it through 2.75 circuits in a row. Grade: B+. Reward: 2.75 STR, .75 DEX.

Goal 3 - Track food everyday, weight every Monday: 33/42 days (9 days missed). Grade: D. Reward: .5 WIS.

Goal 4 - Save $1600 to pay off tuition: $500 in the bank. Grade F. Reward: Nope.

Mini-challenge 1: FOTB! Reward: .5 WIS, .5 CHA.

Mini-challenge 2: DONE. Reward: 1 CON.

Mini-challenge 3: DONE. Reward: 1 DEX.


Starting stats:

Level 1 Ogre Adventurer

STR: 4 DEX: 1 STA: 2 CON: 4 WIS: 3 CHA: 1


Post-Challenge stats:

Level 2 Ogre Adventurer

STR: 6.75 DEX: 2.75 STA: 6 CON: WIS: 4 CHA: 1.5


Overall, I'm pleased with how this challenge worked out.


Yeah I totally failed the money goal, but that was a combination of miscalculating my income, the timeframe, some unexpected bills, and setting a bit of an unrealistic goal for myself. But, lesson learned.


I destroyed my first fitness goal in a way I didn't think was possible. It WASN'T possible when I first started this challenge. Bike for 2 hours? Hike for 5? Your crazy. But I did just that. A couple times. Bike to work? HA! That's a joke now. Barely breaks a sweat. When I first tried it, it wiped me. Very proud of that.


I also lost 12 pounds during the challenge, which is actually 22 since I first decided to join NF. Not too bad I think.


More important than any of these numbers though, is how doing this has made me feel. All of my tight pants fit now. I can wear a smaller size shirt and not feel AS gross. I had to put a new hole in my belt. I can carry myself better. I'm less fatigued by everyday life. My life IS better and is GETTING better. Because of that, this challenge has been nothing but a success. I'm fed up with accepting the state my life was in, and I'm doing something about it. This challenge, yeah I didn't do spectacularly, but I'm learning. Everybody's first few steps are faltering and tentative, but soon enough they're running right?



Silas Randwulf

Level 2 Ogre Adventurer

STR: 6.75 DEX: 2.75 STA: 6 CON: 6 WIS: 4 CHA: 1.5

First Challenge

"The coward believes he will live forever if he holds back in battle, but in old age he shall have no peace though spears have spared his limbs." - Havamal

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Checking in!  I thought I was not going to do well, because I can feel the bloating, but I am pleasantly surprised with my stats!


Start weight: 186.1         Mid Challenge: 177.6       End of Challenge:  174.4     Total challenge: -11.7

6/3/2013                         6/23/2013                        7/13/2013                                

Neck: 14                          13.5                                 13.5                                        -.5

Bicep ®:  13 3/4               13.5                                 13.5                                       -.25

Breast:  39                       38.5                                 37.5                                       -1.5

Chest:  34 1/2                  34.5                                 33.5                                       -1.0

Waist:  35                        34.5                                 34.25                                     -.75

Hip:  40 1/2                      40.5                                 39.5                                       -1.0

Thigh:  26                        25.5                                 24.75                                     -1.25

Calf:  16 1/2                     16.5                                 16                                          -.5


Another 6.75 inches and 11 pounds bite the dust!  Oh, and I am in my size 10 jeans now!!  :P  Last time I fit in them, I had to be 13 pounds lighter.


As for the challenge stuff, a little less strict this time.


1.  Achieve nutritional balance - MACROS


I track with MyFitnessPal, and did really well for the first four weeks.  Then I got a bit lazy and stopped logging every day.  However, I got into a groove with how much protein were in meals, so I kept my protein up over 110 about 90% of the time.


I give myself a 80% for this one, and I think it has paid off.  I feel better when I hit my protein goal.  My lift weight is increasing, so going to keep this up.

+1.5 WIS, +1.5 CON


2.  Learning new ways to cook-Recipes!


Okay, going for another 70% on this one, too.  Same as #1, started out great in the first 3 weeks, made some cool asian and Korean recipes.  Then I started doing only a couple days a week.  However, My family did appreciate the effort, as they tend to eat only a few things a week also.  We are very boring eaters!

+1.5 DEX, +1.5 CHA


3.  Becoming quicker - FASTER CARDIO


I bombed this one.  Did it for the first couple weeks, then just dropped it, as it is getting into the 90s and I am already doing 5 mile walks, plus my 3 days of lifting, and I won't compromise my lifting!  So, just kept walking.  Maybe in the fall.......

No stat increase-0%


4.  Leaving the Shire - BE SOCIAL!


This is the only one I nailed, and I thought it would be the hardest one!  Some weeks were completed by accident, though.  I have a wonderful friend that came back from Michigan and I am so happy that she is back, we have gotten together a few times, some week's visits would not have happened if she wasn't here.  Tonight we are going to the rodeo!  :D

+3 CHA


All in all, not bad....I am going to level myself up to 3, because I feel that I really solidified my eating and fitness habits this challenge......NOT A SINGLE LIFTING DAY WAS MISSED!!  It is not a question of whether or not I do it, it's just "when".  One week, I missed my lifting on Monday, and instead of skipping and doing it Wed.  I shifted my lifting days to Tues, Thurs, Sat, and did my walking that day instead.  It wasn't even a battle, it was just a given that my lifting would be done.  Also, with eating, when I stand in front of the fridge, I am looking for MY food, not snacks so much.  I allowed myself sweet potatoes the night before lifting a few times, and obviously it didn't kill me, so I am getting a little braver about not being so anal about carbs.


Still no wheat thought...that stuff is the devil's cocaine......

Level 3 Pandaren Adventurer



“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.†–A.A. Milne   (Thanks to magi192 for posting this!)

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I failed at my challenge goals, but gained some serious ground in life. I stood my ground in a few very big ways during this challenge, and I never thought I would be strong enough to do it. So I still win :)

Druid Assassin Halfling

:) Druid  :)

Level 16, Current Quest: Bekah Returns



Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.

- Jim Rohn



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