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So I have this friend that has been working out and trying to get fit and I think I've almost convinced her to eat Paleo, or at least stick her toe in the water! She wants some easy yummy paleo recipes she can whip up for dinner because who wants to spend all night cooking dinner? I dunno about you guys but I'm hungry when I get home from work and I wanna eat! 


So I'm hoping you paleo's can give us some recipes that are tried tested and true to be both delicious and efficient (fast).


I'm thinking the key to success might be cooking in advance and then it either being something that can be eaten cold or is a quick reheat, but don't limit the recipes to that!



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Buy lots of spice blends (or do some searching and make your own) - just be careful they aren't full of sugar or preservatives. Herbs de Provence, Italian Seasoning, Greek Seasoning, and the 21 Seasoning Salute and Everyday Seasonings from Trader Joes are all a great start. Next buy yourself some coconut oil (from Costco, because it's cheap there!). Heat the oil in a skillet, add chicken and whatever seasoning you want. Now put that same seasoning and some coconut oil in another pan, and toss in some green beans, asparagus, broccoli, whatever. Easy dinner complete.


Also, pinterest is your friend! Type in "paleo" and whatever else you want, the results are endless.


Cooking in advance does really help, too, but I think that's true of any diet.

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I have posted a couple of mine, and asked about etiquette for posting others I have tried and loved. I want to become the Rachel Ray of Paleo ;)

My rules of thumb: either one pot/pan or the crockpot with no added steps. Must take less than 30 minutes (discounting crock pot time).

There are a TON of great sites for recipes.

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Nomnompaleo.com is my go-to.


My boyfriend does the cooking, but I can think of two simple dinners we've had recently.




I can't find the other at the moment, but it was pulled pork with bacon made in a crockpot.  YES.

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If I have to go home and cook dinner, we're eating out. Instead I cook the night before. We reheat and eat, then I cook the next night's meal. It's worked great for us.

I love this idea! I'm usually ready to eat soon as I get home but after I eat I have the ambition to create something lovely :) Thanks for the tip! 

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I love to toss some sort of roast into my crockpot with some chopped sweet potatoes and some onions and herbs of some sort.

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I do a lot of steaks (mainly y-bones because I can get 2kg of grassfed y-bone for $16 from my butcher) and I'll do fried eggplant and zucchini as sides (cut them into circles, sprinkle with some salt then cook in coconut oil- or butter if you're going primal) as well as a salad of some type. I make my own mayo out of eggs, lemon juice and olive oil so I use that as a salad dressing most of the time- I'll flavour the mayo with paprika or mustard seeds or something if I'm feeling fancy.

Crockpot dishes are simple. Last night I threw a whole chicken in on a base of celery, carrots, garlic, onion and parsnips and a half cup of water and let it cook slowly for about 6hrs. Then I just dished up the chicken and veggies and poured some of the liquid into a pan and let it boil out and reduce into a nice gravy to pour on top. We had that with a side of basic salad (cos lettuce, tomato, dried apples and mayo).

If you're going low carb, my favourite dish is a pumpkin and apple chicken salad where you basically roast some thinly sliced apple and pumpkin until soft, then add them to a bowl with cos lettuce and poached chicken (torn into strips) with some homemade mayo.

A lot of people try to get very fancy with elaborate paleo dishes but I find I'm happy as long as I have a well cooked portion of meat, some leafy greens and some tasty cooked vegetables. I make a jar of mayo every two weeks which lasts for all types of salads and sauces and I'll mostly cook whatever seasonal vegies I can get at the farmers market or are growing in my garden to go with them.

Oh, and for meat sauce- steak or whatever, just add some water to the pan after you've cooked it and let is simmer into a gravy. Perfectly paleo and perfectly delicious.

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