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So here we go...


If you have not read my intro thread then let me re-introduce myself.  My name is Robert and I found NF by listening to Abel James' podcast. Thought this was a great way to approach exercise,fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. Being a bit of a nerd myself I was instantly attracted to the idea of levelling up. The old D&D guy came out....

I started off 33 years ago with a concrete weight set and never looked back. I wanted to be like the superheroes I read about in my comics. Yes I love comics, I even made an attempt to trace and write. If you get the tracing reference you are gold in my book. I let my love for comics slide away as I pursued my strongman dream. 8 years of lifting rocks, pulling trucks, and pressing logs. But I decided to get away from that and get a little healthier and drop some of this fat.

The last seven months I have lost 34lbs and 6% bodyfat. Nothing drastic was done. I just added more cardio in the form of HIIT and cleaned up my diet. My lifting is not as heavy but oh well..my joints thank me.

Now I decided to jump on NF and level up my life. The writing bug has bit me and my nerd is flowing like Pangalactic Gargleblasters at a party hosted by Zaphod Beeblebrox.




Hope you enjoy this...



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Tested my strength the last two days in the gym...


Deadlift 425 4 singles


Push Press 195x2  Went for 225 but it got stuck halfway.



My goal is to deadlift 500 and push press 250 at a bodyweight of 220.

By the end of next year I want those lifts to be 600 and 300

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Tababtas with my hammer were on the agenda today. Even though this is HIIT, I treat this as acitve recovery. Really makes my shoulders feel good.


I did four rounds totalling 24 minutes.

1. Rotation

2. Barbarian squat

3. Grave Digger

4. Overhead swing


Then I did my Captains of Crush. Warmed up with the Trainer 5 reps each hand 2 sets. Then I did 5x5 with the #1. That was on of my goals for the challenge! Guess I am ahead of the game....

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Back in the gym witha new plan to kickoff this challenge. Goes a lil sumthin like this...



Push Press  week 1--3x8, week 2--3x6, week 3--3x5, week 4--4x3, week 5--4x2, week 6--max

Lockouts   singles based on push press reps

Rolling extension/pushdown/curl   3x6-12

Z-Press/hi-pull   3x10-15



Deadlift  week 1--4x3 70%, week 2--4x3 75%, week 3--4x2 80%, week 4--4x1 85%, week 5--4x1 90%, week 6--max

Romanian Deadlift/leg curl/pull thru 3x6-12



Bench Press  same set rep scheme as Push Press

Pause Bench  singles based on Bench reps

Row/Straight Arm Pulldown/Shrug/Pulldown or Facepull 4x6-12



Squat same set reps as Push Press

Front Squat singles based on Squat reps

Lunges/extensions 3x10-15


Also plan to do 25 minutes HIIT cardio on the elliptical each gym day. Tuesday and Wednesday will be Tabata intervals with my kettlebell and hammer. Will also work my CoC's on those two days.

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perfect for heavy deads...

Deadlift 405 4x3 ---this was heavy and hard. Happily I had to adjust my belt since I have lost some much fat!

Romanian Deads/ Standing Curl/ Good morning 205/100/205 4x8

Pull thrus/ Calf Raise 100/200 3x15/10

Eliptical 25 minutes HIIT

I am bummed though because the OT I worked yesterday threw me off for writing. Will have to do that tonight.

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So I have decided to enter a strongman competition. One of my favorite comps thatis put on by a phenonmenal Raw Pl'er and pro strongman Scott Weech.

Been out of the game for 2 years and I was itching to lift something heavy...The universe has seen fit that I have the money, time, and motivation to do this.

The comp will be part of my second challenge. A big level up for a win!



This means there will be some tweaks to my training to accomodate the events and lack of strongman equipment.

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What a crap week I had...started off strong and ended like a bad horror movie.


Overtime and trainign through work threw off my training schedule, but I wasn't too concerned about that. Then I banged my knee with a kettlebell and I was done. By Friday night I was sick and Saturday I was miserable. Stomach was a mess and my head has been stuffed up. Lucky for me someone very nice and sweet brought me crackers and ginger ale.  


Woke up Sunday determined to kill some iron. Armed with the new 5FDP I went to war! 


Push press 175x2 5 sets

Lockouts 265x3 singles   4 was halfway and 5 was not happening

Rolling extension/pushdown/curl 55/110/110 5x8

Z-press/hi-pulls  135/135 3x10

elliptical 20 minutes level 8 HIIT 



I was spent and went home. Helped that certain someone in the gym and write up a program. Then we ate and watched Castle in the Sky. I slept 10 hours and now I am ready for some OT and deads today.

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I was all jacked about deadliftinglast night but by the time I was done with work I was not into it. Funny how listening people bitch all day can really wear you out. So in the immortal words of Gunny Highway, I improvised, adapted, and overcame...I did tabatas with my kettlebell and CoC work instead!


Tabatas were swings/snatches/swing & snatch.

CoC trainer 10,5,3,1

CoC#1 5x5

CoC#2  5 force closes and 20 count hold


That was enough for me. Felt good that I didn't just quit...

I did surprise myself and wrote a character sketch. This was tougher than lifting...

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Can't quite call this hard work but last night I used my leverage hammer to do tabatas. I try to do the classic Indian Club swings for this. It is a nice active recovery and seriously keeps my upper body loose. I went with 15lbs to add a little more weight. Also I put one of my Fat Gripz on the hammer. Trying to get the grip stronger for September.


Here are the swings I did: rotation, barbarian squat, dig, overhead swing.


Then I moved on to my CoC...


Trainer 10,8,6,4,2

#1 5x5

#2 2 force closes

#1 10x2

Trainer 25

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Since I have no stone to lift I have to simulate the lift in the gym. The best exercise for that is the Zercher. I normally do them on a box so the bar is just above the knee. I will also sit on a box and do them from the floor.



Zerchers 275 5 singles


Cleans 135, 155, 175, 195  tried 215 but I could not get under the bar.

135x2 5 sets


Shrugs 405x8 5 sets


Rope row/pulldown/face pull  120/150/120 4 sets 8 reps


Elliptical 25 minutes HIIT lvl 8

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Started off my weekend hanging out with an old friend from High School listening to a Beatles Tribute band. Can't forget I had a charming nerdy chick by my side too...Was a lot of fun to catch up and have a realxing evening. Saturday was better, went for a burrito and beer. Damn thing was heeeeyyyoooge!

Filled up on that Sunday's training was awesome!


Push Press 205 5x2

lockouts 275 5 singles

rolling extension/pushdown 65/120 5x5

squat machine 630x10 3 sets   dropsets 450x8 270x20


ellipitcal 25 minutes HIIT lvl 8 --- did this later with that nerdy chick at PF



Rested up and was ready to kick it hard Monday. But before that I managed to take care of all the chore I have been neglecting...floors, bathroom, laundry, even bathed my dog.


Hit the gym for deads...


455 4 singles

RDL/ good mornings  320/275 5x5  ---- last set of RDL I held for a 30 count

calf raises/ pullthrus  300/150 4x10

wrist curls 135x20 3 sets


elliptical 25 minutes HIIT lvl 8


Keeping a check on my weight since i will be competingasa LW master... 224lbs holding steady for the last 2 weeks.

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