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****REQUIRED**** End of Challenge -- Report In!!


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Long story short, I feel like I deviated (in an overall appropriate way) too much from my goals for this challenge to fairly grade myself. I have a tendency to be far too hard on myself and I know that if I attempt to give myself a fair grade, I'll just frustrate and depress myself.


However, I do feel like I did learn a lot during the previous challenge. One of the biggest things I found out is that I was trying to do too much too soon with my workout plans and my knees were really letting me know it. I realized that I can stick with C25K 3x/week and BBW 3x/week as long as I substitute the bodyweight squats for medicine ball-wall squats until I build up more muscle around my knees.


I also figured out that I really need to plan my meals at least a day in advance if I want to stick to my calorie, fat, carb, and protein ranges. Carbs always have been and probably always will be a weak point for me, so I'm already thinking about a way to incorporate a goal relating to that into the next challenge.


Setting a distance goal for how far I wanted to run during my C25K training turned out to be a poor choice. I spent too much time focusing on the approximate distance I had run rather than the progress I could feel myself making based on how I felt after each session.

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General goals:

- Look good on my next holiday photos, don't screw the beautiful sceneries just because I looked so out of shape like last year!

- Able to climb those Japan castles and subways while carrying luggage with less difficulty than last year.

- No more crying at the park side because of leg pain.


Goal #1 Exercise 5x/week (STR +2 STA+ 3)

Everything is under control on week 1 - 4, but I didn't do any exercise on week 5 - 6 because of my super fantastic holiday XD I did crazy amount of walking though.



Goal #2 Clothes size down to 8 - 10 UK (DEX +2 CHA +2)

Stuck at size 10 - 12 UK. 

Grade: C


Goal #3 Logging my food and exercise daily (CON +2)

Can only managed to do this before holiday. I'm completely out of track logging my sugary and carbs-y holiday food. 



Goal #4 Complete my Japanese textbooks (WIS +3 CHA+1)

Only finished until chapter 45 (out of 50 chapter).



I totally failed my 2nd challenge goals…


But I successfully completed my general goals, the main reason why I joined NF challenges from the first time XD

- I looked SO much better on my holiday pics.

- I can climb subways, parks and castles stairs while carrying my 7 kg luggage and talking almost effortlessly, without getting out of breath.

- Zero pain on my legs! No more need for knee support.


Last year's holiday pic



New holiday pic :)



I'm so happy that these challenges and all the support has changed me beyond my expectation!


Next I'll make my "better" to be the "best"! XD

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I started so strong, but about 2 weeks in I hit a ditch in the road of life and skidded out of control for the remainder of the challenge. Eish it was bad. However, I did manage to make some progress:  

EISH!! EISH!!!  Another Saffer - you don't understand how my heart explodes with joy every time i see another one of us here on the boards (even when it takes me forever to find you folks)!!  YAY!

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You guys have all done so well (yes, even those who think they haven't!) - WELL DONE!!

Half Faerie (Sidhe) Scout | Black Belt Kitchen Ninja
"A positive attitude will not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort" - Herm Albright
You're welcome to skype me (audriwolf) too but let me know who you are

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I've updated my thread http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/30409-ladywitch-ranger-in-training/page-2

For my first introduction to Paleo and Nerd Fitness, I feel I did really well! I'm really happy with my progress (7lb lost and 1 1/2 inches off my waist and hips!) I've also kicked my diet coke habit (haven't had any since Monday!) and my Nutella habit (2 weeks and counting now). I've had a stressful 6 weeks so I'm hoping that in the next challenge I'll be able to do even better!


Congrats to everyone for sticking with it and completing the challenge! We ROCK!

Check out my character here!

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I started the challenge a bit late (on July 25th), so just for the record:


My goals:

  • run 4 times every week for 25-40 minutes (according to my training plan)
  • almost 100%, just the last week when I run into some personal problems I got sidetracked a bit - grade A-
  • do my gymnastics static and basic strength workout 4 times a week (also according to my training plan)
  • almost 100%, as above - grade A-
  • be able to do all gymnastics pre-reqs - i.e. to hold Hollow, Arch, Plank, Reverse Plank, Parallel Bar Support, Dead Hang positions for 60 secs, 3sets
  • 100% I did it! It was tough though! grade A
  • stay smoke-free
  • a complete failure - I give myself F+ (the plus for trying)

Besides, during this time I have managed to do 5 clean consecutive chin-ups and greatly improved my max static holds (I'm shocked myself!).

Waiting for the next challenge!


Here's my thread: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/31938-ad-chens-first-6-week-challenge/

My 6 week challenge

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EISH!! EISH!!!  Another Saffer - you don't understand how my heart explodes with joy every time i see another one of us here on the boards (even when it takes me forever to find you folks)!!  YAY!


Woop woop hallo, howzit!  :cheerful:

Ja I know what you mean! Anymore S Africans out there...? (: 

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Here’s my final check-in for this challenge. I’m so glad that I made it through and that I was able to find an accountability group that is so wonderful. On to the breakdown.


Goal Results

1. Workout at least 3 times per week (STR: 3/STA: 1/ CHA: 1) - A

This one was a huge success. I worked out 3-4 times a week making sure not to start out doing too much and it kept me going. I started with bodyweight exercises then moved to working with a trainer. I’m now used to going to the gym again and can start incorporating better/more thoughtful eating habits (a goal for the next challenge). I’ve learned in the past that if I try to do too much at once I get overwhelmed and end up quitting. Previous lessons learned really helped here.


2. Cut out soda completely by the end of 6 weeks and increase water intake to 90 oz/day (STA: 1/ CON: 2). - A

This goal was achieved, too. I have only had about 1.5 sodas during this challenge. The last time I tried to drink one it grossed me out, so I only finished about half of it. I think I’m done with them now. I’ve also been drinking tons of water and received good tips from my accountability group about how to jazz it up some. Adding herbs and/or fruit can help add a little flavor so water isn’t so boring. My favorite so far is orange water, but lime and mint are good, too.


3. Go from a 19 minute mile to a 15 minute mile (DEX: 3/ CHA: 1). - A

It was tough, but my mile got down to 14:37 (±10 seconds). I tried to cut down my running time by about 10 seconds each time I ran. Sometimes I did a little more, which really boosted my confidence, and sometimes I couldn’t cut 10 seconds, which made me feel like crap. I’m lucky enough to have a husband who was supportive and encouraging during this challenge. He reminded me that I had still cut time off of my last run, so it was still a good job. That thought really kept me going and reaching for a better time. I will strive to get this number lower. Maybe 10-12 minutes? It won’t be an official goal for the next challenge, but it will stay in my mind.


4. Complete an Intro to Statistics MOOC through Udacity (WIS: 3 only getting 1.5). - C

I am most disappointed in this goal. I didn’t realize how long this would really take and only completed about half of it, so far. It realistically would take around 12 weeks to complete. This has taught me to take a better look at some goals and be realistic with what I can accomplish during a specific time period. I’m still going to finish this course, but just on a longer timeline.



1. Get Sorting +.5 CHA, +.5 WIS – Joined the Consulting Knights in the TARDIS

2. Get Eating +1 CON

3. Get Limber +1 DEX – Added 5 new stretches to my routine (my favorite stretch has become the outer thigh stretch…#9 on the chart).

4. I skipped this mini challenge because I was out of town that week with no access to internet. It seemed like such a fun challenge and I’m super bummed that I couldn’t participate. I loved seeing our dream team, though.

5. Recovery +1 WIS, +.5 STA – Made black bean and jicama/cilantro tacos and knocked down the weights I was using to focus on my form and which muscles I was using for each exercise.

6. Pick Your Electives +1 WIS

CKitT PvP Team Challenge – Didn’t count towards points, but was fun to do and see what others did.

Bonus mini challenge – Picked my long term challenge of losing weight and thought about several ways to achieve the goal.


Attribute Points (before and after)

Level 1 | 2

STR 2 | 5

DEX 1 | 5

STA 2 | 4.5

CON 3 | 6

WIS 4 | 8

CHA 3 | 5.5


This was my first challenge and I enjoyed every minute of it. From setting my own goals to joining a group and meeting wonderful ladies this challenge has been amazing. I am so glad that I’ve found a way to get healthy that is this much fun. I can’t wait until the next challenge!

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So I wasn't very good at checking in during the last 2 weeks, but I did freaking awesome on this challenge! I've gotten used to drinking more water, eating less junk, I've gotten militant about my sugar intake, and as a result I've lost 13 pounds! I'd give myself an A all the way with my fitness goals.


My non-fitness goal, I didn't do so well on, I was really only practicing 3 days a week, instead of the 5 I'd aimed for, soooo that goal I give myself a C.


Goal 1) Drink Moar Watta - A

Goal 2) Stop Eating When You Aren't Hungry - A

Goal 3) Don't Eat the Dang Sugar! - A

Goal 4) Practice, Practice, Practice - C


Total Score(I guess it's my GPA?): 3.5

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Ok, I forgot to do my final scores, so here it is.


Goal 1: Plan my meals and workouts each week - C

I did create my planer and I did a lot better with planning things out, but not as good as I wanted to do. 

No points for this one. 


Goal 2: Eat Clean- B+

I had some rough moments, but overall I did really good and I finished strong. I have been eating completely vegan, with no processed foods, no added sugar, no oils, etc. I feel great!

CHA +2 CON +2 STA +1


Goal 3: Run 3 Miles in 36 minutes (or less)- A

I did it in less than 34!!! 

DEX +2 STA +2


Goal 4: Complete 6 workouts each week- B

Ok, I did not complete six workouts each week every week, I realized that this was really too much for my body. However, I have worked as hard as my body will let me. I am up to 3 strength workouts and 1 HIIT cardio, plus two lesser cardio (walking, swimming). I want to aim to do better, but I am very proud of myself. Plus, I can do push ups now! Not a lot, like 5 at a time, but real push ups! 

STR +2


So looking back, there are areas where I want to improve, and things I could have done better, but overall I did good and i am happy with my progress. I only lost 3 lbs or so, but I lost 13 inches!!! 

I am really looking forward to the next challenge where I plan to become more involved in the community and really level up my life, I have some fun stuff planned! 

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I have to say, when I wrote my final overall post, I was sorely disappointed that I hadn't done better. All of my goals had been SMART, but apparently I hadn't been motivated or something enough to achieve them. I received Fs for all but the fruits/veggies goal, in which I got a B, for an overall grade of F.


That being said, upon reflection, I still feel awesome for participating. Even though I didn't get the results I wanted, I can tell I've lost more fat than muscle and at one point I was told I had a bangin' bod ;) All in all, I'm so stoked for the next challenge. Come on, July 29!

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All right, well, that's Challenge One all wrapped up!


Exercise (at least 15 min a day): I missed 4 days for the whole challenge; that's 90%, so full points! (+1 each STR, DEX, STA, CON)


Diet (mindful eating, 1 meal a day): I only missed one day, so full points! (+1 each STA, CON, WIS)


Grooming (20 min a day): This one I didn't do quite as well. Individual days counted, I got about 75% so (+2 CHA, +.5 WIS)


Housework (20 min a day: dishes, pick up trash, clothes in hamper): I absolutely destroyed my housework goal. (+2 WIS, +2 STA)


I participated in the first mini-challenge. I also did the stretching one. I can't remember exactly what the bonus for it was, but that's ok.


Starting weight 219, Ending weight 218 (this is within the margin of error, I think)

Mile time: Starting: 19:55  Ending: 16:13 (I had never really tried to walk like this before; I'm pleased with the results)

Knee push-ups: Starting: 4 Ending: 7 (perhaps I would have made more gains if I had been consistent) 


I did take my measurements at the beginning, but the numbers are meaningless to me. I'd rather focus on ability than size.


What have I learned? I learned that exercise is fantastic! Walking, recording my times, challenging myself; it all feels good. Sure, pushing my speed feels a little rough; I get sweaty and short of breath, but never like I'm going to die, never any pain. But I just get so stoked knowing that the push is making me faster. I don't feel like I'm flying when I walk, but I do feel the potential for future flight.


Mindful eating is a mixed bag. Sure, you really get to experience some amazing food, but you also fully taste the things you don't like. I ate a little less than I might have if I hadn't been paying attention, but when it was veg, it would have been good to eat more. I think it's worth it, though. Maybe I can learn to appreciate my veg.

Grooming is going to be a more difficult habit to get into. I can categorize the things I need to work on thus: shower frequency, hair and nails, toothbrushing; perhaps a "divide and conquer" strategy is what is needed.


I'm ready to tackle my next housework goal. I always used to wonder how people kept their houses so clean along with everything else they have to do; and the key seems to be notice. Again, set a clear simple goal, in this case, trash/dishes/clothes on the floor, do it for a while, and if you can maintain it, you start seeing the trash/dishes/clothes differently. I actually see trash as I never did before.


Another thing I learned is that if I set an example, my family will follow it.


Thanks, everybody! (Katia (OOTB FTW!) and the Starting Characters group especially!) I also learned that a support group is really, really helpful. I know I wouldn't have made it as far as I did without my cheering section, because I really wanted to tell you guys I succeeded. Thanks again!

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Hey there, Adventurers! The most important thing about this challenge for me was the unexpected awesome stuff that happened!  I didn't make one of my goals. Meeting one of the goals was nice, but not exciting. But work on the other two--a solid half!--triggered positive changes that I never really set out to make.  So a lesson for me is:  take on a challenge and you will be pleasantly surprised.  


1.  Complete a set of 8 push ups with good form.  I got closer, but fell short at 6 with good form.  7 & 8 were just a mess...butt in the air, elbows blorpy...and I was whining.  I'll keep working on it, with an eye toward the end of the next challenge. So I guess that can be a +1 STR.


2.  Bike/walk commute to work 2 days per week, bike/walk to class 2 days per week +4 STA.  Rocked it!  The unexpected awesome was that it seemed to attract all kinds of supportive attention at school.  An instructor saw my helmet and encouraged me.  Fellow students called me a badass. One fellow student asked me to send her links about riding for practical transportation, and was inspired to try bicycle commuting herself. +4 STA!


3.  Eat 6 servings fresh produce every day.  Done! Participating in this challenge would have been worth it with just this goal.  But here is the unexpected awesome: I think super veggie scoofing is now a well ingrained habit. My cooking leveled up, my skin looks better, I feel good.  And the shocker-- my pants are so loose I need a belt.  Weight loss was not a goal for this challenge, but clearly the veggie intake pushed some bad food out of my life.  +5 CON like a mofo!


4. Repair, upcycle or discard 2 garments from my overflowing mending basket per week  So glad I did this! It was like getting new clothes without spending on anything except some spools of thread. +3 CHA!




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Grade D-


I suck.


I quit.  


I only accomplished 1 of my 4 goals.  I read 2 books!


It was my own fault.


Well there is always the next challenge...

Sorry, Steph.  I wouldn't let anyone else talk about you that way, so I'm calling you on that.  You didn't suck -- you just had a rough challenge.  They happen to us all sometimes.  The important thing is to keep trying.  Maybe you could edit in something nice to say about yourself there?  "I struggled, but I still completed one of my 4 goals"?  Find the positive in it!  It's there, I promise.

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First challenge done – check. And what a challenge it has been! I have been amazed at what I learned. As I was studying yesterday, a thought came to mind. It has been a few days now and the temptation to return to my old ways has presented itself a few times – all under the guise of giving myself a break from the gruel and grind of the last six weeks. But as I read I came across a passage that real hit home. When Christ had called his disciples, they, “forsook their nets, and followed him.†Later, when they were left on their own after the crucifixion, Peter, the senior apostle, returned to Galilee to what he knew – to what he felt comfortable doing – fishing. A few others followed him fishing and that is where they were found when they were told once more to cast their nets to the right side. Peter immediately leapt from the boat to head Christ’s call. That got me thinking. I left my nets, sort of speak, abandoned many harmful habits and started to live life more fully. As tempting as it has been to go back to my old ways, this teaching has helped me remember that I am a stronger, healthier, more spiritually attuned and happier person. As easy as it is to fall back to what is comfortable for me, I need to remember that I am a better version of myself than I was just a short six weeks ago.


Paleo: A

I loved it! It was not easy, but I made it. The last week I would probably give myself a low A, but even when I had no control over what I ate, I still made the best choices and brought some boiled eggs, nuts and fruit to supplement the food I did it. I love how much more aware I am of my body and how it reacts to the food I eat. I recommend the Paleo way of eating to everyone that asks how I’ve been losing weight and I often get asked recipes of the pictures of my food I post online.


Exercise: A

I was consistent!! I missed the last two days of my gym time, but even while I was crazy busy leading a summer camp of over 200+ people, I still got a few BW exercises in and LOTS of walking around. I think keeping consistent towards the end was helped by the fact that others at the gym and friends noticed a difference!


Sleep: B

The first few weeks were great – but as my baby steps progressed, it got harder and harder to literally jump into bed before my bed time! The last week was impossible to get into bed by 9:45 pm (only hit my goal twice) as I was either preparing for or at camp. But now, even as I type this at barely 10 pm, my body is asking to sleep. So that, to me, is great progress!!


Scripture studying: A

It’s a wonderful habit. I love the thoughts and inspiration that have come – for me and others. It has even helped me to think of goals for my next challenge! I’m SO grateful for developing this habit once again. My day is not complete without this time of meditation and learning.


Results: A overall

Fat loss %: -3.3 (39.7 to 36.4)

Weight loss in lbs: -14.3 (224.7 to 210.4 – on the fifth week I had gone down to 208.6 but I did go up in weight, but went down decimals points in fat %!)

I lost between .5 to1 inch from each spot I measured – I will only list a few (total lost of those listed -9.5 inches!:


Upper chest (under arms): -.5 (43 to 42.5)

Under bust: -1.25 (39.75 to 38.50)

Waist: -4 (44 to 40)

Hips: -3.75 (52 to 48.25)


Lost a good amount of inches and lbs but gained so much more in this challenge. I can’t wait for the next one!!!

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At the end of my first 6-week challenge, first, I want to express gratitude for the good people of Nerd Fitness Rebellion for their awesome approach, efforts, and content. I am finding it really valuable. 


So, how did I do? Not 100% across the board. But good. Quite good. 


Goal 1: Conditioning --> 18 intense bodyweight workouts on Conditioning plan


Result: Exactly 100%! Woo hoo! Great progress here, following the Convict Conditioning approach, with some smattering of the Nerd Fitness ebooks. A confirmation that having a progressive program to work against, with small levels of progress is motivating and works. 

Points awarded: 2 STR, 2 DEX, 1 CON


Goal 2: Running --> 14 progressively stronger walk/runs following 10K training plan (just started a 10K plan using an iphone app, which starts with walk/run progressions). I need time to get joints etc. stronger so that my back doesn't go.


Result: As I reported, I had trouble getting going on this goal. The good news, is that I have been hitting it, consistently, over the last 3 weeks. Working on a 10K plan and still in the walk/run stages. I did 7 runs during the challenge period for a 50% result. And since the 14th have, run again, which doesn't count here, but good that I am continuing. And I am already feeling stronger and more limber. The last couple runs have been on vacation in high heat / humidity days, so extra pat on the back for the follow-through. 

Points awarded: 1 STA, 1 CON


Goal 3: Site launched, content posted, & 1st revenue opportunity planned --> requires plan in place, decisions made, execution on navigation, content, set-up, etc. [sounds big, but the pieces are there, and I have been stuck in neutral on this for a long time]


Result: The least performance in this goal. I did make major progress in clarifying plan, making some decisions, and some tactical actions. Compared to 6-7 weeks ago, I am moving in a very exciting direction. However, I didn't make the site launch and content posted stated goals. Key learning here is keeping it simple, identifying a clear, simple path. 

Points awarded: There were 3 WIS, 1 CON up for grabs. I will take 1 WIS.


Goal 4: Guitar --> 18 practices … Following structured practice plan with "Sally Garden", "Intro" locked in


Result: I did 16 practices, or 90%. It was a good run. I lost a bit of the structure in the last 2 weeks - kept playing, but jumped around. The structure is needed so I actually practice and learn new skills. 

Points awarded: There were 2 CHA up for grabs. I will take 1 CHA, as I didn't keep focusing on the structure. But it was a very good run. 


All in all, a great 6 weeks. I will give myself a B because of the 100% on conditioning, the 50% on running, the great follow-through on guitar and some real business progress. Looking forward to the next challenge! 

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Figured I would put my original post/goals and then update each of them for my final results.  Also, I need to put up my finished desk and tire incline drop pics up.  Hopefully today.


Goal 1: Standardize and DO Workout-

*UPDATE* It is now standardized so +1 Wisdom.  Now I need to continue doing the workouts:


Standard Workout(3):

shovelglove & incline pushups & reverse crunches & incline crunches & (when knee is better) full body squats


Tire Workout(1):

shovelglove & tire flips (count and try to increase) & tire whooping & tire lifting (custom tire dumbell/barbells)

+3 Strength  +1 Wisdom +1 Stamina

I was pretty consistent in my workouts- although I had to tweak them a few times.  My ultimate goal was to create something I could do multiple times a week.  there were some weeks tire-less and a week involving my mom going to the gym; but if I average it all out- I did 4 workouts a week, using a sledgehammer and bodyweight exerises.  I've made some good progress.  When the challenge started I was able to do a few desk-ups, and now I've dropped the incline so I'm now doing tire-ups.  I'll put a picture up to show the actual progress- it's a huge deal for me.  I'm now up to 35+ incline crunches, 30 reverse crunches, sledgehammer, and some tire tinkering so I can actually gauge my progress.  That's what mattered to me- keep moving and show results for it.  Full points for this.



Goal 2: Building-

Recently getting tires inspired me to create more DIY gym equipment, so I'm having a goal pertaining to that.  This consists of a few projects that I want to get done.  By the end of this, I should have a nice home gym.

-Project 1- Power wash all the tires
-Project 2- spray paint all the tires and 'whooping stick'
-Project 3- get more tires for dumbbell/barbells. (power wash+spray paint new tires too)
-Project 4- get heavy duty PVC pipe and bolts
-Project 5- craft dumbbells/barbells

Since there's 5 parts to this, each 1 will be worth 1 point.  More possible options as well, such as making a medicine ball and sandbag. But that's an ongoing thing to adjust as the challenge continues.

+2 Stamina +3 Constitution

I washed the tires and spray painted them.  I didn't end up getting the smaller ones for free weights.  However, with the changes in my workout routine; I never actually needed them.  That was thinking maybe 2-3 months ahead on my part.  I'll - a constitution point because the dumbells weren't made.  Do still have my nice red tires and sandjugs for free weights.


Goal 3: Eating-

I've been doing pretty good with paleo for the whole 6-week challenge.  I think my issue is going to be persistence.  I would also like to cut down a cheat meal.  I was doing 3 cheat meals instead of a cheat day each week.  I've been lowering the portions on the cheat meals, so I think continuing on this route slow and steady is what I need.  I need to get some more vegetables into my meals as well.

+3 Stamina

Persistence hass always been a problem for me.  I've been really overweight my entire life and if I don't see results fast; I just quit.  I stuck with my plans.  the built in cheat meals made me feel like I wasn't deprived; so I never went 'off the deep end' in terms of junk.  It's enough that I have a little around beause honestly; this is a life-changing mentality.  No one can say to themselves, "I'm never going to eat ice cream or pizza ever again."  That just means in 2 weeks you'll want that because you set up a limitation. 


What I've done is waited and used those cheat meals to have something I THOUGHT I really really wanted.  then when I had the thing, it turns out it sucked, didn't taste as good as I imagined, and made me feel sick aferwards.  It's a pavlovian response.  I've now equated a lot of junk foods into undesirable immediate consequences.  Now that I've stayed away from this garbage, when I try it again I hate it and don't want it again.


I've been keeping tabs on every 'cheat' that I've had since I started paleo.  Here are the results:


Forbidden List: I banish these foods from the realm because I was extremely ill and they did not taste good


-Little Ceasar's Pizza

-Little Ceasar's Deep Deep Dish Pizza

-Uncle Tony's


-New York System

-Fried Fish



-Calvito's Lemon squares

-Sweet Indulgences

-Taco Bell

-Burger King


-Dunkin Donuts

-Young Sing


-Lactaid Icecream

-Ruby Tuesday

-International Cheddar bagel


A+ List:  These do not make me want to throw up and I could eat during a cheat meal as something acceptable.

-Chinese Buffet (broccoli and sesame seed green beans FTW)

-Rita's Gelati

-Scrambler's Omlette ONLY

-S+S/Shaws Hot  bar

-Whole Foods breakfast bar

-International Vanilla Chai



I will be keeping this list and expanding upon it next challenge, as I have yet to try a lot of places I used to like.  For example, I liked Wendy's and Campanella's and Marchetti's but who knows if it will be worth it.


Goal 4: Life Goal-


sanding, priming, painting endtable

sanding, priming, painting desk

break window, plexiglass cut and assemble summer frame, plexiglass cut winter frame

+2 something

Totally rocked this one.  I'm proud that I did these things.  Right now I'm looking at my sleek black desk/entertainment center and enjoying the ac in this 95+ degree heat.  I'll add constitution since I actually stuck with it.



What I learned: That I need to stay consistent.  It's not about the latest fads- it's about doing the slow and steady work.

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Woop woop hallo, howzit! :cheerful:

Ja I know what you mean! Anymore S Africans out there...? (:

A few, but not many. Faery face is also a Saffer.

Sent with awesomeness from my iPad using Tapatalk

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"A positive attitude will not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort" - Herm Albright
You're welcome to skype me (audriwolf) too but let me know who you are

My challenge


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Challenge Update: LEVELED UP! Hello Level 4


#1) Defeat the Starbucks Boss. COMPLETED 31/33 Days with no caffeine. Stats: +1 Sta, +2 Con

#2) Push-ups non stop in three minutes. COMPLETED with 60 push-ups (my original goal was 45 :redface-new: ) +1 Sta, +2 Str

#3) Sit-ups non stop in one minute. COMPLETED with 31 sit-ups. Stats: +1 Str, +2 Sta

#4) This was a seven part goal for my PhD program. I only read two books. COMPLETED Stats: +1 Con, +2 Cha, +1 Wis



Mini Challenge #2 +1 CON and Mini Challenge #3 +1 DEX

Level 7 Hobbit Scout
STR: 9.2 | DEX: 7.2 | CON: 14 | STA: 15.15 | WIS: 16.7 | CHA: 12.7

I've been all over the world. Except Asia, Africa, and South America. - Coach McGuirk
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This was my second challenge, and was a lot tougher than my first. Last time, I gave myself one workout 3x per week and then walking the other days. This time, I pushed to do both the Angry Birds workout 3x per week and the couch to 5K app workouts 3x per week with only one rest day week. It went well for a while, but in the last two weeks of the challenge, I did not push to finish strong.  Here’s how I did:


  1. Do Angry Birds workout at least 3x per week (STR 4)

I averaged 2x per week (2 times in weeks 1,3,6; 3 times in weeks 3 and 5; and only once in week 4). That gives me a B and 3 for STR


  1. Do Couch to 5K (using iPhone app) at least 3x per week (STA 4)

I also averaged 2x per week on this workout (3 times in weeks 1, 3, 4; 2 times in week 2; and 1 each in weeks 5 and 6). That is also a B and gives me 3 STA


  1. Stay under 2,000 calories (gross cals, not total after working out) 6 days per week (measured using Lose It app) (CON 3)

This was tough, but I did ok. I stayed under this calorie count for 29 of the 36 days (always giving myself one “cheat†day). This is also a B and giving me 3 for my CON stat


  1. Schedule at least 2 networking/professional development events a week (CHA 2, WIS 2)

I dominated this one, getting 13 total networking/professional development opportunities. That is an A for me, and gives me the full 2 points for CHA and 2 for WIS.



Over the course of the challenge, I walked/ran a total of 57.2 miles, giving me a total of over 118 miles between this challenge and the last one!


I have also lost 4 pounds, and am down another pants size. I now wear a 36 comfortably. In fact, if I wear my old size 38 pants without a belt, they will literally fall off me as I walk even if they are buttoned. That is a great feeling!


I feel better than I have in a long time and I look forward to the next challenge!

Lvl 8 ◠Half-Elf breaking free of an Ogre’s body ◠Ranger
STR 11.5; DEX 2; STA 19.5; CON 13; WIS 13; CHA 5
Fire Flower Power-up
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My current challenge

2014 - My Year of Badassery (Battle Log)




Past Challenges:

#1; #2; #3; #4, #5, #6, #7, #8



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Right – for some reason I’m always turning in my final report right at the deadline.  Apparently, this time is no different! J


My first challenge took place in January, and when I tried to do another challenge straight on its heels in March, I crashed and burned.  Came back for a good challenge in April and May, and then went straight onto this one.  Given my previous track record, I had trepidations, but I feel like by and large my challenge was really successful.  I feel much more in the groove – I’m not as bothered when I have time off since I know I’ll pick it back up and keep going.  It’s a good place to be.  Still progress to be made, but I at least maintained my trajectory.


Here's a goal-by-goal breakdown stating my original aim and my results.  For 3 of my goals, I have calculated the average of my daily grades and then given myself a letter score.  (F = 0, D = 25, C = 50, B = 75, A = 100).  For my first goal, I was going on a straight A (I did it) or F (I didn’t do it) basis.



  1. Run 5K (+3 STA +2 DEX)

Using a C25K app, I have made it up to 20 minute runs (during which I think I’m covering about 2 miles).  I still have a way to go before I can actually run a 5K.  I’d like to sign up to an actual 5K run which will take place on the 21st July – right after this challenge – so I want to build on my last challenge and make it to 5K.

I did it right at the end of my challenge – I cracked 5K.  Even though it took me much longer than I really expected, I was so happy when I finally did it.  I was never a ‘runner’ growing up – I dreaded doing long runs in schools and just didn’t see the point.  But now I’m able to run 5 kilometers in one go without having to stop in the middle or get rolled home at the end.  Very very proud of my achievement here – especially since getting past 20-25 minutes was a really hard nut for me to crack.  I am not doing the 5K on the 21st July because unfortunately we have a conflict this weekend, BUT I am definitely signing up for another local one on the 9th August.  Excited!

Grade: A

(Skill points gained: +3 STA, +2 DEX)


2. Maintain a food log to count calories (+2 CHA +2 CON)

In my first challenge, I maintained a food log to make myself aware of what I was eating.  I find it’s a great weight-loss tool, since it’s a real deterrent for me: I don’t eat what I don’t want to write down.  I want to maintain a food log and track calories for this challenge.  The app that I use sets a calorie ‘limit’ based on weight and the goal that I set.  Therefore, for this challenge: A = On or under calorie goal for the day, B = No more than 50 calories over limit, C = No more than 100 calories over limit, D = No more than 250 calories over limit, F = More than 250 calories above limit.

 I was fairly good at tracking my calories throughout the challenge, but I did have some pretty restrictive grades based on how much I was over the daily allowance set on my iPod app.  Toward the end (and when my brother was visiting), I got a bit lazy about recording since I knew I was over 250 calories above my limit and figured not record and being over were both Fs.  I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t try harder to just get the information down, but it’s alright.  I do like logging – I feel that it just makes me think harder about what I eat.

Grade: C

(Skill points gained: +1 CHA, +1 CON)


3. Do at least two 10 minute exercise sets every day (+3 STR +1 CHA)

I have a load of great exercise videos that I haven’t been using much the last 6 weeks.  I have 5 or 6 that each have five 10 minutes work-outs of various types and levels of intensity.  Loads of variety at my fingertips.  Setting the goal of a minimum 20 minutes each day feels ambitious right now, but I have to give it a shot!

 I actually was really happy with how I did on this goal.  The vast majority of nights, I did my exercises, though I didn’t really fully take advantage of the variety and focused on a few routines in particular.  Still, my main goal was to start habit forming and actually make a concerted effort to do a set routine of exercises.  It was impossible to do tapes when my brother was here since we’re in a small flat, and based on the daily grades I’ve earned a C.  All the same, I’ve really got a good routine going, so I’m happy!

Grade: C

(Skill points gained: +1.5 STR, +.5 CHA)


4. Keep a journal (+2 WIS)

I keep telling myself that I’m going to keep a journal, and then I don’t.  I want to keep a daily journal about what ever pops into my mind – no strict guidelines about topic or length.  I just need to start writing.

This is now my morning relaxation – it has basically become the 3 minute meditation that I did each morning in the previous challenge. I use my train ride on the way to work to just sit, reflect and write.  My cute little journal is over half full now.  Success! 

Grade: B

(Skill points gained: +1.5 WIS)


I also completed 3 mini-challenges.  I earned +0.5 WIS and +0.5 CHA getting to know other rebels and giving feedback on their goals.  I gained +1 DEX getting limber and incorporating stretches into my routines.  I also gained +1 STR in the Quidditch match.  

I’ve been really happy that I’ve been able to keep up momentum.  My clothes are all fitting a bit better, I feel stronger, I have more endurance, and I’m eating more fruits and vegetables.  Nothing crazy and earth-shattering to report, but I feel that I’ve made solid, measurable progress.  Epic.

My stats at the start were:

Con - 8.75
Wis - 12
Str - 5.25
Sta - 5.25
Cha - 6
Dex - 5

And are now:

Con - 9.75
Wis - 14
Str â€“ 7.75
Sta - 8.25
Cha - 8
Dex - 8


I have also decided that after three awesome challenges as an Adventurer, I am going to venture out of my little hobbit-hole in this forum and become a Ranger.  Hello level 4 and hello Rangers!

Level 4 Ranger, Former Hero of Rivertown

STR 7.75 | DEX 8 | STA 8.25 | CON 9.75 | WIS 14 | CHA 8

First Challenge
Second Challenge (Reboot!)

Third Challenge

Current Challenge


Inventory: 5 silver pieces, a steel schiavona, a dented Roman helmet, and a Fire Flower power up

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mom2sjm's Zip It challenge


Goal Theme – The Zipper: 


Zipping on my NF hoodie and getting my sweat on 3x a week at Crossfit Amped, also 30 minutes daily physical activity (biking, walking, etc.); cleaning up my diet by eliminating soda, beer and fast food to succeed in zipping up my skorts (short/skirt combo) without pinching skin; and zipping my lips SHUT with the support of the Orange Rhino’s 30 Days to Yelling Less Project.


Report Card:


Fitness 1:  3x week Crossfit Class  Grade:  A


I attended the 6am class at my local Crossfit Amped each Monday/Wednesday/Friday during the challenge.  The WOD (workout of the day) I am most proud of is the day we did Jerry (Hero Workout) – 1 mile run, 2k row, 1 mile run.  I was the last to finish (33 minutes) but two months ago I wouldn’t have even started.  I hate running but I did it, I didn’t give up.  I was very pleased and surprised that my run times were 10 minutes and 11minutes.  Also, it was the first workout I completed as prescribed which was such a great feeling.


Fitness 2:  30 Minutes Daily Physical Activity  Grade:  B


Started off strong, 100%  Then in the last three week I flaked on my crossfit days, just didn’t do the additional activity.  Loads of excuses – heat, allergies, my boys...  but it’s just that, excuses.  I could have made the effort but I chose not to.  The day I am most proud of is the day I finished my crossfit class, came home and hopped on my bike to ride with my son to school.  When we got to school I found a library book in his desk that was due the following day and I decided on the spot to ride my bike to the library to return it..  That was like an additional 90 minutes of riding after my hour crossfit.  It felt great (and no late fees!). 


Diet:  Clean Up Diet (no coke/no beers at home/no fast food)  Grade:  A


I’d gotten into a bad habit of just falling onto my couch at the end of the day and cracking open a couple of beers.  It wasn't long before by myself I was putting back a dozen beers each week.  That was depressing, plus I didn’t even enjoy them.  The beer goal had an exemption that I could have a beer as long as I was out in the real world being social.  Otherwise no.  As for the coke/fast food – they went hand in hand.  We don’t keep soda in the house but I would hit McDonalds every day for breakfast after dropping my boys at school (oatmeal with, you guessed it, a large coke).  Breaking that McD breakfast habit was huge.  And I lost 12 pounds in the process!


Life:  Orange Rhino’s 30 Days to Yelling Less Project  Grade:  A


I’d been noticing that I’d been yelling A LOT at my boys (13 year old twins, 10 year old) and didn’t like it.  Came across the Orange Rhino blog and her 30 Day Challenge.  It was the perfect fit for me.  Each day there would be an email with a goal and journal prompt, plus just reading her blog was very helpful.  The post that stands out for me was her definition of ANGER and the associated feelings:


Those are the five feelings I feel when I am headed towards anger [credit:  Orange Rhino].  I start mildly annoyed (ugh, you didn’t pick up your shoes.) The annoyance grows to negative feelings all around (don’t you ever clean up?) which leads to grumpiness (seriously, can you do nothing right, harrumph, this day is gonna stink), and then exasperation (oh my gosh, how can I get you to pick up your shoes? I don’t know what to do!)

I saw that her ANGER meter also applied to the way I felt about any perceived failure I had with fitness or diet.  I really made an effort to pay attention to my feelings during this challenge, to the way I talked to myself, to give myself a break.  In the past I would have given up if I felt annoyed, negative, or grumpy but this time I noticed when I was going through the feelings and stopped myself before heading to exasperation (I suck!!)  or rage (I give up!!!)


Starting Line:                       Finish Line:              

weight:  146lbs                         weight:   134lbs
bust:        38.5"                         bust:        37"
chest:      32.5"                         chest:      31.5"
waist:       34.5"                         waist:      32.5"
hips:         41.5"                        hips:        39"


push ups:             0                  push ups:             4
knee push ups:   15                 knee push ups:   20
sit ups:                25                 sit ups:                35
squats:                35                 squats:                50


June 3rd



July 14th



Extra Credit:


I also completed two mini-challenges.  The first and probably the most helpful was joining an accountabilities groups - Yoda's Padawans.  I got loads of support and encouragement.  I used the fact that I would have to report to my team as motivation to keep me in the game when I really wanted to give up.  The second mini-challenge was the protein one.  That was an eye opener.


Final Thoughts: 


I'm really very happy with the way this challenge went.  I worked hard in my crossfit class.  It's hard to always be the last runner or the weakest lifter but you know what, I'm okay with it.  I showed up.  I'm getting better and I'm sticking with it.  I'm thankful that my husband and my boys supported me with my diet efforts.  My husband stopped buying beer for the house during the challenge (he stopped buying coke for the house about a year ago at my request) and having those beverages out of sight helped keep them out of mind.  All three of my boys helped make eggs for my breakfast, grilled my chicken (on the George Foreman grill), and helped with vegetable prep.  We also explored a couple different markets and tried a couple new recipes.  And while I didn't completely stop yelling at my boys there has been improvement, more peace.  More importantly there is a better awareness of why I yell in the first place (it isn't always their behavior) and what I can do to shift my gears.


Thanks to Steve and my Nerd Fitness family for all your support and encouragement :)



Rock Gnome Assassin

Lvl 28



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Alright Rebel friends, my apologies for not posting until now! Haha, it's way past the middle of Rest Week! I've been busy getting back to work and readjusting after residential treatment, but I'm finally able to start getting into a routine. One of the biggest hurdles in keeping up with the NFR was the fact that my house's wifi went out for nearly two weeks! I'm so happy to not have to look at my little iPhone screen for my 3G internet fix, and there was no way I was doing a wrap-up post on that little thing, let's be real.


So, my challenge this time around was a wild one. Like a lot of people's here, it wasn't straightforward at all! But let's take a look back, regardless:


Goal 1: Endeavor to Conquer the Eating Disorder Center

Result: NAILED IT. Seriously though, A+! I completed 100% of my meals and snacks, never had to supplement, succeeded in refraining from exercise (and therefore didn't have to wear a body monitor) and never skipped a class. I wholeheartedly gave it my all, and I felt great about graduating. Not that it was easy or anything; I don't think I've cried so much in my life. But then again, it's been a long time since I've laughed that much either.


ALL the points: +2 CON, +2 STR, +1 STA, +1 WIS


Goal 2: Endeavor to Keep Records

Result: I did great at this for the first two weeks. After I got into the Center though, the variety and sheer volume of what I was eating caused me way too much anxiety to relive them through recording. I waved the white flag on this one, as well as when I came back into the real world (because I was on the same meal plan). I feel like I made the right decision overall though, no regrets about skipping this one!


Because I think it was the right call, I'm giving myself a C. +1 WIS


Goal 3: Endeavor to Build a Strong Foundation

Result: Now THIS one I was forced to scrap.  :( Again, for the first two weeks I had a total handle on it, but once I entered treatment, I was issued a cease and desist. The moment they found out I was sneaking these in, they blew the whistle and threatened me with a body monitor. I knew it was for my own good, so I forfeited this one.


Forfeit: No points.


Goal 4: Endeavor to Practice the Artistic Craft

Result: You know what? This didn't turn out too shabby! I got three sketches a week done for four of the six weeks. They were crap for the most part, but it got me excited about practicing more!


That rounds the grade to a B. +1.5 CHA


Extra Challenge:

YES. That's right. I FLOSSED every day (at least once!) for six weeks straight.


+.5 CON, +1.5 CHA


Major Milestone Reached!


So Rebels, last weeks I got some pretty big news from my doctor. The check-ups usually start off with: “So, do you feel like you've gained weight this week? Do you feel like you've lost weight this week?†I then take my best guess, and I've usually got a pretty good sense of what went on.


This week, she started with, “So, do you feel like you've gained enough weight? Or do you feel like you have more weight to gain?†I never know the answer to this one, so I just threw up my hands. I told her that as of two weeks ago I was told I had more to gain, and that she was the expert, I didn't know what to think any more.


Well folks, as of now, I have been told that I'm officially in a healthy weight range.






So, with this news I have my ups and my downs. But HOLY CRAP, after seven hard months of struggling to get my weight up, I've done it! Granted, now, I'm terrified. I've been dieting for years, and spent all this year trying to bulk up; I have no idea how to just maintain weight! I'm worried that I'm going to just keep gaining, or that I'm going to slip back into old habits. Fortunately I'll be monitored for several months yet, so if there are any problems, I'm sure my doctor will pick up on them.


This DOES mean though, that I can be a little more active now! Whatever that means, we'll see, but I'm just happy about this right now. I'm alsorelieved. I'm just excited to get on with my life, and this is a huge step in the best direction.




So, Level UP!

Level 5 Dryad Druid + Adventurer

STR 7 | DEX 10 | STA 9 | CON 8 | WIS 13 | CHA 10.5


Leo's Dawn of Dragons Challenge


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