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bodyweight exercises for a musician

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Recently I have been pretty insterested in adding some bodyweight exercises to my workout regiment. I am a runner and that has pretty much been it. I can run for a long time but can not do pull ups and push ups to save my life. Time to change that.


I have been attracted more to bodyweight stuff because I am a musician (a cellest) and bodyweight exercises target many of the muscles that I use on the daily while I am practicing and playing, but at the same time fit into my schedlue better then traditional gym workouts. I also just like the idea better of using my own body vs using weights, can't really explain why it just resonates with me better.


So while I am not a beginner to exercise (I dont have motivation issues, etc) I am a begginer to this type. So something that I can scale up over time would be very ideal. also if anyone has some reading material they think would be up my alley I would love to hear about that as well.


here is the good stuff


Fitness Goals

1. Improve range of motion in back and arms

2. Improve strength of my back and arms to help with playing and injury prevention

3. 3 days a week of exercise and 3 days a week of cardio (preferably running becuse i like it :) )

4. improve all around strenght and flexibility

Exercise Preference

  Body weight
Current Physical Stats



Previous Training History

    Past Programs-n/a
    How long-

Present Program

     -lots of running and yoga (not so much yoga now). Have been doing a modified version of the advanced BW workout posted here for a week or so. I alsodid the fitness blender "brutal bodyweight workout" a couple of times.
    How long-about 2 years

 Current working weights-n/a


Current Diet

   Normal- I eat pretty healthy. 100% whole grains, clean protine, and minimal sugars and other bad stuff. I dont do shakes or other things, I try to eat real food. I have pretty good controll over my food situation becuase I like to cook, so no easy mac.
    Daily Calories- Try not to count, I usualy just go by portions, but I probably need to eat more lol
    Daily Macros-same. havent really thought about it.

Current Resources/Limitations

    Gym Access-going back to school in the fall so I will have a gym but I really dont like gyms. Can make it work though.
    Work/School Schedule-student. So that means busy. but again, I can make it work!
    Time Allowed-30-60 minutes a day would be ideal.


modified BW workout

10 1 leg squats (not pistol, the ones where you put your leg behind you)

20 squats

20 walking lunges

20 step ups

5 negative pull ups at 5 seconds a each

10 dips

5 negative chin ups at 5 seconds

10 push ups

14 jackknife crunches

45 second plank

repeat 3 times as fast as possible


also if someone has a good benchmark test that I can do to help people understand my fitness level better I would be down to hear it.


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