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****REQUIRED**** End of Challenge -- Report In!!


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Final Report!


Goal 1) 70% of 150 minutes of exercise/week. Which according to my original scale, is a fail. So 0 points, but a good starting point for the next challenge. With this challenge I realized that allowing myself the chance to make up minutes was a good idea, but I still need to schedule workouts or I will just tell myself "Oh, I'll catch up later" for the majority of the week. Next challenge's goals will include a better schedule for working out to keep myself more accountable.


Goal 2) 100%  Woot! Yay for calorie counting. With logging on my calorie counter 100% of the challenge, I was able to get 3 CON points. Also, another good idea of where to start for the next challenge to make my diet goal more challenging; probably focusing now on making sure I stay within a certain calorie limit.


Goal 3) 60% accomplished.  Allowing for my occasional mess-ups, I accomplished 60% of my total push-ups and jumping jacks that I gained from reading, earning 1.2 STA and 1.2 STR for this goal.  I really liked the idea of having exercise linking with reading.  Thanks to some great suggestions from fellow Losing Machines and others I will probably do a goal similar to this next challenge with a more positive spin. Such as "I did 45 push-ups today so I can read 3 chapters, vs. I read 3 chapters so I have to do 45 push-ups."   


Goal 4) A complete and epic fail.  The first couple weeks went smoothly as far as not buying anything for my Kindle, but after that it was an explosion purchases. I found a section about writing better novels, started a new series, and a section about how to study for the GMAT and LSAT.  I think what would have been a better goal would have been to set a limit of how much money to spend on my Kindle and go from there.  Definitely a starting point for the next challenge.


For mini-challenges, I participated in 1 & 2.  I especially loved the 2nd challenge of eating more protein!


Overall, this challenge was one of the most awesome things I have ever participated.  While I may have forgotten to post a couple of times, I actually stuck with something for the entire 6 weeks and got to "meet" some amazing people while I was doing it.  I am so glad I joined the Nerd Fitness Rebellion and especially glad I joined Losing Machines accountability group! I can't wait until the next challenge!


Hobbit(ish), Adventurer2

STR-3.2, DEX-3, STA-2.2, CON-8, WIS-2, CHA-2

"Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint you can at it." - Danny Kaye

Challenges! 1  2  Current   Intro





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Fitness 1: Hiking [3.5 STA, .5 WIS, 1 CHA]
Spirit of the Goal: Do cardio that I really enjoy, so I can build my stamina for the martial arts.
Letter of the Goal (revised from original on Day 19): Two strenuous hikes per week
Progress: I did indeed do two strenuous hikes per week, sometimes with a meetup group, but more often alone. Most often I beat my previous best time.
What I learned: I love hiking! And the solitude on the trail is really an amazing sort of meditation. I started to train myself to be more aware of my surroundings -- the noises of animals, smells, sounds of bicycles behind me. Toward the end I was jogging the downhills and sometimes even the uphills to shave extra time off the bottom-line. It may well be that in continuing to hike I end up enjoying trail-running. This is something I don't want to stop doing -- ever.
Grade: A. I met the spirit and the letter of this goal, doing the hikes, and increasing my stamina. I award myself the full 3.5 STA, .5WIS, and 1CHA.
Fitness 2: Lifting Weights [3 STR, 1 CHA]
Spirit of the Goal: Become stronger
Letter of the Goal: Two P90X strength-training workouts per week
Progress: I did do two P90X strength workouts per week (one week 3). I also picked up an hour of yoga on Fridays halfway through the challenge! I meticulously recorded all aspects of my workout, and the results show that I definitely increased my strength and muscle mass over time.
What I learned: I don't hate working out!
Grade: A. I met this goal in spirit and in letter and award myself the full 3STR and 1 CHA.
Fitness 3: Stretch & Meditate Daily [2 DEX, 2 WIS]
Spirit of the Goal: Become more flexible to help martial arts -- toward achieving splits, and try to form a habit of meditation for all its benefits
Letter of the Goal: Daily stretching and meditation (starting at 1 minute and increasing by 1 minute every 3 days). (Revised to be one stretch session per day)
Stretching Progress: I didn't do so well with this part of the goal. I didn't stretch daily, rather only 22/42 days (52.4%). I did, however become more flexible than when I started.
Stretching- What I learned: I am not up for stretching in the mornings. My balance and muscle stability are not optimum. I also had a hard time stretching before bed when I stayed up to late and was really tired. I did, however, see positive results during martial arts and yoga sessions.
Meditation Progress: I really didn't do well with this part of the goal. Frequency-wise I only meditated 19/42 days (45.2%). Quantitatively I only meditated a total of 248mins/315mins (78.7%) and twice I didn't reach my daily length goal. But qualitatively I made some awesome breakthroughs and achieved some really great long and deep sessions which I'd never done before. I also meditated much more frequently than ever before.
Meditation- What I learned: I am really good at it when I'm not tired. I led myself through some awesome 20-30 min sessions in which I achieved great focus and depth. Meditation isn't something I can force myself to do just to meet a goal. I need to be in a good mind-set for it. I need ear plugs for future sessions to further deprive my senses. I would meditate before going to sleep and often I was too tired to do it at all or to do it well. Overall what I learned was that I need to regulate my sleep more closely, which I intend to do in the next challenge.
Grade D/D+: Weighting this one 50/50 between  spirit and letter I get the following:
    Stretching - letter = 52.4%, spirit = 75%, total = 63.7%(D) * 2DEX = 1.274 ~1DEX (rounded to the nearest half point)
    Meditation- letter = 45.2%/78.7%, spirit = 75% (no habit, but some good sessions), total = 68.5%(D+) * 2 WIS = 1.37 ~1WIS (rounded to the nearest half point)
Life: Find a new job that pays significantly more and excites/inspires me [2 WIS]
Spirit of the Goal: Simply to make more money to be able to fund more fun stuff
Letter of the Goal: Get a new job that (or change my current job so that it) pays significantly more
Progress: I updated my resume, making it much more dynamic and succinct than it's ever been. I applied for one job, at my current organization, that I couldn't/didn't follow up on. I worked with my supervisor toward reclassifying my current job to get a significant raise. Received a merit bonus. I neither got a new job nor more income -- I'm not holding my breath for the re-class.
What I learned: This was the goal that motivated me to start the whole challenge and yet it was the one I neglected the most. I will have to revisit it in the next challenge. I also learned that the application software reports to the hiring manager alphabetically, so for the job I applied I'm pretty much screwed at the end of the alphabet. I'm sure they didn't get that far before selecting interviewees. Ultimately I put more effort and faith in the re-class because I want more money as leverage for the next employer and I don't want to start a new job for the same organization and be stuck here for another year or two.
Grade: D-. I made some progress, but nothing toward the goal. 0 WIS.
+3.5STA, 3STR, 2CHA, 1.5WIS, 1DEX
I learned a lot about myself during this challenge, mainly that I'm someone who can complete a 6-week challenge. This is the third time I'd started a challenge and the only time I made it past week 1. I think the accountabilibuddies group saved me, as did the daily writing in this forum. I really, really, enjoyed the writing, as evidenced by the number and length of posts in this thread. Next challenge I plan to join multiple groups, one in adventurer, druid, and monk, and I also want to start writing about the paleo foods I'm making (like  Paleo Chicken Fried "Rice," which came out great!), or maybe start a blog just to write more about any topic.
I also discovered that I enjoy fitness. I found myself looking forward to the hikes and workouts quite a bit, especially when I was seeing positive progress in my weight and musculature. I would pass by the mountains on the way home from work, the sky clear, blue, and clean, and lament the fact that if I hiked that day as opposed to a couple days later I wouldn't meet the workout goal for the week. I pushed myself and got a lot of use out of my dumbbells. And I learned quite late at the end of the challenge that I was going about the pull-ups all wrong -- something I can correct for the future.
I started paleo three weeks before the challenge. I forget why, but most likely it was because I weighed around 174lbs (5'6 male) and soon I wouldn't have been able to fit into some of my favorite shirts. I started the challenge after running my monthly budget and discovering that I needed more income. Turns out I came for the money but stayed for the fitness. After 9 weeks of dieting and 6 weeks of fitness I've lost ~15lbs overall, but more than that in fat loss, meaning I gained muscle. Not only am I fitting into all my shirts, even the medium ones, but now the majority of my wardrobe looks too large on me. I also regained 3 holes on my belt (lost 2 inches off my waist) and had to buy some new pants and a new belt! I never thought I'd be buying pants at this size, and I can't remember the last time I wore this size. I'm seeing some great results I never thought I'd see.
But this is only the beginning. I'm awakened now. I have a taste for fitness. I enjoy it. I plan on doing many more challenges, starting with the next one, and constantly escalating so that every day I can be stronger, faster, more flexible, smarter, and healthier than I was the day before. So that I can improve the quality and longevity of my life. And so that I can be the me I'm meant to be.
Ask any gamer: Seeing progress is an intoxicating feeling, and I don't intend to stop now.

Lag a'mhuilin
It's the name origin for Lagavulin, which is Ron Swanson's and my favorite scotch.
It means 'hollow by the mill,' which in my mind is a metaphor for my fitness training and education.

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Yay, the end of my first challenge. I only did about half as good as I would've liked, but I'm proud I stuck with it. First for stats:


Weight: 217, 213

Body Fat: 41.5%, 40.8%

Bust: 43, 43
Waist: 35, 34.5
Waist (Belly Button): 38, 38.5
Hips: 46.5, 46
Upper Arm: 15.5, 15
Lower Arm: 12.5, 12.5
Thigh: 29, 28
Calf: 19, 19


So overall I lost 4 lbs, .7% body fat, and 2 inches. Not a lot but I'll take it. =)



1. Have at least a 500 calorie deficit everyday - A - stuck to this goal everyday. 

{CON +3}{CHA +2}

A. Everyday


      2. Walk an average of 11,000 Steps per day - A - Also stuck to this goal everyday for an ending of Total: 479,330 steps and Average:11,412 steps

{STA +3}{DEX +1}{STR +1}

A. Average 11,000 or more


      3. Do the Beginner Body Weight Workout 3 times a week - F - I ended up being really busy the last month and just didn't make this a priority. 

{STR +2}

F. Less than 4 times


      4. Wake up early at least 5 days a week. Meaning 6am on weekdays and 8am on weekends. (This will the hardest goal for me)  - I think I have come to the conclusion I just don't want this enough yet. 

{WIS +2}{CON +1}

F. Less than 7 days


Overall grade: C


So I get to end the challenge with {CON +3}{CHA +2}{STA +3}{DEX +1}{STR +1} and I level up! =)


The only mini-challenge I participated in was number 6: Pick your electives: 

1) Lose 30 pounds - Hopefully by December, but at the rate I've been losing might be a bit longer

2) Get my total cholesterol under 200 - Aiming for January 2014 (my next checkup) - Last November it was 233 (30 less than the year before without much effort)

3) Pay off debt from college and save for a down payment on a house - I've been going back and forth on the order I'm going to do them in, but should be able to have both done by summer 2016


Next challenge I plan on getting better at checking for mini challenges earlier in the week.

Level 2 Half-Orc Adventurer

STR 4  |  DEX 3  |  STA 5  |  CON 5  |  WIS 6.5  |  CHA 5.5

My First Challenge My Current Challenge



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Summary: (After the midnight deadline, but gunna post anyhow. I'm a completionist sometimes, and my timezone is all screwy)


On Diet:

At work:
 Snacking has been much reduced in the later weeks, but with added early on stress I was completely failing to meet my goals. While people say with the stresses I went through it was justified, I can barely give myself a C for this challenge abd feel I earnt it. My snacking will likely return over the next few days, but I feel I'm at least somewhat in control of it now. (FINAL GRADE: C     REWARD: +1 WIS)


At home:

My challenge was to always leave something on my plate when eating a meal, and this I honestly have no problem claiming a near perfect completion on. I think I missed the challenge on one meal out of all of those consumed in the past 6 weeks.  (FINAL GRADE: A   REWARD: +1 WIS +1 CHA)


On Exercise:

I did a LOT of exercising in the final 3 weeks of the 6. Of the first 3 weeks, I feel I did well on the challenge, but did not meet the challenge requirements on the last three weeks of it due to exhaustion from other exercise activities (Walking around Touring the U.S. in the cities i was for starters) that I sometime completely ignored my challenge requirements. Due to the REASON for missing them, however, I feel happy grading myself at the level I do for this. (FINAL GRADE: B    REWARD: +1 STR +0.5 CON) <Divided as such because I'm a sick sick person at the moment, and my CON score is NOT helping me heal>


On Socialising:

The final weekend of the challenge was CapeCon - an event I have been looking forward to attending for a year. My challenge was to not hide in my shell like I usually would end up doing at such events, but be an outgoing and friendly person to everyone I possibly could.


In short, I succeeded. Meeting all the Attendees, being called on by several people for backrubs (apparently I'm good at them, huh.) Lots of friendly hugs and finishing my night having the entire bar including some non-atendees that joined us later that night in a karaoke rendition of "Livin' on a prayer" (I was drunk when I chose, I think) - I feel like I completely succeeded on this challenge. (FINAL GRADE: A    REWARD: +2 CHA)


I didn't particapate in any mini-challenges as I had enough on my plate organising and travelling over the Pacific Ocean to concentrate that much on extra goals.


That said - I surprised myself on the scales when I returned from the U.S. - 33lbs have disappeared from me somewhere.



Level 1 Adventurer


STR 1 CON 0.5 WIS 2 CHA 3

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Goal 1: March! 

128.23 miles out of the proposed 75 miles. 

Grade: A

So this one was probably my favorite one. Nice long walks that allowed me to get to know my area. Plus since I had to use the Zombies Run app to track my progress (I didn't get a pedometer till the last week) I ended up with a surplus of about 1000 extra supplies. Talk about a nice fringe benefit.


On reflection I probably could have set the bar a bit higher. I avoided doing so because I didn't think I would actually get out there often enough to meet my higher goal, well we know better now. I think I may continue this idea on the next challenge, already have an idea for how to do it.


Goal 2: Train!

15/16 Training sessions

Grade: B

So if you've read my thread you'll know I decided t change the goal a third of the way through the challenge. Basically using the sledgehammer kind of messed with my shoulder and I like my shoulder, so decided to switch it to Calisthenics from Convict Conditioning. Very happy with the results and have noticed an improvement in strength in pretty much every area.


On the whole I'm pleased with this goal. While the sledgehammer did turn out to be something I won't continue the fact that I recognized this and replaced it with something better (in my opinion at least). The Calisthenics will probably make it to the next challenge as well, if only because they fit with the theme I have in mind. On a note I do think I need to do them someplace besides my house. It's too easy to ignore them will the last minute here....


So I’m giving myself 1.5 Dexterity and 1.5 Strength for this goal as neither stat really suffered from the missed session.



Goal 3: Rest!

320 of the 360 minutes planned.

Grade: B

This one wasn’t terribly difficult to do on paper. Find time to sit and think about nothing several times a week. Unfortunately in practice this was probably the most difficult one to actually do as I hate not doing anything. Any amount of time over five minutes (and that last minute to be honest) was torture for me.


Definitely learned some things on this one. While meditation is a wonderful thing and I’m sure very helpful for people it’s not for me, at least at this point in my life. I’ve realized that part of the problem is that I’ve been focusing too much on what other people say are good things to do, and not listening to myself enough. I need to get better at that.


For this one I’m giving myself the +3 to Wisdom. I did learn a bit about myself and the time to reflect in silence was very useful, even if doing things like taking a walk is better for me. No Constitution though as I still have the same sleep issues.


Goal 4: Write!

5/6 of 4he writing needed

Grade: B

So this one was a procrastination nightmare in a nutshell. I waited till the last minute almost every time and on top of that I could never think of anything to write, usually going with something that was point blank half assed.


This falls under the category of doing something that other people suggest. Other people’s opinions are important but not to the exclusion of my own. On top of that I realized that the writing I had been doing (play by post roleplaying) was more motivated by being with other people. So yeah, with a real tabletop game to play my focus has moved elsewhere.


So for this one I’m going to say I netted a +2 Wisdom and a +1 Charisma. Wisdom as I have gotten to know myself better and Charisma as I have turned my focus towards being with others and interacting with them.



Final Thoughts:

So over all I’m pretty happy with this challenge. I did have an off week that cost me a bit but I came back strong from it immediately afterwards. While this challenge didn’t include a lot of things that I’ll continue to do (meditation, writing, sledgehammer) it did help me learn a little bit about myself. The Mini-Challenges were interesting as well and got me to try new things.


Now for a pokemon flashback.



Level 2 Orc Merchant

STR 4|DEX 5|STA 6|CON 6|WIS 6.5|CHA 6.5


Evolved into...


Level 3 Orc Martial Artist (Yeah going with Monks next challenge)

STR 5.5|DEX 6.5|STA 8|CON 7|WIS 11.5|CHA 7.5

Level 5 Orc Citizen Soldier

STR 7.5|DEX 9.5|STA 11|CON 12|WIS 20.5|CHA 8.5

Old Challenges 15/4 3/6 7/25

"Do it now."


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I know the deadline has passed (7/19), but I just wanted to post my results here:


1) Run/walk on treadmill in intervals for 20 minutes.


    Not feeling it. My treadmill is in the basement and the heat wave makes going down there uncomfortable. Plus not finding energy at the end of the day to do this. But I have been walking! See below.


2) Weight circuit (arms, chest, back, abs).

   F = 0

   Still not feeling motivated to do weights. This has got to change!


3) Cut out cereal, bread, pasta, alcohol, soda, artificial sweeteners (vegan-paleo-lite, but not full paleo because I can't give up legumes, especially soy, at this time)

    Pass-ish - I have given up cereal, bread, pasta, rice, diet soda (with the exception of my "free day" once a week). Still using artificial sweetener for my coffee. But giving up the bread and rice was a big deal for me, and I was surprised how easily I have been living without it.


4) Sleep 7 hours a night (currently getting 5 - 6)


     Only getting 6 hours still. Have to work on this more.


5) Walk at least half hour during lunch break.

    A = 4 times a week 

    Mostly walked during my lunch at least 4 times a week for 45 minutes, even in the extreme heat!


6) Lost 1 to 2 lbs a week (6 to 12 lbs by week 6)

    Pass - Down from 208 to 193 (15 lbs). The change in diet and smaller portions attributed to this loss. 


Looking ahead to next 6-week challenge - I need to incorporate more fitness daily (treadmill and weights). I think I'll be motivated now that I am seeing results with weight loss. Overall, I give myself a B for my first challenge. A step in the right direction, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

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Albeit quite after the deadline, I wanted to post my utter failure this time around due to lack of resolve and focus.  F's across the board.  I shall not take a level or any advancement in penance.  I shall, however, redouble my efforts beginning this week.  I apologize to the entire Adventurers team.

Ion Aurum 0th Level Viking Monk

STR 0 | DEX 0 | STA 0 | CON 0 | WIS 0 | CHA 0

"Prepare for victory! Our minds have been awakened. Rid your life of tyranny. We are The Resistance." - Iced Earth's V

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Woo, yeah I'm super late :( I'm going to go ahead and post a few things anyway as this challenge is well and over.


Quest One: Drop it like its hot! Drop my body fat % by 2%. - No idea how this turned out, I never really got going with the body fat calipers. I did keep tabs on my weight and shed a couple pounds but nowhere close to the target number.


Quest Two: Put Good In - Get Good Out. Go Paleo for Breakfast & Lunch every day. - Did not happen. I kept pretty close for about a week, but then my husband's unemployment ran out. Beggars can't be choosers, as the old saying goes. It was pretty sucky for a while, but he's now employed (yay!) so I'll be revisiting that.


Quest Three: Work it! Begin the Beginners Body Weight routine. - No one to blame for my failure here but myself. After the first one, my poor legs wanted to fall off for the next three days. Instead of building on that good pain, I let it sideline me. Meltdown x1000.


Quest Four: We Can Rebuild It! We have the technology! Transform my Garage. - Surprisingly, I managed to get this one handled fairly decently. I still have a few pieces in there (the sofa and chair haven't managed to disappear yet) but the stove, a couple tables, and LOTS of empty boxes are all gone. So much more room already.


Quest Five: You Can't Spell Slaughter without Laughter! Sword & Board or Spear. No exceptions! - I did this one to a T. Mostly because I love fighting, but I actually got promoted up to 2nd lieutenant xD


Quest Rewards:

Quest One - 2 Dex & 1 Cha  (None earned)

Quest Two - 3 Con (4 if I manage half my dinners!)  (None earned)

Quest Three - 3 Str & 1 Dex  (None earned)

Quest Four - 2 Wis  (Gained +1 Wis)

Quest Five - 2 Sta (Gained +2 Sta)



Overall I'd consider the challenge a failure for me, but it gave me a good place to propel myself from toward the next challenge. Now that my husband's back to work and the stress of making ends meet will be evaporating, I won't feel so guilty for spending extra money and time focusing on myself and not the family.


Bring on the next challenge :)

"Even if you don't make it all the way, those last 10 seconds of trying and not getting anywhere - that's where you gain the most strength." - Jessie Graff


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I know I'm late and ineligible, but I figured I needed to post here anyway just to take stock.  Here's how I think I did:


Goal 1: Do the beginner body weight challenge 3 times a week.  Try to do at least 2 circuits each time to start, then move up to at least 3.  

I would give myself a C for this.  I went hard and heavy early in the challenge with this, but my resolve tapered as I went on vacation for two weeks.  I definitely slacked off on this goal, only doing it once or twice a week at the end.  Still, progress is progress, so I will give myself +1 STR for this.  


Goal 2: Begin to transition to a paleo/atkins diet.

I am going to give myself a C for this as well.  I have definitely started altering my diet in small ways, although I am still eating far too much junk food and bad carbs.  I think this was a poorly defined goal to begin with -- I needed more concrete goals to work off of.  +1 CON, +1 STA


Goal 3: Stop drinking soda and drink more water.  

I am going to give myself a B+ with this.  I did drink soda on a handful of occasions, but overall I have made a good transition to drinking water throughout the day.  +2 CON


Goal 4: Run at least 1.5 miles 3 days a week.  

I am going to give myself an A+ for this.  The only goal that I was able to not only stick with but excel at, I have been using Zombies, Run! as a way to keep me running three days a week.  +3 DEX, +1 CHA, +2 STA


Sooooo that leaves me with the following stat changes:  +1 STR, +3 CON, +3 DEX, +3 STA, +1 CHA


Not bad!  And now I think I know what to do next time in terms of goal setting.  


Level 3 Male Half-Elven RangerSTR:5 DEX:6 STA:8 CON:8 WIS:6 CHA:6

Current Challenge

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Challenge 2 round up time.

I am a little delayed due to having been on holiday for 2 weeks, but better late than never.


The scores

Goal #1 [Diet] – Down to ration packs

Eat paleo/primal before 5pm everyday    +4 CON

A: 42/42 days

B: 40/42 days

C: 38 /42 days

Result = F

The first couple of weeks went okay. Any cravings I had I was managing to delay until the end of the day. Cooking ahead and planning my menu really helped but by week 3 I was knee deep in exams and my work/study schedule was all over the place. Consequently one little cheat day turned into many and the wheels fell off this goal. I find the hardest part of eating right is the lack of freedom to choose what I feel like eating at the time I’m going to eat it. For some reason I seem to have this rebellious streak that thinks that I deserve to eat whatever I crave when I crave it. My logical brain knows that my grandparents never had that luxury in the era before supermarkets and fast food, but hey, I’m a child of my generation. The lesson I have learnt is that I need more recipes and more time to learn a whole new way of keeping well fed. I’m clearly not there yet. I’ll try a new strategy for next challenge.



Goal #2 [Fitness] – Where the rubber meets the road

Run 20 minutes non-stop  +4 STA

    A: 20 mins +

    B: 15 mins +

    C:  10 mins +

Result = B [+3 STA]

This wasn’t a maximum effort either but I’m not being hard on myself because I made definite progress. A B is not too shabby.



Goal #3 [Fitness] – Stretch for the moon, land among the stars

1 hour of yoga per week   +3 DEX

Result = C [+1 DEX]

This was supposed to be my easy goal. I started okay and did 3 sessions before my lack of enthusiasm for this goal over took me. The lesson learnt is that I shouldn’t bother making a goal if I’m not dedicated too it. It’s just a waste of focus and will power that I could have applied to winning my other goals.



Goal #4 [Life] - All the things!!!

Score 50 points or more    +4 CHA

Result  = A [+4 CHA]

This was my best goal and I totally enjoyed it. Although it seems weird rewarding myself for doing rewarding things, it was the reflection on what I was doing that was the total win for this goal. I certainly did more things than I otherwise would have, just by thinking “what am I doing today to score another point?â€. A lot of it I would have done anyway but at least I realised how little credit I was giving myself. When I joined NF a few months ago I actually allocated myself the lowest points for CHA because I thought I was a terribly boring introvert. If you think that about yourself then I highly recommend setting yourself a similar goal, it feels great.



What now?

Looking ahead to the next couple of months, my uni break is over next week and it is back to days at work and evening lectures. I have the 9km Sydney Bridge Run coming up in 8 weeks and a 3 day hike of 46km through the Blue Mountains in 12 weeks. I need to focus what training and diet I do towards these goals, so I think I am going to head on over to the Scouts Guild for the next challenge and see if I can learn something to help me through. I may well be back in adventurer land later down the track…

Level 10 - Ironborn sellsword        Weight loss goal: 90kg --> 70kg      Endurance goal: non-stop 5km       Power goal: 10 full form pushups

Find me: My Fitness Pal | Fitbit | Feb 16 challenge

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Better late than never - grading myself on my challenge success.




1.  Walk an average of 5000 steps per day - Well I had mixed results with this one.  I found that I am unnaturally wedded to my FitBit.  Without it I didn't want to walk.  And then I wouldn't.  However I took some great walks and got to know my neighborhood.  I went on vacation for 2 weeks and was unable to walk during that time.  I tried to swim every day we had a pool available.  Did that about half the time.  So for this goal I will give myself a C.


2.  Track my calories - Didn't start with this goal.  I believe my original goal was to get 7 hours of sleep per night.  I abandoned that goal pretty quickly when I realized that i was getting sleep.  Once I started focusing on it for the challenge, it became enough of a priority that I got the sleep.  I kept to the sleep goal so easily within the first week, I decided to try for something more difficult.  Changed to calorie tracking.  I only tracked calories one day.  So I give myself a D- for this.


3.  Give up fast food -  Oh this was so great for a while.  Until June 30th or so I actually kept to this about 80-90%.  Vacation messed me up, when we traveled to Chicago - land of yummy things.  I ate and ate and ate.  The no fast food goal went out the window for the most part.  I did about 3-4 weeks of it, at about 80% compliance.  I give myself a C-.


4.  Think of, and recite an affirmation 50 times per day, not all in one long string, but throughout the day.  This is another modified goal.  The original goal (lead generate every day for work) became irrelevant when I was offered a new job.  So I had to change this goal.  It was a lame goal, one I liked but which didn't have any OOMPH to it.  I feel like it was more of a reaction to the problems I was having with my guy friend.  I will give myself a C+, which is an A for effort mixed with a D in compliance.


What I learned - goals need to be less rigid.  They need to be less susceptible to the inevitable changes that seem to come up in my life.  I remember when I was trying to formulate the goals, I tried to make them measurable.  But I think they are too rigid.  So next time I am going to choose goals that are less specific.  instead of "walk every day" it will be "30 minutes of exercise 5 or more days per week."


I also learned that being accountable is a vital part of my success.   I liked telling others what I did, or didn't do, I liked feeling as though I had people who were checking on me and keeping up with me.  I am already tracking calories on MyFitnessPal, which I started this week.  I am going to post my calories on NF for the next challenge.  So all of you will keep me accountable!


Finally, I learned that my friends at NF are amazing.  I love all of you and all your support.  I cannot wait until the next challenge, in the hopes that I will not be going through so much chaos in my life.  I want to support all of you the way you supported me.  I will definitely be here for the next challenge!


I am rather inept, technically but hopefully here is a link to my thread:



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And here is the summary of my First Six Week Challenge:

1) (+4 CON) Eliminate wheat from my diet, with no intentional cheating (ie. knowingly consuming wheat)
B = 90% for cheating once (the very first day, LOL!)
So, I go up 3.6 CON

2) (+3 STR) Be able to do five proper chin-ups, in a row
E = 60% for being able to do 1 chin-up (kind of fizzled out on this one, but I did make it to one chin-up, which is still cool in its own right)
So, I go up 1.8 STR

3) (+3 STA) Be able to run 5 km in half an hour, without stopping
B = 90% for doing the run in 31-40 minutes, without stopping (I did it in 34 minutes, but I only did that 5 km run twice - good time, but should have done it more)
So, I go up 2.7 STA

4) (+3 WIS and +2 STA) Finish the editing for my November 2012 NaNoWriMo novel before the end of June
A = 100% for finishing the editing before the end of June (this ones a stickler - see notes below)
So, I go up 3 WIS and 2 STA

Making my stats at the end of this challenge:
STR 3.8
STA 7.7
CON 6.6

I'm a bit bummed about a few things, though some was a tad out of my control. With DH away, and four kids not in school (one is too young to be in school) and home all the time, it's been hard to do more running. And exercising for the chin-ups. Though that could have been worked on at home more that it was. The novel is a stickler too, since I'd originally wanted to have it done by the end of June so I could get five free copies. When I looked more into that deal, I didn't like it. I did, however, FINISH my novel BEFORE the end of June. So technically I did what the goal stated.

Even though I fizzled out at the end, I'm pretty happy. The no wheat thing as a biggie to do (and now I have confirmation that I *need* to eliminate wheat and dairy, as well as almonds and eggs for a while, grrrrr ...).

During the six weeks I lost 6 lbs, and have lost more since the end. And I've gained muscle definition in my arms - yay! I'm also, funny enough, sliding more and more into the paleo diet. I like that! Except for butter. I miss butter. And milk. And ice cream. And cheese. But at least I still get to enjoy steak!

I'm also eager to start the next six week challenge!


Lastly, I participated in the first challenge, creating the Moms Of Many Kids in Accountibuddies. In hindsight, I should have chosen a different name, something more catchy perhaps, and added mini challenges to that one (like exercises with kids).


Congrats to everyone that made it through this six week challenge :)

Kilana, Elven Assassin

STR +3.8 | DEX +2 | STA +3.3CON +6.6 | WIS +5.5 | CHA +6.5
1st challenge, started June 3rd, 2013
2nd challenge, started September 19, 2013

3rd challenge, started June 10th, 2014

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So overall for this challenge, I'm giving myself a C.


The first four weeks went really well, and then I guess I lost motivation and started puttering out. 


Here's the breakdown of how I did:

Goal 1:

I didn't get as far as I had hoped. I did run three times a week, every week( except for when I got sick) but I couldn't always complete the work out. I am still doing it though. Tomorrow is my last work out for week 6 and I will not give up.


Goal 2:

This is where I really had issues. I have a really hard time staying away from sugar, and I couldn't stop with the peanut butter! I wish I could just throw it away. This was definitely my biggest failure, but today I decided to start over and just do it. No more excuses.


Goal 3:

My weight fluctuated a lot. As of now, I'm back at 140. But at least I didn't gain.


Goal 4:

Completed AND  it was a ton of fun:)


So yep. First challenge completed. I really hope I do better on the next one. I just have to figure out how to stay motivated.


Wood Elf Scholar Adventurer (LVL 2)


STA:6  STR:3   WIS:8.5   CHA: 5.5   CON:3   DEX:2


My Current Challenge

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