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I took a picture of myself...on purpose!

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You know you're on the right roll, and not the jelly roll, when you take a "selfie" and post it, right?  This morning, I was feeling smug and decided to take a self portrait in my large living room mirror and was AMAZED at what looked back at me.  Normally, I'm the strong feminist nerd.  I majored in Gender Studies and am quick to spout off "body love" and "self appreciation" quotes with the best of them.  But, let's face it, you know when you're not healthy despite what weight you are.  When you don't feel like the optimal you, there is no body love because you're not showing your body love and therefore it does not love you back.  Well, today, she loved me back folks.  I'm feeling the effect of Whole30, being paleo, kicking ass in the gym and moving my sorry butt more in general.  I'm happy.  I'm less round.  I'm down 20 lbs and life rocks!  


So, rock on rebellion!  Today kicks ass!  And if your day didn't kick ass, just wait, it will soon.  Promise.



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Shit, that's awesome! :) Keep at it! :D

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And please, don't confuse feminism with fat appreciation. There's not a damn benefit to being overweight, and that self-love malarkey is an excuse to be lazy and resigned.

Feminism is taking control of your own destiny. Which you've amply proved you can do.

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You rocked it!!!! Keep up the great work- and continue to be an inspiration to the rest of us nerds!

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Absolutely fabulous! How long have you been at it?

Keep up the great work and keep us posted.

love & peace,


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Well done, your pics look fantastic, great progress - and I LOVE your hair.

I'm a feminist / gender studies type too, and I find that the whole 'exercising while feminist' thing throws up a whole bunch of issues... it's like there's a stigma around looking after your body... and god help you if you want to lose weight... you must be a slave to the patriarchy! 

I struggled with that for a while, but the more into fitness and healthy eating I get, the better I feel. So now I don't care if I'm seen as 'selling out' because I look after myself. Ain't nothin anti-feminist about being strong, fast, confident and powerful. Keep rocking on :D


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Thanks everyone!  It's been a combo of paleo/whole30/old fashioned butt busting in the gym.  If I can do this, so can all of you.  Keep it up awesome folks!


Huntress - I can totally relate to that.  Although I always loved that so many of the Feminist icons who preach body love have small, tight bodies themselves.  

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This kicks ass! I know how you feel. I did a HUGE fundraiser that showed REAL women, big/small/older/younger/etc, unairbrushed, and naked. I was literally the postergirl for loving your body, regardless of the shape, and I still stand by that. But the thing is, loving your body is just the first step. Once you've got that down, you need to know that the next step is taking good care of it, right? 


p.s. I shaved my head twice for the project, and each time it grew back, I cut it like yours. It's awesome!

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You look wonderful.


And I don't think there's anything wrong with loving your body. Its the only one you've got, and many of us are lucky to have survived all we did. Our bodies carry the scars of what the universe has thrown at it, and for those of us who are choosing to exercise and try to eat better and make our bodies the best and strongest versions of themselves, there's nothing anti-feminism about that.  


Some people will choose the path of self-love and accept their circumstances. And that's ok, too. Its their body, their life, their choice. You aren't a sell out for choosing a different path.  Its what feminism is all about - each one of us gets the right to choose.


So WOOT to you!

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Awesome! I'm doing Whole30 right now so I know exactly how much work goes into that - keep on keepin' on! 

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